Erin Cox is a character roleplayed by MEKABEAR.

General Description Edit

Erin Cox is the adoptive daughter of Mask, Joker, Red and Jonelle.

She is a member of The Family, as one of Mother's surrogate children. She is a lawyer, focusing primarily on criminal defense. She is also a General Store Manager at Harmony, the chief intern officer (CIO) of Sahara International, as well as a salesperson at PDM.

Erin owns a Porsche[1], which is often stolen for joyriding by other citizens of Los Santos. The Porsche handles like a dream... when locals, barriers, or light poles aren't jumping out in front of her.


Erin's Porsche, often painted with an iridescent pink highlight.

Background InformationEdit

Erin is a disowned trust-fund baby, who spent her life traveling the world and partying. Her dad is Maximilian Cox, the creator of the first tampon (that also cures yeast infections) - VagPax. She grew up having everything she could ever want, and therefore had no goals or drive. She blew a bunch of money partying and getting in trouble, until her dad disowned her; forcing her to make a life of her own. She's now in Los Santos trying to make it.


  • "Okie dokie!"
  • "Why are you this way?"
  • "WHat'CHA Doin?!"
  • "Are you Serious?!"
  • "I Meannnnnnnnnnn...."
  • "I see, I see."
  • "HEY MISTER _______ !!"
  • "Do you like my vagina?!"


  • Due to her personality, she tends to pick up certain unique qualities from people she's close with.
  • Picked up her habit of stabbing, and threatening to stab, from her close friend Zelda, who has a fascination with knives.
  • Very hyperactive, leaving some to speculate that she has ADHD. She frequently suffers from "OOH Shiny" syndrome, which often leads to her being late for everything.
  • After being around her brother Siz, she has started to imitate his walk, and his throat clears during awkward situations.
  • Hanging out with Alabaster Slim gave her the confidence to yell a lot more than she did previously.
  • Loves breakfast burritos.
  • Underwent a long and intense experimental surgery brought back by Doctor Maw & Doctor Pepper from Guatemala, to replace the better portion of her skull with titanium alloy.

Criminal Record (As of October 30, 2019)Edit

Drivers License: 6 points (Valid)

  • Attempted Murder x1
  • Contempt of Court x1
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x2
  • Failure to use Turn Signal x1
  • First Degree Speeding x3
  • Illegal U-turn x2
  • Negligent Driving x2
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Third Degree Speeding x1
  • Unauthorized Parking x2


References Edit

  1. Grand Theft Auto V's Pfister, inspired by the Porsche AG -
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