Evie Quinn

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Evie Quinn is a character role-played by LadyEllethwen


Evie Quinn is a civilian of Los Santos. She is orginally from Paleto Bay where she lived with her Mother and Father and worked at a Coffee Shop. However, she was irresponsible and no longer works there but she THOUGHT met the love of her life while working, a guy named Nick Drippin'. Her being the young and naive 20 year old she was, she ended up letting Nick impregnate her and leave her with little baby Bentley. Later on she would find out that Nick sold drugs and he hired a shady lawyer to help take full custody of Bentley. This conflict left Evie and her family in a decline because Evie went bankrupt and her parents were losing their house. So she decided to move down to Los Santos find a better paying job or "jobs" in her case. Before we get into that fortunately for her Nick only got partial custody of Bentley who is now a healthy 8 year old boy who stays back up in Paleto Bay with his grandparents.

Character Traits

  • Badge Bunny
  • Flirt
  • People Pleaser
  • Manipulative
  • Gold Digger (Allegedly)
  • Pathological lier (mainly to get out of bad situations)
  • Stockholm Syndrome & Limerence (sufferers from on occasion)


  • Vanilla Unicorn (Dancer and Delivery Driver)
  • Pink Panther Taxi (Owned/operated only by her - Taxi Driver)
  • Odd Jobs

Played By: LadyEllethwen
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