Erin Cox is a character role-played by MEKABEAR.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Erin Cox is a former lawyer turned criminal living in the city of Los Santos.

She is a former member of the Angels, an all-girl gang made of "fresh out of the womb" female criminals. She works for Jordan Walker as a Part-time Manager at Harmony Repairs Garage, and is a salesperson for Allen Widemann at Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

Erin was recruited into Mother's Family, as one of her surrogate children, and is widely considered to be the biggest disaster among them. She has been adopted by several others such as Jack "Joker" KnavesRonald "Red" Juggler and Jonelle Jones, however, a recent DNA test revealed that her first adoptive father, Roman "Black Mask" Sionis, is actually her long lost biological father, with her having been raised by an adoptive family, and unknowingly finding her way back to him years later after moving to LS.

Prior to losing her license, she was well known as a less-than-professional Criminal Defense Attorney. She was also the Chief Internship Officer (CIO) of Sahara International, worked at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club as a Part-time Manager under Evita "Mother" Nimm, and was a manager of the Doll House, an exclusive gentleman's club owned by Jordan Walker, but gave it up so she wouldn't have to compete against her ex-husband, Alabaster Slim.

Erin lost almost everything from her various mistakes following Arthur's disappearance from the city, such as her jobs, career, and connections. She turned to a life of crime in an effort to become respectable like her adoptive step-brother, Siz Fulker, and her on-and-off ex-husband, Alabaster Slim. Unfortunately, despite enjoying criminal life and making a number of close friends with the Angels, Erin ultimately leaves crim life and the Angels behind following a series of disagreements with them regarding trust and their direction. She is currently trying to maintain a clean record and regain her bar license to be a lawyer again, having returned to civilian life.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Erin is a disowned trust-fund baby, who spent her life travelling the world and partying. Her (now revealed to be adoptive) dad is Maximilian Cox, the creator of the first tampon (that also cures yeast infections) - VagPax. She grew up having everything she could ever want, and therefore had no goals or drive. Erin blew a bunch of money partying and getting in trouble, until her dad disowned her; forcing her to make a life of her own. She's now in Los Santos trying to make it.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Erin's naturally brown hair has been dyed light pink, which she considers her trademark feature, and gets very upset when she finds others jacking her style. Her pink hair is contrasted by an almost exclusively black wardrobe. Erin regularly wears heels and high rise boots that usually leads others, particularly males, to believe that she's freakishly tall, and make exaggerated remarks about her size and stature. She has several tattoos: a triforce tattoo on her left shoulder, an arrow on her upper right arm, a rose above her left knee, and a pair of winged pistols on her back. She also seems to have a preference for gas masks.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Erin has a wild and eccentric personality, and tends to catch people off guard with the outlandish and somewhat inappropriate things she says. She's also very hyperactive, as a result of her ADHD, and gets distracted easily. She's inquisitive into other people's intentions, and has no sense of personal boundaries. She is particularly honest, often to the point of self-snitching, and she frequently blurts things out, getting herself in trouble on a regular basis.

Originally caring only for herself, Erin has grown to care deeply for the friends she has made, and is willing to do almost anything for them, often times at her own expense.

Due to how impressionable she is, she tends to pick up certain qualities from the influence of those around her. She became more abrasive and confrontational from Alabaster Slim, becoming more willing to be loud and boisterous as well. She picked up her habit of stabbing, and threatening to stab, from her "sister-in-law"/close friend Griselda "Zelda" Harth, who has a fascination with knives. She picked up deception from her adoptive step-brother Siz Fulker, in order to stop being taken advantage of by him; however, since she's a terrible liar, it mostly translated to withholding information.

Erin has more than her fair share of issues. In her own words, she has a thing for "fuckbois", people that "treat her like shit", in short, a fatal attraction to people that are bad for her due to her own lack of value and self-worth. She jumps between several relationships frequently in an attempt to find her "perfect match", and never settles down for whoever she happens to be with at the time as a result of her commitment issues. She also suffers from a father complex caused by the abandonment of her father, which leads her to collect a number of paternal figures, as well as fall for the advances of Arthur Hammond.

Erin was particularly proud of her Porsche 911 Turbo S, as it was one of the few things she had earned on her own. Unfortunately, it having been hit with the "nerf gun", as well as needing a vehicle that seats four for the Angels, she traded it to Trigger Freebird for his Mercedes AMG GT63. A few days later, the car would be lost to her when Slim used his Law of Surprise to take it from her. Upset that he wouldn't give it back to her after several weeks, Red gifted Erin a new one to replace it.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Recently confirmed to be the biological daughter of Roman Sionis and that she has a brother, Richard Sionis.

Erin's bar license was revoked after racking up several felonies. She was first charged with reckless driving after launching her vehicle off a ramp above Ammunition mimicking Mel Rickenbacker. In her brief stay, she also developed an addiction to prison slushies. Erin then broke into Bolingbroke for more slushies in the prison cafeteria and because many of her friends were working in Corrections. She was charged with felony trespassing as a result.

Erin has since started an edible and food delivery business with Patrit “Mete” Metemahaan and helps promote and bartend for several newly opened bars.

