Fingle Dan is a character role-played by TheChief1114.


Fingle Dan is a bored old man who shuffle-walks amidst the city of Los Santos. Fingle often hangs out at the Roosters Rest with the D&D group The Guild aka the nerds, and "cleans". He is the cool guy in the group and not a nerd. The Guild looks up to Fingles immortal power and all-knowing, oracle abilities.

Fingle has a severe gambling addiction and will do anything for money. Even eat cum. He has been known to refurbish and sell "xbox's" to locals in shady alleys, obtaining what Fingle calls skittles in return for them. Desperate for money, Fingle puts out ads in the yellowpages daily labelled simply "FINGLE WORK", which he defines as a variety of oddjobs, or "literally anything illegal". Dan enjoys playing the role of patsy, willingly being the fallguy as long as he's promised pay.

Fingle loves the thrill of crime, and finds enjoyment in high-speed getaways as well as foot-chases, in which he protests to the officers that he has a heart condition to avoid tasing. He has also been notorious for his stunts.

Fingle Dan is an avid hunter, he normally hunts in suburban areas targeting little furry deers that bark with his dad Freddy and brother Jeff.


Early Days

Fingle Dan invented highly experimental weapons that were used during WW2. The victory of the Allied powers is attributed to Fingle Dan.

Fingle Dan is actually the first man to walk on the moon. President Nixon ordered this accomplishment to be scrubbed from all public records due to rumors that Fingle was having sex with both of Nixon's daughters.

Fingle Dan killed a man in 1984.

Recent Feats

On 23 March 2021, Fingle Dan steered a container ship partway through the Suez Canal.

On April 12, 2021, It was stated by Fingle Dan that he was very busy 3 months ago.


  • "Look me in the eyes. Cum."
  • "I'm old."
  • "You guys are being total divas right now!"
  • "They call me The Goblin."
  • "Live, Laugh, Park."


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