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Fernando “Lil Loco” Martinez is a character role-played by Jayce.


Fernando Martinez, known as "Lil Loco" he is an OG member and previous Leader of the Vagos.


Lil Loco joined the Vagos after Jesus Garcia (the leader at the time) recruited him. He was known to patrol Jamestown like a hawk and was able to hold down areas will an iron fist.

He went on to become the Vagos' "El Jefe" leader, after the death of Jesus Garcia, but disappeared not long after.

Leadership responsibility fell into the hands of Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana who became the new El Jefe of the Vagos.

Lil Loco is believed to appear when the Vagos are facing major threats, then disappearing again. It's not known where he disappears to, but some have speculated he may have deep ties to the Mexican Cartel.

Life after the Vagos

Lil Loco departed from Los Santos on/near 21/04/2020 at 16:34. He told 'El Jefe' Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana that he had to leave Los Santos and visit his family. After a few months Lil Loco decided to put the Vagos life behind him and to pursue his dreams to becoming a ‘cam boy’ where he has so far succeeded.


  • Is an OG member of the Vagos with an unwavering commitment to the gang as well as it's success.
  • Seems to have a crush on Siz Fulker and Pablo "Diablo" Madrid, even though he claims to not be gay.


  • "Órale"
  • ”I’m not gay though.”


Played By: Jayce
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