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Fan Fan (Fanny) is a character role-played by fanfan.


Fan Fan, aka Fanny, is known for her blend of politeness, innocence, kindness, unhinged behaviour, and a touch of perversion. Her presence in the city brings a mix of charm and unpredictability, making her a memorable figure. Fanny has stated that she has an aura which helps her become a formidable gangster.


Fan Fan was born in China. She moved to Nebraska at a young age before resettling in Los Santos. She arrived in the city with the name Emily Fan, but decided to legally change her name in an effort to reconnect with her roots after being denied entry into China due to seeming "too American" - and so her name was changed from 'Emily Fan' to 'Fan Fan', with 'Fanny' being the nickname that she preferably goes by.

Not only is she a musical artist with several singles and features under her belt, but she is also a founding member of the criminal group, The Besties, in which she was usually seen running her money-cleaning business with fellow co-founder and business partner Ming. However, due to some time away from the city, she has since disbanded her business, looking for a new venture to pursue for her gang.


  • So Nice: Fanny is surprisingly polite and kind when interacting with everyday people in the city.
  • Unhinged: Beneath the surface of her polite nature, Fanny has been known to catch those around her off-guard by sharing way too much information, or making comments others might consider perverted, often speaking in sexual innuendo when presented with openings from those around her. In addition to this, Fanny has a low threshold of rage that, when crossed, results in expletive-heavy tirades and sometimes outright violence.
  • Fiercely Loyal: While not technically a "clingy girlfriend," Fanny has perfected the art of acting like one and essentially fuses herself at the hip to Ming, who she defends and follows without thought.
  • Strict Perfectionist: Due in part to her cultural upbringing (and the idea that anything that isn't an A = failing to her family), Fanny is highly competitive and always striving to improve herself in the eyes of those she cares about most. She is currently working to bring her trust points with 4head up to 100 after he informed her that he trusts her 96%. That number went down before being forgotten about, entirely.
  • Gangster In The Making: Despite being dubbed the unofficial leader of her gang by 4head's brother Dickhead, Fanny is the most inexperienced member and eager to learn from the likes of her besties, as well as seasoned criminals like Dex and JP, who teach her the intricacies of gang living, such as: lingo ("On hood, cuh!" which she has adapted into, "On the neighbourhood, cousin!"), physical combat, cop evasion techniques, and more.
  • Desperate For Praise: One of Fanny's frequent habits is fishing for compliments from those around her and insisting on explicit, enthusiastic answers when what she receives is in any way lackluster. Common versions of this verbal fishing include: did you miss me, do you like my outfit, did I do good, are you guys proud of me?
  • Tone Deaf: Prone to spontaneously breaking out into song, Fanny's vocals leave a lot to be desired and are characterized by pitchy sound, mumbled lyrics, and sometimes shrill howling. Joined by Dez, bestie car rides routinely involve impromptu sing-along sessions to hits like OutKast's "Ms. Jackson."
  • Shotgun Pro: Fanny is widely known for engaging in games of shotgun wherever a car is involved, once famously texting Ming "shotgun!" seconds before he called it himself. She has bested hard-ass criminals like Marty and Turk in games of shotgun, both of whom gave up the passenger seat when her stubborn nature and slick talk eventually wore them down.
    • 4head: "Motherfucker calling shotgun while we're getting stabbed!"
  • Highly Impressionable: One of Fanny's fatal flaws is how easily influenced she is by those around her. Given to asking questions, Fanny instantly adjusts her behavior according to the advice of others, sometimes to her own detriment. Examples of this include spitting on poor people (at the instruction of Ray) and mugging locals without consideration for police response (resulting in a traffic stop mid-sanitation run).
  • Innocent: Fanny puts up a facade, which used to be quite genuine, of her being innocent and a little ignorant about gang matters, which she uses when faced with conflict with other gangs. This allows her to preserve her relationships while gaining information for her own gang.


