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Ezreal Kay-Hoss, also known as Ez or E.Z., is a character played by ThatEmoPunk.


Ezreal's Nagasaki Carbon RS

Ezreal Kay-Hoss is Security at the Rooster's Rest, a Co-Owner at Tequi-la-la, as well as weed sales at Rooster's Reef. He typically introduces himself as either Ezreal or Ez, and occasionally refers to himself as a "Resident Rogue". While he was speaking to Ezekiel Crow, it was learned that he legally changed his named about 5 years prior to moving to Los Santos, claiming his birth name is Noah.

He has stated that prior to moving to Los Santos, he used to live with his aunt back in Ohio. It is unknown why he was raised by his aunt. When his parents have been mentioned, Ez has stated that he doesn't know much about his mother, however that he used to play MMOs all the time with his dad. He's also mentioned having a sister.

Personality wise, Ez seems to be a pretty friendly type, but also very quiet and nervous. Ezreal has social anxiety, but wearing his mask helps lessen it. When asked by Jean Paul about weed, Ezreal has stated he smokes it constantly to help with his anxiety. He is a self-proclaimed nerd, his game of choice being League of Legends. He's also mentioned having a liking for MMOs, having played ones such as WoW, ESO, FFXIV, SWTOR and EverQuest. Other than that, he is a huge Star Wars fan. Ezreal also has a gambling addiction, having lost hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

Ezreal used to be a drug dealer back in Ohio, and though at first when moving to Los Santos he seemed to avoid getting involved in the world of crime, Ez occasionally dabbles back in this realm of work.

As of June 7, 2021, Ezreal purchased his a motorbike from PDM, a Nagasaki Carbon RS. He changed the license place to say "CRYPTS". He is looking to trade it in for a R1 when the opportunity arises. He's also shown interest in getting a Jester or Gauntlet Hellfire. He has raced on occasion, going under the alias of "Kindred". On January 13, 2022, Ezreal also purchased his first house with the help of Albert Intelligence and Kai Pond. The house is located at Bridge Street 11, in Mirror Park, and is shared with Luk Zwiebel.


The Crypts


  • Ez is adopted by Dewey and Petunia Brookshire as their "Goth Son." Ez and Dewey often get up to random endeavors with one another outside of work, whether that be checking out places around town to hangout, fishing, or occasionally graverobbing. Ez has a great respect for Dewey, appreciating the effort he puts into their father-son relationship. The two are both Co-Owners at Tequi-la-la.

Ezekiel Crow

  • Ezreal and Ezekiel first met under the premise of "We're both Ez". Later on they would actually begin hanging out thanks to Lilith Ailhart. The two's friendship is usually very opposite, Zeke tending to antagonize Ez, meanwhile Ez usually provides Zeke with gifts such as gems and such.


  • Ez and Shadow have grown to become good friends, often talking to one another about personal troubles they are having. When The Crypts became an actual idea, Ez was the one to sort of thrust Shadow into a "leader-like" position. The two often are mistaken for one another, due to having very similar styles. Ezreal also helped Shadow get hired at the Rooster's Rest, as well as has stepped up to help Shadow run Tequi-la-la.
The Guild

The Guild

After arriving in Los Santos, the first friends that Ezreal made consisted of the group known as The Guild, or The Nerds. After being hired on at Rooster's Rest, Ezreal often was brought along for random adventures with Lando Stormborn, Bjorn "Tripod" Corleone, and Egg Thundercock after their shifts. He also often interacted with Gloryon and Gea "Stag" Stagdancer at the Rest, and Meowfurryon Stormkitten throughout the city.

Following an extended period of time away from the city through the Fall, Ezreal came back going into 2022 and begun to find himself involved in The Guild's 'war' with The Clones, aka the HOA. When not embroiled in this 'conflict', Ez often tags along with Bjorn, Lando, Stag, Alex Domino, Eve Summers and Barry Benson for whatever the day entails.

One thing a lot of people take note of is Ezreal's resemblance to his adoptive uncle, Yeager Demonblood. This is in big part to mannerisms that Ezreal adopted over time from the Demon, such as his way of talking, walking, as well as his adoption of a demon mask that has become his anxiety mask. Ezreal has admitted to having a high respect towards Yeager, which likely has led to him basically idolizing him.

Hayabusa Clan

Clan Hayabusa

Following their time away from Los Santos, Ezreal returned after Christmas of 2021, finding himself spending a lot of time around Quimbley "Q" Hayabusa, Shiro Hayabusa, and Johnny Sinatra.

Ez had previously met Shiro while working at the Rooster's Rest, having worked with him on many occasions. Ez often refers to him as "Mr. Hayabusa", and has a high respect for Shiro.

Ez and Q's friendship started through Shadow, whom Q was dating at the time. The two bonded pretty quickly, considering each other one of their best friends. They work together at Rooster's Rest, and Q was appointed as CEO at Tequi-la-la by Ez for a period of time before stepping down.

Johnny and Ez became friends through the Hayabusas, Ez finding Johnny's brand of comedy very amusing. The two on occasion nerd out over pro-wrestling, and both work together at theRooster's Rest and the Rooster's Reef.


Hess Blade

  • Ezreal and Hess were once talking, but it never amounted to an official relationship. During that time Ez often displayed jealousy, something which caused many arguments between the two. Ez did display an inability to lie to Hess though, valuing Hess' trust in him. The two also work together at the Rooster's Rest.

Luk Zwiebel

  • Luk and Ezreal started to hangout after Ez was hired onto the Rooster's Reef, first hanging out at the markets. The two quickly developed a good friendship. Ezreal hired on Luk as security at Tequi-la-la and also gave him the spare bedroom in his house in Mirror Park. The two tend to enjoy trolling one another, and Ez often refers to Luk as a "dork" with Luk returning with Ez being a "dweeb".

Nero Calabrese

  • Upon first meeting Nero, Ezreal originally thought him to be Meowfurryon returning to the city. The two had a strong friendship, Nero even convincing Ezreal on the path to vampirism to become "Blooded Brothers". Ezreal does not know about Nero's death.


  • "I don't (even) know how to respond to that.."
  • "What the fuck?!" (adopted from Yeager)
  • "Fuckin freak(s)!" (adopted from Yeager)
  • "Yup. Yup. Yup."
  • "Suuuure.."
  • "Hawt"

Criminal Record

  • 3x Joyriding
  • 1x Second Degree Speeding
  • 1x Kidnapping
  • 2x Robbery
  • 2x Resisting Arrest