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Fingle Goutman Dan is a character role-played by TheChief1114.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetPBSO.png Hired to the PBSO by Court Order; Badge #550 January 20th, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetPBSO.png Solo Certified; Badge #666 February 21st, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetSDSO.png Transferred to the SDSO April 28th, 2022
Deputy DeputySDSO.png Promoted to Deputy; Badge #912 April 29th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date


Fingle Dan is a bored old man who shuffle-walks amidst the city of Los Santos, born to a large family of Dans. Starting off in the city, Fingle would often hang out at the Roosters Rest with the D&D group The Guild aka the nerds, and "clean" as an unpaid intern. The Guild looks up to Fingle's immortal power and all-knowing, oracle abilities.

Later on, Fingle got a job at Burger Shot, the restaurant where the Fingle Sauce originated. However, due to employees telling Shelly that he never worked there and only stole food from the shelves, he got fired. Nowadays, he can usually be seen hanging out with one or more of his siblings or gambling all of his money away at the casino. If his gang, the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz, are around, he'll usually join in on whatever crime they're getting into.

Fingle has a severe gambling addiction and will do anything for money. Even eat cum. He has been known to refurbish and sell "xbox's" to locals in shady alleys. Desperate for money, Fingle puts out ads in the yellow pages daily labelled simply "Fingle Work" or "Fingle Favors", which he defines as a variety of odd jobs, or "literally anything illegal".

On multiple occasions, Fingle has played the role of the patsy, and is willing to take heat for other's crimes as long as he's promised pay.

Fingle loves the thrill of crime, and finds excitement in high-speed getaways as well as foot-chases, in which he protests to the officers that he has a heart condition to avoid getting hit with a taser. He has also been notorious for his Fingle Skips, which involve pulling off an impressive trick or maneuver in a vehicle. During car-chases Fingle has amazing pit recovery and has been able to keep chases going until the car breaks. Even after the car breaks Fingle has shown knowledge of hiding spaces, even during car chases Fingle shows heightened knowledge of the city and surrounding area.

Fingle is an avid hunter, and has been known to hunt in suburban areas targeting dogs (claiming they are little furry deer's that bark) with his dad Freddy and brother Jeff.

Fingle has developed a unique form of dementia. It causes him to experience oddities such as being able to see into the void or feel time around him stuttering. As time progresses, it appears that Fingle's dementia can momentarily distort reality for those around him as well.

One day, Fingle was told by Svensen to find a particular criminal for a large sum of money. It took him less than a minute to find the criminal and Fingle was awarded $10,000 for his flawless efforts. Since then, Fingle and the other Dans have taken on the role of the informant. This entails Fingle informing the police about various criminal activity, usually for monetary incentives. He makes sure to let everyone know to report to him immediately in case they notice anything suspicious going on in the city.

It should be noted that Fingle's affiliation with the police does not stop him from partaking in the occasional car chase.

Despite being a incredibly skilled getaway driver, Fingle has a distaste for racing. His reasoning behind this is that hes not good at following directions.


What appears to be a lovable, sweet old man is actually a callous, hardened old man. Often ruining people's lives by way of snitching or by setting them up in fake house robberies, Fingle has been known to burn bridges and is often cruel and uncaring to any of his colleagues just so he can get what he wants.

To some of the actual friends Fingle still has, he can often be seen making crass jokes about cum or anything of that nature. However, even some of Fingle’s closest friends and family still tend to be the target of his abuse.

There is only one person that Fingle cares deeply about and would never dare to double-cross him, and that would be a certain man, locked away forever, never to be spoken of again.

During the Meth Arc, Fingle's true colors were shown to an extent not seen before, he became cold and cruel even going to the extent of blowing a cops chest open. During this time he was paranoid, this most like comes from the fact he was heavily wanted.

Since becoming a cop, Fingle has started to appear more distraught, often times making sad comments about his family and how they were a form of torture for him.



Fingle Dan has displayed his prowess in getaway driving multiple times. This is mainly due to his increased map knowledge and his knowledge of skips and hiding spots. His style of driving is a mix of "Fingle Skips" and exhausting the pursuers.