New to the city, she randomly bumped into Ming Jingtai while looking for someone to teach her how to drive. This led to her meeting 4Head, and the formation of 'The Besties', and their catchphrase, “Slayyy.” With the addition of Dickhead, and Dez, they formed a crew. The new crew had not yet decided on a name for themselves when they picked a nickname for Fan FanFanny—and also dubbed her leader of the crew. Dickhead has suggested they call themselves the 'Opiate Trafficking Krew' (OTK for short), while Fanny has suggested 'Gooner Gang' and later 'Ming Girls' (inspired by Mean Girls) before deciding, "Actually, no, I’ll just be a Ming girl—singular." Others have wondered if 'Hospital Gang' is more fitting, considering how often they visit. Since then, 'The Besties' has been decidedly formed, with Fanny as a gang member rather than a leader.

Fan Fan once masqueraded as a member of Maximilian Thoroughbred's campaign staff, even serving as his actual personal assistant and bodyguard, while attempting to scam campaign funds from him.

Fanny, in the early days, was typically seen rolling around the city with her three counterparts: Ming Jingtai, Dezmond Wright, and Aubrey Webster (4head). From the early days of their partnership, Ming, Dez, and 4head assumed roles beyond mere accomplices; they became mentors, guiding Fanny through the intricate web of alliances, rivalries, and power dynamics that define life in Los Santos. As she continues to learn the criminal underworld of Los Santos, she is slowly being molded by those around to fine tune her skills in pressing others, standing on her business, committing robberies, and various other criminal activities.

What sets Fanny apart is her fiercely protective nature, especially when it comes to her best friend/business partner, Ming. She has been known to punch, stab, and threaten those who disrespect her and her friends. This protective nature is reciprocated by her gang, which can often be seen by their helpfulness and watchful behaviour over the budding criminal.

During her time, building her money-cleaning business, Fanny has made many connections in the city and has learnt a lot about the criminal underground of Los Santos. Now, she's finding another role to play in the city, whether it be as a member of The Besties or as apart of a new venture.


Exiling Hazel[]

Since Fanny first came to the city the biggest thing 4head has taught her is that you have to back your people over everything. Once close friend, Hazel Havgreaves, who was apart of the besties, had been doing the direct opposite of that leading to Fanny (and Ming) not trusting him and wanting to kick him out of the group. Fanny had 4 reasons for wanting to kick Hazel:

Reason 1 - not 100% in with Besties

Reason 2 - friends with everyone in the city, wouldnt defend Fanny in a hypothetical fight with Kitty

Reason 3 - when Fanny got robbed by Gigi, Ming asked Hazel to help, but he drove off

Reason 4 - stealing Fanny's money run customers

Hazel had also been stealing Funny's business and when confronted, said he was “redirecting” them to her but not a single customer had been from him and the only that had is from when she caught him.

On the block with 4head and Jack, Fanny officially kicked out Hazel from the besties, after Hazel called 4head wondering why he couldn’t get into the house. After confronting him he had nothing to say (which Fanny complained about later) other than asking for some of his money back, which 4head disagreed and said no to. 4head disagrees with how Fanny handled things as-well and wishes she went about it differently.

Getting Held Up By OTT[]

After 4head and Future robbed a money runner of The Company, Fanny was invited to a meeting with members of The Company alone and was promised that nothing would happen to her by Malcolm "Sly" Jenkens.

While discussing the truce that they would call when Mickey Sinclaire and Kevin Ram finished the details of the deal, Fanny reminded them that the deal had not gone through, yet. Outto-Tune "OTT" Tyrone said that he hated the deal when Fanny explained further details about how in exchange for materials from The Company, Besties wouldn't rob their money runners in the storm. When Fanny said that giving the money back was not apart of the deal, OTT held a gun to her head and ran her pockets; luckily, Fanny wasn't carrying anything, so OTT took nothing. Sly tried to stop OTT, telling him, "For once, do not." Then, OTT took off on his bike and Fanny continued the meeting with the remaining people.

