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Finlay Aiken is a character role-played by Cosmic.

General Information

Finlay is a clean-cut man in his mid 20’s and can often be found dressing in casual comfortable clothes. He has brown hair and dark eyes, and has an average height and build. His signature look when racing or doing other illegal activities usually involves an open motorcycle helmet with a dark open raincoat style jack with a skin-tight cosmic bodysuit underneath.

Finlay, is a friendly soft-spoken guy with a more timid and meek personality. Despite his quiet nature, he is a serial street racer and is a member of Yokai - his alias being "Raijin" which translates to God of Thunder.


Raijin (雷神)

Finlay is an OG in the Los Santos Racing scene, racing against many of the members of Yokai since the beginning. However, he took a long absence after being placed in the ICU by the Puppet Master after losing a death race against R3dD3vil. Driving the first S classes in the city, Glowstick in a BMW E46 GTR and R3D in a Mustang. Since his return to the scene, he became close with many members of Yokai, including being Wayne’s boyfriend, boosting and racing together and became a potential recruit into Yokai. He cemented his loyalty during the lock-down and potential raid of Eddie Marshall on March 4th 2022, staying by his side until it was clear that Eddie was safe. As a result, Eddie formally invited him. Finlay chose Raijin as his Yokai, the Shinto God of lightning, thunder and storms.

Trivia & Quotes

  • Often tells Eddie Marshall that he's going to marry his son, Wayne.
  • Has the Yokai of "Raijin".

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