Starting out as a cop, his pursuit driving wasn't much to talk about but after awhile, Fingle's driving improved drastically.


Fingle Dan is an expert in hiding, sometimes utilizing his iconic teal and pink sweater to hide in overgrown vines.

Map Knowledge

Fingle has an extensive amount of knowledge, usually being used for hiding and driving, but sometimes he uses it for positioning on top of buildings for getting the jump on suspects.

Dumb Luck

Fingle Dan exhibits a large amount of luck, in which he uses in things he usually doesn't succeed at like shooting and surviving through things he really shouldn't.


Fingle Dan is really good at persuading people into doing things for him. As well as talking his way out of many situations, usually bargaining his friends lives in return for his own freedom. He also is okay at coms.


Fingle Dan shows some aspects of being a "shooter", but doesn't have the best accuracy. Usually he just aims for the body and prays he fires enough bullets before he goes down.

Fingle Arcs

Origin Arc

Origin Arc

Fingle first joined the city with the sole intent of hanging out with his buddy Chamone Mone. They both were completely broke, so they dicided to search the city looking for Janitorial positions. The Vanilla Unicorn hired them off the books as unofficial janitors. Fingle rarely even cleaned, he instead just showed up, hung around for a few minutes, then claimed he cleaned and left.

After a few days in the city, Fingle met most of the members The Guild. The Guild took a strong liking to Fingle and he became an unofficial member of The Guild. He was referred to as "Fingle of Dan", the bard. Being this close to The Guild allowed him to aid them in quests, such as slandering Burger Shot. Whenever they weren't doing questes, Fingle would hang around Rooster's Rest with them and try to entertain himself.

One Day, when Roosters Rest employees kicked Fingle out for being a nuisance, he came across Four Tee, who begged Fingle to buy her some joints. 4T saw Fingle as someone who could be easily manipulated into doing anything she wanted, and Fingle saw her as a friend, possibly a good friend. Although she did this to get him arrested, 4T taught Fingle the magic of lockpicking cars and robbing houses. It was this night that Fingle dawned his iconic Pink and Teal sweater for the first time.

Poaching Arc

Poaching Arc

Fingle took out a loan of $7500 when he was at the casino to quench his gambling thirsts. He lost it all immediately. With no idea how to make fast money, Fingle resorted to grinding jobs like fishing and trash removal. When Fingle was at his lowest, his step-brother Jeff offered him a miracle solution: poaching. Along with their step-dad Freddy, Fingle and Jeff initially poached dogs because it did not require bait and if their pelt was high quality it would be very valuable. After getting mediocre dog pelts, the group resorted to hunting with bait, which was far more effective. Poaching easily paid off Fingle's debt and now he was hooked on illegally killing animals.

Fingle wanted to share this powerful knowledge he had aquired, so he brought Sheldon with him to help poach dogs and possibly get an illusive red three-star pelt. When Sheldon attempted to kill his first dog, he missed all of its vital organs and it instead mauled him, leaving him badly injured. Sheldon was rushed to the hospital to be treated for rabbies, but was fine otherwise. They returned to poaching shortly after, this time with bait. It didn't go as smoothly this time as it had with Jeff and Freddy though. Cops appeared and arrested both of them for poaching. This was the first crime Fingle had been caught for in the city.

Rise of The Goblin

Rise of The Goblin

After once again losing everything at the casino, Fingle was back on the streets digging through trash cans to find scraps of food. Whilst digging through filth, Fingle got a call from Bjorn. Bjorn offered 5k to Fingle if he came to Rooster's Rest to help with a job. When Fingle arrived Bjorn, Stag, Yeager, and Lang were waiting for him out back. The Guild wanted Fingle to be the fall guy for a bunch of acid they obtained. Wrangler was close to catching the Guild for the acid, but Lang hoped that Fingle could help throw off the scent. Fingle was possibly facing 30 years in prison, but the thrill chaser in him didn't care.