On the radio channel, Fanny tells everyone what happened and Future Hendrix responds immediately, ready to get revenge. Future, 4head, Lovemore Dlamini, Ryo "RJ" Junior, Ming and Fanny meet at the Besties' warehouse, where Fanny explains the situation and says that it's up to the group to handle; the group looks to Ming, who asks, "Do we know where OTT's at, right now?" Future, immediately, runs off, telling everyone, "I know where he lives. Come on, let's go."

When the six pull up to OTT's house, he's not there, so the group goes to where Fanny had the meeting. Future knocks on the door, asking for OTT: "OTT, come outside and apologize to Fanny, right now, 'fore I fucking kill you, you stupid bitch." 4head tells them to just leave, the most hesitant of everyone about the situation, when OTT doesn't come out, immediately. Ming asks if they should kick OTT's bike which Fanny does, which is when OTT walks out of his house.

Future holds him up immediately, telling Fanny to come talk to him, before Future makes RJ take over as Future talks to Ming about if they're shooting. Fanny continues to talk to him, as Lovemore and 4head flank her. OTT apologizes, in what Fanny later dubs his 'sarcasm' tone. When Ming and Future return, Fanny is satisfied and 4head believes that's it when Ming tells OTT that he has messed up. OTT agrees and wonders if it would make Ming feel better if he shot him. Ming says, "If you 'gon pull the gun out, man, I mean, shit, you may, as well, use it, right?" and shoots OTT.

Kayn Rhaast and Sly, who were inside OTT's house, come out and engage in a shootout. The Besties shoot them both, gaining two guns and getting their revenge, before leaving. The conflict continues but Fanny is no longer apart of it.

Criminal Record[]

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Criminal Record of Fan Fan
  • (1x) Felony Possession with intent to Distribute
  • (1x) Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree
  • (3x) Resisting Arrest
  • (4x) Joyriding
  • (2x) Evading
  • (2x) Money Laundering
  • (1x) Reckless Evading
  • (1x) Misdemeanor Obstruction of Justice
  • (1x) Robbery of a Financial Institution
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  • “I learned how to act when I first lost my virginity.”
  • "Those beef curtains are just flapping away."
  • "Hello, large canine."
  • "4head says I have lots of street money."
  • "I was very erect! Like hard. Don't you think...?" (when bragging about her criminal exploits)
  • "Can you just—suck it like you mean it, please?" (while requesting that Ming suction her gas mask tighter to her face for her)
  • “Yeah, I am a slut sometimes.”
  • "Is your name Poor Head or 4Head?"
  • "Are you proud of me?"
  • "Many men"
  • "Hai!"
  • "Bai!"


  • According to Fanny, the meaning of her name (Fan) in Chinese is: fan=appliance; fan=food (饭 or rice, because she's "tasty"); fan=annoying (烦 means inconvenience, to bother, because she's "annoying" according to Marty); fan=backwards, and fan=flip.
  • Fan is an actual common family name in China.
  • After Maximilian Thoroughbred told Fanny she talks like a robot, she began seeing a vocal coach to improve the way she sounds.
  • Fanny's favorite Christmas song is "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.
  • Fanny once sniffed JP's butt in the middle of a drug deal without him noticing.
  • The Dinka Jester is Fanny's favorite car in the city.
  • After being rejected by UC Berkeley, Fanny pursued her higher education at UC Davis.
  • Fanny knows a lot about Lord Of The Rings, which was obvious when she answered a hard trivia question from a Snr. Buns employee.
  • Fanny never stands still when on the phone. Instead, she is running around, pacing, climbing whatever she sees or jumps while on call.
  • Fanny's name is featured in the burn book.
  • Fanny's brother Trav was created when she accidentally called Dickhead "Trav", from his streamer name "travpiper" and she had to improvise in-game.
  • Fanny is a big fan of My Little Pony. She seems to know, very deeply, the lore of the "Alicorn" and was able to explain it's lore to the Besties when watching an episode.
  • FanFan has stated that Fanny uses auto-tune in her songs, as she is actually an awful singer (as depicted in her car karoke sessions where she goes off-key a lot).
  • Fanny's favourite colour is red.


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