Felix Volk is a character role-played by FelixLeLoup.


Felix Volk is a Photographer and Counsellor who moved to San Andreas to build a new life. Since getting established in the state he managed to land a job with Los Santos Broadcast Network as a Photographer. Before this he worked as a freelance therapist but decided his skills were better put to use else where. He works closely with all sorts of individuals within the city, happily working with criminals and upstanding citizens alike. tending to walk the line in a lot of situations he has been seen to already resort to violence to resolve issues.

He comes across as sarcastic with a dark sense of humor, but has a very deep caring nature once his trust is built. He's slowly building connections with many people in the city with his line of work, introducting himself as "Just a photographer" to criminals and law enforcement. Often downplaying his level of involvement with both.


"There are two types of people in this city. One will wave their gun around threatening you, the other will only pull it out if they intend to kill you. I'm the second type of person. - Felix Volk"

Felix has a very addictive personality and perfectly fits the description of "adrenaline junkie". He lives for situations involving conflict and seems to enjoy actively being in danger. Happy to approach criminal gangs or active shooter scenes with what seems to be little care for his life, he's always pushing for information or making a contact, even if there's direct danger to him.

Willing to go out of his way to help friends and strangers alike and acting with a strong moral compass, he's known within his circle of friends as someone who's dependable and the one to call in dangerous situations.


Felix doesn't talk much about his past, but has shown a high level of competency when it comes to weapon handling and tactics, evasive driving techniques and piloting ability. He's hinted at spending a large amount of time in a war torn country but hasn't shed any light on it past that initial statement.

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