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Felix Volk is a character role-played by FelixLeLoup.


Like many others, Felix Volk moved to San Andreas to build a new life. He began by working as a freelance therapist, but decided his skills were better put to use elsewhere.

Felix works closely with all sorts of individuals within the city, happily dealing with criminals and upstanding citizens alike. Tending to walk the line in a lot of situations, he prefers to negotiate solutions but is willing to resort to violence if required.

Frequently going out of his way to help both friends and strangers, and acting with a strong moral compass, he's become known as someone who's dependable and the one to call in difficult or dangerous situations. He is very generous, giving his friends money and equipment even when he can little afford to do so. He also frequently drops what he is doing to help strangers, lends out his tow truck for free, and gives advice to new citizens of the city.


"There are two types of people in this city. One will wave their gun around threatening you, the other will only pull it out if they intend to kill you. Which one are you going to be?" - Felix Volk

Felix has a very addictive personality and perfectly fits the description of "adrenaline junkie." He lives for situations involving conflict, and seems to enjoy actively being in danger. Willing to approach criminal gangs or active shooter scenes with what seems to be little care for his life, he's always pushing for information or making a contact, even if there's a direct danger to himself. He is usually very calm under pressure, and has shown a willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends.

He comes across as sarcastic with a dark sense of humor, but has a very deep caring nature once his trust is built. He has slowly built connections with many people in the city with his pleasant and cooperative nature. He is skilled in fitting in with a wide range of people and of earning their trust. He tries to fly under the radar, often describing himself as a "nondescript grinder" or "no one of significance."

Felix generally speaks in Received Pronunciation (the standard English accent), but he will occasionally mirror other people's regional accents while conversing with them, in an effort to make people comfortable and to be more approachable.


Since getting established in the state Felix met Ronald Otterman and became one of the five founders of Los Santos Broadcast Network, with the title of Director of Photography; he was also one of the primary pilots of Bumblebee, the LSBN helicopter. His title disguised that he was really hired to gather intelligence and deal with any threats against Ron or the company. After Ron took a leave of absence, naming Ursula Leichenberg as CEO, Ursula delegated much of the day to day administration to Felix. When Ron fired Ursula for attempting to be named CEO through Cerberus, Felix stepped up and started running the company, eventually being given the title of COO. He reported directly to Ron, the absentee CEO, and became a 20% shareholder, along with Director of Entertainment Dillon Dubbs. On October 21, 2021, after a heated altercation with Dillon, Felix quit LSBN.

On December 20, Dillon met with Felix to discuss buying out his share of the company.


While employed with LSBN, as requested by Ronald Otterman, Felix mainly limited himself to vehicle-related crime: street racing, boosting and chopping. For a short time he was a CI for the racing scene, using this position more as a way to get information from the police on their investigations into the Puppet Master than to provide police with any intelligence about street racers.

As his dissatisfaction with LSBN grew, he began putting out feelers regarding meth and weed operations with his friend Jaxxon Jones. However, due to Jaxx being caught while weed running, Felix pulled back. Just before he quit LSBN, Felix was offered the chance to start a weed operation from the ground up for his friends in The Stable, which with his excellent connections he successfully established within hours. On October 22, 2021, Felix was formally invited to become a prospect for The Stable and began his "crimternship." Although he got along well with Stable members, he grew increasingly disappointed with the lack of contact and communication with them, and with the lack of crime and learning opportunities being a member of the group afforded him. As well, his views about the Stable changed drastically when Nancy Drew resigned as a Stable Head. On December 8, 2021, after weeks of feeling left out and unappreciated, he tendered his resignation to Sabith Cohen, leaving on good terms.

Since leaving the Stable Felix has been unaffiliated, but he is an advanced S+ level booster and has boosted with members of GSF, notably his friend Summer Mersion, and he is the "F" of the DTF heist crew assembled by Nancy Drew, which also includes Vincent Tracoli.

Felix robbed his first bank on February 17, 2022 at Paleto. Xavier hacked the Blaine County Savings Bank and thermite, and Felix drove them both away successfully by blasting down the highway in his Subaru.


Volk was invited by his friend Mattias Nilson to join forces with Mayhem as a mercenary in the battle for the Peoples Republic of Sandy Shores on January 24, 2022. He was a designated marksman and led comms for the Mayhem group as they held the hill above Fort Zancudo. His Dragunov failed and he was one of the first downed and last retrieved, by Lydia Vale. He was one of 12 arrested and held in Bolingbroke on HUT for treason; he served four years before the State suddenly decided to release anyone involved in the insurrection not affiliated with The Lost. When the state finally determined the sentence for the traitors, Felix took a plea deal and spent a further four years in Bolingbroke and paid a fine of $100,000.


For most of his time in Los Santos Felix didn't talk much about his past, but demonstrated high levels of competency when it comes to weapons handling and tactics, evasive driving techniques and piloting ability. He also has strong organizational and business skills. At one point, while drunk with Steven Hayes, Felix talked about looking into people's eyes as they died. Following his arrest for treason, he became somewhat more open about the fact he has been a mercenary in the past, and that he used to lead a terrorist organization in another country.

Although Felix speaks with an English accent, he avoids directly answering when people ask where he's from. He revealed to Jessica Hilton his real surname is Wolf ("Volk" is Russian for Wolf) and that he changed it when he moved to San Andreas to avoid being found by certain individuals or groups. Felix has mentioned his mother is from the Ukraine, and during crime he will occasionally use a Russian accent. Felix has a teardrop tattoo under his left eye.


Felix has indicated many times he doesn't want to date in the city, and jokes he has a committed relationship with his Corvette C7. However, many people have expressed interest in him, often saying they find his voice attractive. He has maintained flirtatious relationships with a number of people, including Sabith Cohen, Dante Wolf, Rocky Topps and Emma Gaine (but only when the latter uses her "ASMR" voice).

He used to own a house with former LSBN colleague Ursula Leichenberg, which they sold on December 11, 2021. He is close friends with LSBN meteorologist, city clerk and EMS Lieutenant Jessica Hilton, with whom he owned a house from December 14, 2021 to April 20, 2022; they also shared their house with Dante Wolf.

Felix started a new business venture, Black Wolf Co., with his friend Isaac Wagner, but the business has gone dormant. He maintains close friendships with Mattias Nilson of Mayhem, and with former members of The Stable, including Nancy Drew, Xavier Valentine and former mayor Sabith Cohen.


  • "You're through to Felix, how can I help?"
  • "Peace peace."
  • "Cool cool cool cool cool."
  • "Aight bet!"
  • "Noice."

Played By: FelixLeLoup
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