The Guild helped Fingle construct a narrative for how he obtained the LSD. Fingle got the LSD from a group of Cultists that had boobas. The cultists forced Fingle to give the LSD away and to only refer to himself as God. The story then became very convoluted because Lang wanted Fingle to be associated with a goblin. Fingle's story was now that his alias is The Goblin and he works for God.

Lang almost made a huge mistake when setting the scene up: giving Fingle a car. Unfortunately, the car given to Fingle was terrible.

When police showed up to detain Fingle for suspicious behavior, Fingle shouted, "They call me the Goblin," and began fleeing. The chase lasted for about ten minutes before Fingle lost them in a small lot near the docks. Fingle waited in the lot for a bit too long though and had cops on him once again. Fingle's car became disabled shortly after in Mirror Park and he then fled to the highway. After playing hide and seek with the officers for a bit, Fingle attempted to make a grand escape on a garbage truck. The truck instead flung him off, instantly downing him.

When the officers took Fingle to interrogation, he repeated the same story he had constructed earlier. Halfway through Fingle telling the story, Wrangler realized that The Guild put him up to this and that it was all lies. Unknown to The Guild, their warrants had actually already expired. Wrangler attempted to get Fingle to snitch, but Fingle really wanted the 5k from Lang.

In the end, Fingle was fined 6k and served 90 months. The real win for Fingle was the trust he gained from The Guild that he would surely never break (FORESHADOWING)(REAL)


Wobbegong Arc

On December 15th, 2021, Fingle Dan was pinged to a dumpster filled with 500+ grams of meth with the strain of the meth being named "Wobbegong." This would lead into the Meth Arc, but this time Fingle didnt take any thing from nobody, he would occasionallly force people to take the meth with a Berreta M9 given to him by Stacey Doyle.

Over the next two days Fingle would sell meth and occasionally give meth to people to sell for him. One of the instances would result in a setup in which Fingle Dan and Freddy Fastfingers, would be getting the money from the person Fingle gave meth to, but cops showed up and Fingle and Freddy both escaped, Freddy got away entirely free, Fingle got a warrant for Human trafficking and Drug trafficking given to him by Claire Everly.

Fingle would accidentally put himself in police custody after Max Muller asked him to follow him into PD garage without knowing the severity of Fingle's warrant, this would lead into a nearly 3 hour interrogation which would end in Dan and his lawyer deciding to put it on the docket, which would let him walk free instead of going to jail for 5 years and a $200k fine. Following this Fingle go to the Diamond Casino and Resort and gamble away $60k, his reasoning behind this was "I'd rather lose my money like this." While at the Casino Fingle met Kayn Larp, who gave him grenades shortly after.

This however was not the end of the Meth Arc, the very next day Fingle Dan went back to the meth dumpster with Oki Doki, and found more meth and a note which read "768g. 307200 owed. -WG." Later in the day Fingle got a call from Stanly Lessfield, about giving Dan a free Sultan. Fingle would follow up on this offer and would give Stag cigarettes and the car he was driving in exchange. It was unknown at the time but Stag left a note in the glovebox which Fingle threw out assuming it was the note from the dumpster, it is unknown what was on the note Stag left.

Later in the same night, Fingle would evade the Police after Peachingle Dan shot Paul Leesemann, Fingle would succesfully get away as he was not the one who shot Paul, however Peachingle on the other hand was wanted by Randy Wrangler. Fingle was initally going to turn Peach in, but he remembered that she shot Paul for him and he wanted to repay the favor. Fingle would later get a call from Wrangler stating that he would allow fingle to do his meth stuff under the grounds that he did stuff for Wrangler.

The first job Wrangler would send him on would be buying a Massacro from a man named Chas Diaz, Fingle was close to getting it but cops spooked the man, who would succesfully evade to the apartments where he would force Dan out of his car with a pistol. Wrangler showing up a minute too late, lost the man and went home empty handed.

Two days later on 12/20/21, Fingle Dan utilized his grenade and blew open an officers chest, which would lead into a two hour interrogation. About 30 minutes in Dan, allowed Mueller into his apartment ending up empty handed.

