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Eugene Jackson is a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.

General Information

"The Master Is Always Watching."
― Earl

Eugene "Earl" Jackson is the 6th puppet and works on the command of the Puppet Master. He is known to pass messages to individuals and award people with S+ boosts, keeping a watchful eye on the boosting scene. He has been seen driving in a Widebody Schwartzer, Bugatti Bolide, Dominator ASP and a Koenigsegg Jesko.

Earl was formally a close friend of Marcus Mathers, mostly known as Big M. He can often be seen speaking of Big M or asking others about him. It has been rumoured that Earl is the one who shot and killed Big M, although when questioned on this he corrects people that he only gave the order and Shurai was the one to pull the trigger.


Earl grew up alongside his younger brother Unit, both of them becoming puppets.

His driving force appears to be getting revenge against the Lagunas Cartel who kidnapped and tortured his brother, resulting in Unit's currently mental status. He has stated that he won't stop at anything to get that revenge, as shown by him being willing to help murder Big M for "getting in the way" - he believes that the Puppet Master is the only one who can get him close to the Lagunas Cartel, so he could not allow Big M to overthrow or kill him.


  • Gave Randy Bullet information on the first S+ boost in the city.
  • Gave Mary Mushkin her first S+ boost.
  • Called the cops on Chang Gang during an A+ boost.
  • Once had his Bugatti stolen by Hutch Hutcherson.
  • Once interrupted a Game Masters meeting by accident.
  • He is puppet number 6 because he "let Unit win in a race".
  • Prefers dogs to cats.

  • "Family is all that matters"
  • "me name do be a-Earl"
  • "They do be callin' me Earl"
  • "The Master is always watching"

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