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Fingle Dan is a character role-played by TheChief1114.


Fingle Dan is a bored old man who shuffle-walks amidst the city of Los Santos, born to a large family of Dans. Starting off in the city, Fingle would often hang out at the Roosters Rest with the D&D group The Guild aka the nerds, and "clean" as an unpaid intern. The Guild looks up to Fingle's immortal power and all-knowing, oracle abilities.

Nowadays, Fingle can be found at the Burger Shot making his signature Fingle Burger with Fingle Sauce, or roaming around the city in his favorite vehicle, the ENUS. He is often accompanied by one or more of his siblings.

Fingle has a severe gambling addiction and will do anything for money. Even eat cum. He has been known to refurbish and sell "xbox's" to locals in shady alleys. Desperate for money, Fingle puts out ads in the yellow pages daily labelled simply "Fingle Work" or "Fingle Favors", which he defines as a variety of odd jobs, or "literally anything illegal".

On multiple occasions, Fingle has played the role of the patsy, and is willing to take heat for other's crimes as long as he's promised pay.

Fingle loves the thrill of crime, and finds excitement in high-speed getaways as well as foot-chases, in which he protests to the officers that he has a heart condition to avoid getting hit with a taser. He has also been notorious for his Fingle Skips, which involve pulling off an impressive trick or maneuver in a vehicle. During car-chases Fingle has amazing pit recovery and has been able to keep chases going until the car breaks. As well as limiting himself to slower vehicles to not end the chase too fast

Fingle is an avid hunter, and has been known to hunt in suburban areas targeting dogs (claiming they are little furry deer's that bark) with his dad Freddy and brother Jeff.

Fingle has developed a unique form of dementia. It causes him to experience oddities such as being able to see into the void or feel time around him stuttering. As time progresses, it appears that Fingle's dementia can momentarily distort reality for those around him as well.

Fingle Dan is missing one of his middle fingers, due to Kingle Dan (a personification of his ego) slicing it off in the hospital.

Fingle Dan has a history with breeding cats. He is able to perfectly mimic the noises of cats in heat due to his extensive experience.


Early Days

Fingle has fought in every war, including but not limited too: The Trojan War, The Peloponnesian War, The Hundred Years’ War, The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, Both World Wars, The Vietnam War, The Clone Wars, The Storage Wars, The War on Terror, and The War on Drugs. In recent history, Fingle Dan was reportedly involved in the accidental dropping of tea into the Boston Harbor on the 16th of December, 1773.

Fingle Dan was hung in 1899 due to robbing banks, trains, and also the murder of The Sheriff. Then Fingle slipped his head through the rope and said " Just dont die lmao." Fingle then ran away while everyone was dumbfounded from what just happened.

Fingle Dan invented highly experimental weapons that were used during WW2. The victory of the Allied powers is attributed to Fingle Dan. He was also the first man to walk on the moon. President Nixon ordered this accomplishment to be scrubbed from all public records due to rumors that Fingle was having sex with both of Nixon's daughters.

In 1969, during the height of the Cold War, Fingle Dan began assembling a robot that would be able to detect communists and vaporize them on the spot. The robot's AI became far more sophisticated than Fingle imagined though and calculated that capitalism would defeat the USSR faster than it ever could. The robot soon after disabled any weapons built into it and swore to live a pacifist life. Fingle's dreams of controlling a human massacring machine were shattered so he went for the second best option: having a son that he (kinda) loved. He named the mech Rob Otte.

Fingle Dan killed a man in 1984.

In the late 80s Fingle began conducting experiments to try to clone himself. His first clone was a failure, it became a monstrous heap of flesh with a taste for blood and was referred to as "The Blob". Fingle's second clone was a success and was named Jean Claude Van Dan. Fingle then made one last clone and named him Gene Claude Van Dan. The whereabouts of the clones are currently unknown.

Recent Feats

On 23 March 2021, Fingle Dan steered a container ship partway through the Suez Canal.

On April 12, 2021, It was stated by Fingle Dan that he was very busy 3 months ago.

On July 17, 2021, Fingle Dan and the rest of the dans were branded as terrorists.

On July 20, 2021, Fingle Dan was shot in the head putting him in the ICU for 2 weeks


  • "Yes, man."
  • "We like to have fun here"
  • "Look me in the eyes. Cum."
  • "I'm old."
  • "You guys are being total divas right now!"
  • "They call me The Goblin."
  • "Live, Laugh, Park."


  • Fingle Dan is immortal
  • Fingle Dan likes to drive car fast
  • Fingle Dan's favorite hobby is poaching (preferably dogs)
  • Fingle Dan's balls were surgically moved above his penis
  • Fingle Dan's favorite food is bean pie
  • Fingle Dan is a multiversal constant. This phenomenon is known as The Fingularity
  • Fingle Dan and Ming Jingtai are old friends
  • Fingle Dan has once drank a burger