She was engaged to Arthur Hammond, but she lost faith in the relationship, even before his disappearance, and planned on returning the ring he gave her. When Arthur returned to the city after a month-long absence, the two mutually decided to go their separate ways. She intended to sell the ring, however, Randy accidentally dropped it down the drain when she was showing it to him. She has a weird relationship with Bodean Tucker, and Bryce Miller.

Erin has been officially divorced by Alabaster Slim to keep the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club out of her hands when she tried to sue him for sixty percent ownership. Using the 'Law of Surprise' to steal his title and claim "Countess" nobility status, Erin was supposed to remarry Alabaster within "a fortnight" under court order, however, Alabaster got engaged to Mary Mushkin instead.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Roman Sionis aka. Black Mask - Adopted turned Biological Father:[edit | edit source]

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Evita "Mother" Nimm - Adopted Mother:[edit | edit source]

To be added

Aaron Cox - Biological Brother: [edit | edit source]

On March 16th, 2020, Erin's younger brother, Aaron Cox arrived in Los Santos looking to reunite with her. They quickly got arrested together while carrying excessive amounts of cocaine.

Victoria "Vivi" Veine - Adopted Sister:[edit | edit source]

Vivi is Erin's adopted sister.

Siz Fulker - Adopted Step Brother:[edit | edit source]

"Bro Bro", Siz is Erin's brother, same Mother, different Father’s.

Zelda Harth - Step "Sister-in-law"/Friend:[edit | edit source]

Zelda is dating Siz.

Love Interests[edit | edit source]

Bryce Miller - Boyfriend:

Current love interest

Alabaster Slim - Ex-Husband (on & off):[edit | edit source]

Arthur Hammond - Ex-Fiancé:[edit | edit source]

Former love interest

Bodean Tucker - Complicated:

To be added

Others[edit | edit source]

Jordan Walker - Ex-Boss/Friend:[edit | edit source]

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Jackie Snow:[edit | edit source]

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Brenda Pancake:[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Lookit!"
  • "Okie dokie!"
  • "Why are you this way?"
  • "Why are you like this?"
  • "c:"
  • ":c"
  • "WHat'CHA Doin?"
  • "Are you Serious?!"
  • "I Meannnnnnnnnnn...."
  • "I see, I see."
  • *ahem*
  • "HEY MISTER _______ !!"
  • "Do you like my vagina?!"
  • "Alabaster!!"
  • *eating sounds*
  • "I'm hungry..."
  • "Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm."
  • "You bitch!"
  • "Woh u wan!?"
  • "Huh? What? Huh? What? Huh?"
  • *flabbergasted stammering*
  • "Allegedly ..."
  • "Don't cum in my cupholder."
  • "I'm an attempted murderer/filthy criminal."
  • "Suck my asshole!"
  • "... You've been watching too much PruneHub."

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Loves breakfast burritos, and is constantly eating.
  • When asked, Erin claims that her age can be anywhere between 18 and 32.
  • Has claimed that her hair is naturally pink on a number of occasions.
  • Underwent a long and intense experimental surgery brought back by Doctor Maw & Doctor Pepper from Guatemala, to replace the better portion of her skull with titanium alloy.
  • Erin's belief in giving others a chance has made her close friends with a number of people who either have or intended to harm, kill, or manipulate her including Alabaster Slim, Siz Fulker, Sonya Summers, Brenda Pancake, Denzel Williams, and Griselda "Zelda" Harth, among others. It's notable that several others have stated that while they initially disliked her for being loud and overbearing, she eventually grew on them. This lack of bias has acted as a double-edged sword, contributing to the weakening of many of her connections, as she has a habit of throwing in her lot with people of tarnished backgrounds and unsavory reputations such as Gomer Colton, Sonya Summers, and Arthur Hammond.
  • Suffers from a father complex similar to Misato Katsuragi's condition in Neon Genesis Evangelion, a series MEKABEAR is a fan of, which deals heavily with the psychoanalysis of trauma and depression.
  • Went to therapy once, and was denied by Pixie Plum, who told her that there's nothing she can do for her. As of February 2020, Erin has recieved several therapy sessions.
  • One of the prior owners of the 6STR Vapid Drift Ellie, created by Eddie "WiseGuy" Marshall; her being the third owner after Arthur Hammond and Lang Buddha. After spending nearly $250K on its payments, Erin would return the car to Arthur Hammond, where it would ironically find its way into the possession of Alabaster Slim months later after he left the city for the final time.
  • Erin's name has no relation to US Attorney Erin Nealy Cox of the Northern District of Texas. Rather, it was a name MEKABEAR had on a fake ID.
  • Erin has been raided three times to date. The second raid being the largest drug bust in the city to stick, with 173 bags of cocaine (nearly two bricks of cocaine) seized. The third having more to do with what was on her person, with over a thousand weed ounces, 90 bags of cocaine, and 30+ bags of crack taken from her.
  • Has a notable anal obsession.
  • Erin has had coke snorted off her chest by Curtis Swoleroid at Mr Chang’s wedding.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Drivers License: 9 points (Valid)

  • Attempted Murder x1
  • Contempt of Court x2
  • Evading x1
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x3
  • Failure to Stop x1
  • Failure to use Turn Signal x1
  • First Degree Speeding x3
  • Illegal U-turn x2
  • Negligent Driving x3
  • Obstruction of Justice x2
  • Reckless Driving x1
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Third Degree Speeding x3
  • Unauthorized Parking x3

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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