An entire nine days later on 12/29/21, Fingle Dan was pinged back to the meth dumpster by "WG" and found 1280g of WOBBEGONG, Six Glock 18c. There was also a note, summarized version says "Dont trust people, Take the meth out of the boxes, Go to a location, Find a car, Shoot people, Refuel car, DONT BE FOLLOWED." Fingle found a group of the likes of Kermingle Dan, Jordan Galdale, Scruffy Doodle, and Oki Doki.

The group went to a location and shot down the guards, grabbed a car, went to the spot, grabed "floor cleaner," went to the docks, sold cleaner, went back and grabbed their reward. Their reward would be 300k which was divided 50k each, leaving Fingle with 79k. This would give Fingle 100k in his bank account. Currently, Fingle owes about 700k to WG.

Fingles trial would finally come to fruition on 1/8/22. Approximately 5 minutes before his trial, Fingle flew out his windshield making him late for his trial. Moments before the trial, Ramee El-Rahman said he'd fuck Fingle. Dan would try and get character references incase things went haywire, these references would include, Randy Wrangler, Honathan Yolo, Emma Gaine, and Neo from The Matrix, although Fingle was only allowed two. Fingle chose Wrangler and Neo from The Matrix, although Mr. Dan would allow any of his references in case one of them didn't show up. This trial would end up as a mistrial due to the lack of witnesses on the prosecution side.

The trial would resume on 1/9/22, when they finally got the witnesses they needed. During the trial Dan, would call Wrangler, Neo (from The Matrix), Stanley Wilkinson, Peachingle, his bowling coach, and The Mayor, to the stand to provide character references. This would have gone well, but in the end Fingle, was sentenced to going through the Cadet Program, and Alan Crane would pay for his expungement if he actually went through with it.



Fingle Dan would finally be hired by Kyle Pred on 1/19/22, after pumping with Wrangler for the past two weeks. Fingle stayed up longer then usual so he could start the expungement process after learning Lou Pohl didn't start the process for him, he would plead his case to Nathaniel Greyson and would be allowed to join the expungement program.

Fingle would have FTO's, consisting of Claire, Pred, Wrangler, Hon, and Crystal Clear, despite her not being a FTO at the time. Although he would mainly ride with Wrangler and Hon. Claire being a single ride along, ending with her hitting Fingle off a cliff on accident.

All of Fingle's FTO's would have different styles of teaching him, Wrangler usually taking the throw into the lake technique and Carter, teaching him how to actually be a cop

Despite Fingle being a cop, Fingle didnt have the cadet queue for an entire month, and he usually just sat at MRPD, and ask random cops to take him or waits until one of his cop friends can take him such as Wrangler and Malton.

During a shootout Fingle Dan, went down and airlifted to Pillbox. He then rode with Baas for around 30 minutes and on their drive they discussed solo cadet and whether Dan was ready for it. Once they arrived at MRPD Baas, quizzed Fingle for solo, he would pass. After a month and 1 day, Fingle Dan was pushed to solo cadet by Sam Baas, on 2/21/22, he then took 5 minutes finding a callsign, ending on 695, this was later changed to 666, after the person who had it formally was promoted to full officer.

The next day, Fingle bought his first CVPI, after being given $80k from Derek McNulty, the person who formally had 666. About 20 minutes later Malton, gave Fingle a second solo eval, simply because he thought Dan wasn't ready to be solo cadet, Fingle would go on and pass this one too, at some point Honathan Yolo, appeared in the backseat and watched it happen in disbelief. After this Fingle went to change his plate to 'CUM' but this was deemed inappropriate, so they settled on 'GOUT MAN', usually plates aren't allowed to have spaces, but Fingle was an exception.

Somehow, Fingle had been deemed the most promising cadet in the PBSO by both Wrangler and Pred. This may be true in some regard as he has criminal history, as well as many contacts, and when it comes down to it he will eventually get the job done.

