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Finn Brennan is a character played by TylerCott


Finn Brennan is an incredibly lovable, innocent and excitable citizen who has an undying need to meet new people and make friends. Finn has a dream of becoming a multi-talented star and will often use puns on his name to create movie franchises, music groups and many other crazy business ventures.

Music Career

A few days after arrival in Los Santos, Finn saw the number of a music producer on the yellow pages. He organised himself an impromptu audition with Wu Chang Records. Coming extremely unprepared with no song or demo Finn asked the producers for a word or topic in which they replied "Banana Bread". Finn then went on to sing an improvised song about banana bread. The staff auditioning him laughed and quickly dismissed him. It was in that moment that Finn declared he would make a number one hit pop song Banana Bread and proved them all wrong.

After creating a demo for the song, Finn unknowingly played it to the General Manager of Wu Chang Records who tried to sign him on the spot. Finn declined with much satisfaction as he had proved the very label that laughed at him wrong. With the encouragement of Giles Dickinbottom, he would go on to sign for Downbad Records.

On the 1st of April 2022, Finn Brennan released his debut single "Banana Bread" and within 24hrs it had reached number one in the charts. Finn had achieved his goal and proved the doubters wrong.