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Eugene Zuckerberg is a character role-played by Vader.

General Description

Eugene Zuckerberg is a member of Chang Gang. Many people think Eugene has dementia, or as he calls it, "dimensions", even though it's more of an excuse that he uses for his criminal behavior. Eugene is a well connected criminal having ties to most gangs in the city. He's also known to be one of the best getaway drivers in the city. Even on foot has a reputation of losing cops to the point where criminals call him Slippy.


Legal Jobs

Eugene is a jack of all trades and has been employed by a large amount of people.

  • Eugene has Worked as a part time employee at the Burger Shot. Unbeknownst to most people in the city it was Eugene who started the rumors that Burger Shot sells human and dog meat in their burgers.
  • After impressing members of Chang Gang during a job interview, Eugene got hired as an art curator for Vultur Lé Culturé. Eugene uses his stories to entertain the guests who visit the gallery.
  • After numerous talks with Jacob Harth, Eugene was hired to do delivery and pickups for The Digital Den. On the legal side Eugene helps move merchandise.
  • After being inspired by the raffle's at the casino and the gallery, Eugene decided to run a lottery of his own. Hoping to garner trust and eventually make it in to an official business. After partnering up with Tidus Schwinghammer, Eugene has made is lottery official. A new business by the name of Los Santos National Lottery was created.

Criminal Activity

  • Eugene is a middleman for The Chaos, selling Molotov cocktails.
  • In the past Eugene was one of the biggest weed seller's. Having already be put in jail for Drug Trafficking, his weed game just grew to the point where he always had enough weed for daily Taco shop weed run.
  • Eugene is one of the most active car boosters in the city. Having reached S+ level without the reputation boost from the Puppet Master.
  • Eugene has been cooking meth and building his reputation to contribute his cooking to Chang Gangs meth lab.


  • Rick Rivers, a Weazel News Reporter
    • Killed as a result of being fed alive to the sharks following his coverage of the Cleanbois' (stolen) car show and the interrogation going south.
  • Zach Rack, William Gunner's alleged son
    • After Gunner's continuous action of calling them old, Eugene and Mel took Zack Rack hostage, to ask Gunner for money. After he failed to send the correct amount, Zack Rack was executed by Mel in front of MRPD. When they found out that Zach was indeed dead, they took a few EMS and Doctors hostage to steal the corpse and dump him into the Alamo Sea.


  • "My car!"
  • "My door!"
  • "Hwot?"
  • "Uhhuh"
  • "Excuse me?!"
  • "Screw you!"
  • "Let me tell you about the time I invented the Frisbee. We'd get a paper plate and turn it upside down and I would throw it to Edna and she would throw it back to me, and I would throw it back to her and she would throw it back to me."
  • "Woah!"
  • "You owe me money for the taxi ride!."
  • "Fuck the Police!"
  • "I've fought in 130 world wars!"
  • "I invented this...."
  • "You wear a HWIG!"
  • "You stupid whore!" / "You stupid bitch!"
  • "Oof!"
  • "AKAWOK"
  • "What did you call me?"
  • "Why problem make when you no problem have you don't want to make?"
  • "I am not old, I'm 35+"
  • "Fuck 12!"
  • "AAAAaaaahhhh.... JESUS!"


  • Has claimed to have fought in 130 "world wars" and have accomplished many other feats:
    • The Boer War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hastings, the Battle of Helm's Deep, he carried the cross for Jesus, starred in The Garden of Eden, he's the First Creator of Man, he created the Earth in seven days, fought in a battle against the Roman Empire against 2.4 billion Romans (who he killed with his Panzer Tank), the Battle of Endor, the War of the Five Kings, World War Z, the Battle of Wakanda, climbing Mt. Everest in the nude, the Vietnam War, four American Revolutions, the Infinity War parts I and II, the War of the World, cut off Van Gogh‘s ear (in a bar fight), he sunk the Titanic, the Dunkirk War, he fought Private Ryan, built the Berlin Wall (with own fecal matter), you sank my battleship, the Star Wars, the Clone Wars, Battle of the Bastards, and stopped Chernobyl from erupting.
  • Eugene's mental health is a taboo subject; though everyone believes he is crazy, and several doctors have suggested he has Dementia.
  • Has claimed to have been reborn again at Easter but was once thousands of years old.
  • Claims to have invented The Frisbee, going Left, running, the Aeroplane, and the Onion.
  • Is related to everyone in the city.
  • Once ran a Taxi Cab service; the rate was $1,000.
  • Paints all of his vehicles salmon, including vehicles he's stolen and then returned to the owner.
  • Eugene hates being called "old" and will hunt down anyone who calls him it.
  • Eugene received his Chang Gang chain on May 23, 2022.


List of vehicles owned by Eugene:

  • Taxi [1]
  • BMX
  • Ocelot Jugular
  • Mercedes Black Series

Used to own/Sold:

  • Lampadati Tigon [2]
  • Adder *Vin Scratched
  • Outlaw *Vin Scratched
  • Kalahari *Vin Scratched
  • Tailgater *Vin Scratched
  • Cognoscenti Cabrio *Vin Scratched
  • Intruder [3]
  • Issi Sport [4] *Vin Scratched
  • Camaro Z28 1979 *Vin Scratched
  • Ferrari


Played By: Vader
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