Fingle ran an op on Mike Block, on 3/5/22, during this Mike had a hostage fuck bread, Fingle successfully got the hostage but Mike went into a pursuit with Reginald Legarski. Seeing as Fingle was lead for this operation, he made the plan, and he had to do the processing. Later on in the chase they caught Tony, and Mike tried to shoot but was gunned down. In the process of checking Mike's body, Saul Leesemann got bit by a radioactive scorpion he had in his pocket. Tessa Lamb, Saul, and Fingle processed both Tony and Mike block, Alan Crane showed up at some point. In the end Mike block's apartment was left alone, and they were sent for the full time.

After 2 months, Fingle was finally expunged on 3/9/22.

On March, 16th, Fingle Dan was deployed into Little Seoul, where a major gunfight would take place and multiple officers would go down. During this multiple days passed by, Fingle and El Tesso held down Wu Chang Records, where Fingle would be one of the last standing. This valiant effort would ultimately end in failure when Chang Gang, pushed in and shot Tessa and Fingle, finally ending the 3 day long war.

At the moment Fingle, has rode with all department heads besides San Andreas State Park Rangers, although he has ridden with a member from every department, including: Baas, Toretti, Pred, Hon, and Copper, somehow Fingle manages to ride with mostly command members.

Fingle Dan is very adamant on getting his final evaluation, although nobody is willing to give it to him besides Malton. Malton states that if he can get permission from a high command member in the PBSO to take the final with Malton, he will give him the final eval. This would come to truth as Malton would give Fingle his final eval with Owen Svensen, tagging along. At the same time as the final eval, John Copperton threw Cleo Shaw off an oil derrick, as Fingle was on scene he also went under investigation. Fingle did really good during the first part but once the tsunami came Malton and Fingle scheduled part 2 for 4/16/22. This would later be changed to the 17th.

After nearly 4 months, Fingle Dan passed his final eval with Malton. During his approval period Fingle, was getting investigated by Internal Affairs for being there when John Cop, threw Cleo off a oil derrick. Fingle would have a meeting on 4/23/22, with Chad Gable, Bundy and Sexton Hardcastle as his advocates, at the same time Fingle was getting Gable intoxicated. When Fingle saw Cleo again, he attempted making friends with her by finding out how to fix things, but she didn't want to fix things. While Fingle was being told to leave he was stuck between Toretti and Cleo, in the end he had to leave feeling remorseful.

During his time in the PBSO, Fingle would find himself disliking the PBSO as the only thing keeping him there was Wrangler, nobody else in the PBSO really hung out with Dan. Pred wakes up too early for him, Claire doesn't want to ride with him because she wants to drive car fast, Rhodes dislikes Fingle after Dan kissed him, meanwhile Fingle rides with Toretti, Svensen, Roy. Fingle thinks that everyone in the PBSO wakes up too early for him.

After 4 months of being apart of the PBSO, Fingle finally transferred to SDSO on 4/29/22



Fingle would transfer to SDSO, finally joining an official department that also has people he can hang out with. Then on 4/29/22 he was promoted to a full deputy, his promotion was done by Richard Dark staging a suspension instead he was promoted. Fingle would chose the callsign #912, he would choose 912 because it was one above 911, his boyfriend's callsign.

Nothing would happen for the next couple of weeks until 5/11/22, where Fingle and Wrangler would have an interview to join the San Andreas State Police as troopers. Fingle and Wrangler were a package deal, so if you wanted Wrangler, you also took Dan. Somehow Wrangler and Fingle had one of the better interviews and are actually being considered to be invited into the SASP, despite Fingle not really wanting to because he just joined the SDSO.


Early Days

Fingle has fought in every war, including but not limited too: The Trojan War, The Peloponnesian War, The Hundred Years’ War, The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, Both World Wars, The Vietnam War, The Clone Wars, The Storage Wars, The War on Terror, and The War on Drugs. In recent history, Fingle Dan was reportedly involved in the accidental dropping of tea into the Boston Harbor on the 16th of December, 1773.

