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The Enhanced Parole Program is a Division of the Unified Police Department which specializes on supervising, investigating, and reporting on the conduct of criminals who are out on probation. The program was established on March 20th, 2022.

General Description

The Enhanced Parole Program also known as the following names Advanced Parole Program, Wrangler's Parole Program, Crane's Parole Program, San Andreas Office of Parole was founded by Captain Randy Wrangler who is notorious for arresting people for Drug Trafficking was thinking of the harsh sentences for the charges so he proposed to Chief Justice Alan Crane that instead of making people rot in jail, that they should have more of an approach where people get less jail time, higher fines and more years on parole which they would call the EPP. It was approved of some weeks later.

In order to be a Parole Officer, one must show toughness of character and an understanding between the parolee and the parole officer. The Duties of being a Parole Officer is to have talks with your parolee about what they have to do and not do during parole, hold random drug tests at any time of the day, monitoring them, and make them go live in or rent a room and get a job.

Parole Roster