Fiona Stewart is a character role-played by Ashi.

Background[edit | edit source]

Fiona is known as "The Scottish Lady" she is also known for her thick curves, she likes to have a good time. She was a member of Fat Gang with her close friend Fluffie Pancakes.

Liposuction[edit | edit source]

Fiona got tired of being overweight. She decided to have liposuction surgery at Pillbox Medical Center. She is now thin and enjoying her new self.

Talon[edit | edit source]

On February 15th, 2020, Fiona was kidnapped by members of Talon while she was at the clothing store in the south-side and taken to the FIB building. She along with two other victims were filmed as they were blown up by C4. The video of the bombing was later posted on the internet. Fiona survived from her injuries after being rescued by the LSPD, and continued with her normal life. However, she soon began receiving mysterious phone calls from Talon inquiring about her well-being and the response she received from cops.

A few weeks after the bombing, she was also questioned by a mysterious man with a galaxy mask known as The Stranger while she was a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. The man questioned her about how she was kidnapped, the FIB bombing, and the mysterious phone calls she has been receiving.   

During this time, Fiona was kidnapped by Eugene Zuckerberg for a robbery. Senior Officer Sam Baas took charge of the situation and offered to pay Eugene to let Fiona go. When Fiona is released and Eugene begins to drive away, the officers proceed to begin shooting before making sure that Fiona is safe. Eugene turns his gun on Fiona and guns her down while Officer Brittany Angel yells out "run you stupid bitch." Fiona takes matters to court and sues Sam Baas for endangering her life and wins. However, the funds are taken from the DOJ and Baas faces no repercussions for his mistake.

Talon, aware of the situation with Baas and Fiona, take matters into their own hands by kidnapping Baas and putting him on a trial of their own. Fiona is made aware of this after a phone call from Talon but she says nothing to police or Tessa Lamb, Sam Baas' daughter, when she sees her. A few days later, Fiona receives another call from Talon asking her if Sam Baas lives or dies. Fiona gives her final answer and replies that he dies thus sealing Baas' fate. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fiona prefers driving a scooter or a motorcycle.
  • Known for her tight jeans and always exposed crack.
  • She once paid Lang Buddha to give her a bath he made her bathe in a fire hydrant.
  • Fiona is often the victim of being taken hostage by criminals in the city.
  • Fiona was one of the third victims in the bombing of the FIB building by Talon.
  • Fiona often gets macked on by Curtis Swoleroid
  • Fiona has stopped being kidnapped after being close to the Leanbois. 
  • Fiona cleans bands (dirty money) for the Leanbois as she works at the Taco Shop on behalf of the group.  
  • She drives a Ford Mustang GT.  

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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