Fingle Dan, along with a few other Dans, acquired his immortality many millenniums ago. Historical artifacts reveal that Fingle was viewed as a powerful god in Ancient Greece and Rome. Other artifacts included a scroll detailing the tragic tale of Kinglemesh; a painting displaying the birth of the beautiful goddess Peachingle; and multiple swords and helmets with the names of Dingle, Wingle, Kringle, and Broskingle engraved on them. Although there are no records of Fingle making deals with the devil, one can only wonder where the source of Fingle's immortality lies. The same cannot be stated for the relatives of Fingle, with each of them seeming to operate by their own unique laws of reality.

Fingle Dan was about to be hung in 1899 for the multiple robberies of banks and trains and also for the murder of The Sheriff. However, Fingle slipped his head through the rope and said "Just don't die, lmao." Afterwards, Fingle ran away while everyone was dumbfounded from what had just happened.

Fingle Dan invented highly experimental weapons that were used during WW2. The defeat of the Axis powers is attributed to Fingle Dan. He was also the first man to walk on the moon. President Nixon ordered this accomplishment to be scrubbed from all public records due to rumors that Fingle was having sex with both of Nixon's daughters.

In 1969, during the height of the Cold War, Fingle Dan began assembling a robot that would be able to detect communists and vaporize them on the spot. Due to the cum-infused circuitry that Fingle installed, the robot's AI became far more sophisticated than had Fingle imagined and calculated that capitalism would defeat the USSR faster than it ever could. The robot soon after disabled any weapons built into it and swore to live a pacifist life. Fingle's dreams of controlling a human massacring machine were shattered so he went for the second best option: having a son that he (kinda) loved. He named the mech Rob Otte.

Fingle Dan killed a man in 1984.

In the late 80s Fingle began conducting experiments to try to clone himself. His first clone was a failure, it became a monstrous heap of flesh with a taste for blood and was referred to as "The Blob". Fingle's second clone was a success and was named Jean Claude Van Dan. Fingle then made one last clone and named him Gene Claude Van Dan. The whereabouts of the clones are currently unknown. More recently, the Humane Labs and Research facility seems have become active again, although under unknown management. Farmers in the area have also reported hearing strange slurping noises late at night, followed by livestock mysteriously vanishing the following day.

In the early 2000s, Fingle Dan met a man named Greg The Bomber, who at that point was a nobody. Greg and Fingle would go on to become friends; Dan lost contact with Greg but the last thing he heard was that Greg changed his last name to Everly over an obsession.

Recent Feats

On 23 March 2021, Fingle Dan steered a container ship partway through the Suez Canal.

On April 12, 2021, It was stated by Fingle Dan that he was very busy 3 months ago.

On July 17, 2021, Fingle Dan and the rest of the Dans were branded as terrorists.

On July 20, 2021, Fingle Dan was shot in the head putting him in the ICU for 2 weeks, giving Fingle a scar on his head in the process. While in ICU, he dreamt that he killed Basem and then told people that he actually murdered him in real life.

On September 5, 2021, Fingle Dan, alongside Dingle Fan and Peachingle Dan, assisted Freddy Fastfingers in competing against other bank robbers to find out new information on robbing banks, which they titled "The Space Race".

On September 12, 2021, Fingle Dan, Mike Block, and Dingle Fan stabbed Roy Armstrong and shot an unknown motorcycle officer.

Fingle's Squid Game look

On September 17, 2021, Fingle Dan, Broskingle Dan, Dingle Fan, and Fangle Dan went on a crime spree of murder, theft, and the acquisition of multiple class 2 weapons.

On October 11, 2021, Fingle Dan got a call from Timothy to be recruited into the Octopus Games.

On October 20, 2021, Fingle Dan and Wingle Dan teamed up with Chase Clouter to rob multiple stores and then get into multiple police "chases" in which they continuously escaped in a helicopter.

On October 29, 2021, the day of the Octopus Games, Fingle got eliminated after his number didn't get drawn during a game.

On November 1, 2021, Fingle Dan freed the ENUS from the impound after fellow Dan Bingle woke up and received a 200k welfare check.

