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The Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) is a federal organization, tasked with the investigation of federal level crimes.

General Information

The Federal Investigation Bureau is a law enforcement agency that appears in the city when major events are happening. This include events like catching nationally wanted criminals, violent crimes, and terrorism.


  • 1: Protect the United States from terrorist attacks.
  • 2: Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations, espionage, and cyber operations.
  • 3: Combat transnational criminal enterprises.
  • 4: Combat significant violent crime.
  • 5: Combat significant cyber criminal activity
  • 6: Combat public corruption at all levels
  • 7: Combat major white-collar crime
  • 8: Protect civil rights.

FIB Agents

FIB Headquarters Staff

Name Occupation Name Occupation
Barry Balls Security Guard Booba Head of Security
Posy Florian Head Clerk Rian McWhorter Desk Clerk
Sheriah Walters Desk Clerk Asmon Gold Desk Clerk
Gage August Technician Monna Ute Technician
Geoffrey Tristan Technician Theodore Spamzw Technician
Forrest Judy Technician Dalton Rosabel Technician
Joan Kir Technician Ovadia Byron Technician
Franz Ela Technician Albert Lilianne Technician
Margie Effrosyni Technician Hanna Khloe Technician
Lesia Aidan Technician Terrell Kandace Technician
Norm Illarion Technician Natalia Cathrin Technician
Arnold Moray Technician Beckett Ryleigh Technician
Kilo Nina Technician Silvia Fedot Technician
Jonathan Binyamin Technician Uliana Eyal Technician
Cy David Technician Corie Siegbert Technician
Tahnee Arabella Technician Nektarios Madelaine Technician
Algaia Janine Technician Osbourne Phoenix Technician
Cathy Reut Technician Herbert Seosaidh Technician
Olly Brooklynn Technician Fenton Lera Technician
Maddy Isbel Technician Darryl Fotini Technician
Jocky Lenny Technician Deena Bridgette Technician
Newton Zeroski Technician Ferapont Winslow Technician
Sera Danny Technician Keanna Jasmine Technician
Ginger Kayla Technician Jessica Dunham Technician
Trevor Philips Technician Spiro Cordelle Technician
Boone Sherisse Technician Tad Whitaker Technician
Melbe Jenesso Technician Laurence Marigold Technician
Camden Emmett Technician Leonidas Asher Technician
Raffael Saylor Technician Nathan Smith Technician
Angela David Technician Leyton Leopold Technician
Horatio Sanchez Technician Sigrun Leah Technician
Nathan Smith Technician Marcas DeRulo Technician
Finley Marianna Technician Terrance Sorcha Technician
Sonya Blade Technician Shantae Francene Technician
Lorri Myron Technician

Former Members

Name Role Note Date
Lauren Forcer Agent Resigned November 27th, 2021