On November 6, 2021, Fingle Dan along with Dingle Fan, Texingle dan, Kringle Dan, killed Benchingle Dan.

On December 8, 2021, Fingle Dan "robbed" The Vault twice with Chase Clouter and Dingle Fan, one of those times was with Jean Paul and Marty Banks.

On January 18, 2022, Fingle Dan was brainwashed by Negan Graham, to become a sleeper agent.

On January 19, 2022, Fingle Dan was hired into the PBSO by Kyle Pred.

On February 7, 2022, Fingle Dan was blooded out of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz for being an op.

On March 27, 2022, Fingle Dan acquired the One Love Bracelet.


As of 3/09/2022 Fingle's criminal record has been expunged and he is completely clean


  • "Yes, man."
  • "We like to have fun here."
  • "Look me in the eyes. Cum."
  • "I'm old."
  • "You guys are being total divas right now!"
  • "They call me The Goblin."
  • "Live, Laugh, Park."
  • "And awaaaay we go!"
  • "cum. :)"
  • "(REAL)"
  • "What, are you gonna get an erection for the first time in your life?"
  • "It's not where I am, it's where i'll be."
  • "If I was on that plane, your honor, it wouldn't have gone down like that."
  • "I'm a shooter, but my balls hurt."
  • " Carter has tragically passed away."
  • "Do you know how hard it was to dig 70 graves? I gave up, I just did one big hole!" - in reference to the DanClan's whereabouts.
  • "Fingle Dan witnessed."
  • "Can we just bury the hatchet? Before we have to bury you." - Fingle to Cleo Shaw


  • Fingle Dan is immortal.
  • Fingle Dan likes to drive car fast.
  • Fingle Dan's favorite hobby is poaching (preferably dogs)
  • Fingle Dan's balls were surgically moved above his penis.
  • Fingle Dan's favorite food is bean pie.
  • Fingle Dan is a multiversal constant. This phenomenon is known as The Fingularity.
  • Fingle Dan and Ming Jingtai are old friends.
  • Fingle Dan has once drank a burger.
  • Fingle Dan wears thigh highs under his clothes.
  • Fingle Dan's cum has magical properties when it's convenient to the plot.
  • Fingle Dan has a bullet inside his stomach that the doctors let him keep.
  • Fingle Dan has a tomb reserved in the graveyard despite the fact that he is immortal.
  • Fingle Dan is missing one of his middle fingers due to Kingle Dan slicing it off in the hospital.
  • Fingle Dan has a history with breeding cats. He is able to perfectly mimic the noises of cats in heat due to his extensive experience.
  • Fingle Dan's favorite song is Bangarang by Skrillex.
  • Fingle Dan spent a hour high on Krokodil.
  • Fingle Dan has massive tits.
  • Fingle Dan's name was legally changed to Fingle Goutman Dan by the government (without his knowledge)
  • Fingle Dan briefly appeared in 2.0, and filmed The Crackumentory.
  • Fingle Dan's other favorite song is 6STR by P Money.
  • Fingle Dan eats Rhett McConnell's ass.
  • Fingle Dan shits out his feet.
  • Fingle Dan's cum is technically police equipment.
  • Fingle Dan beat Domenic Toretti on the side of the road.
  • Fingle Dan in his previous city, shot a police officer in the head and was never convicted of it.
  • Fingle Dan has PTSD from being deployed in Little Seoul.
  • Fingle Dan is a cuckhold.
  • Fingle Dan serves drinks in a tube top at Pitchers.
  • Fingle Dan was the cause of the Unified Police Drinking Game.
  • Fingle Dan is legally able to carry an MP5 off duty.
  • Fingle Dan was demoted to K-9 under Matt Rhodes for two local hours.
  • Fingle Dan was allowed to FTO Shelly Smith on April 9th.
  • Fingle Dan is a necrophiliac.
  • Fingle Dan's construction company, Fingle Dan Building, aided in the construction of the twin towers.
  • Fingle Dan didn't get any sign offs.

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