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Emma Gaine is a character role-played by Jogiiee.

General Description

Emma Gaine is a yoga instructor, physical therapist, and doctor located in Los Santos.

Background Information

Emma Beatrice Gaine was born and raised in Vice city with her strict doctor parents. She lived a sheltered life that made her act out in her later years. She graduated from high school and went to college to become a doctor. During this time, she continued to dislike her work and decided to join a yoga studio finding her true passion. She decided to join a few peaceful protests and continued acting out against her parents. Finally, Emma decided it was time to change her life and move to Los Santos and try to find her passions and a new beginning to everything.

While in Los Santos, Emma started assisting the doctors at Pillbox by offering physical therapy to healing people inside Pillbox. After a few weeks of helping the doctors, Emma was hired by Pixie Plum to be the Physical Therapist for Pillbox.

Shortly after this, Emma continued her education and finished her medical degree. Emma moved and sold almost all of her belongings. Emma ended up putting her funds into buying a building and making her own physical therapy office, Sweet Relief Physical Therapy, and yoga office, Happy Yoga. Emma continued to bring more healthy lifestyle to the people of Los Santos.

Current Events

Emma is currently an Resident at Pillbox Medical, on top of being a Physical Therapist.

During training to become a Doctor, Emma picked up a new nervous tick which involves puking. She is still trying to discover what all is making her do her nervous puking.

Emma also made an agreement with the casino about doing yoga classes on the roof. They set up an area where she can continue to help people with yoga and meditation; on top of that gave her full access to the hot tubs for physical therapy.

Physical Description

Emma has bright red hair that is usually in a pony tail when she is working or a braided flowy hairstyle when she is off duty. She wears many earthy tones and loves to wear comfortable clothes. She lives in yoga pants and is constantly wearing them. She wears glasses and always loses them.


Nico Kanto - Nico was Emma's first friend in the city.

Simon Peterson - Simon is Emma's best friend. He showed her so many new things and people in the city. They both are extremely overprotective of each other.

Bryce Miller - Emma's close friend. She was engaged to him for one day to help him with making a woman jealous. During a court appearance they shortly broke off the agreement to the marriage. Emma still cares for him.

Irwin Dundee - Dundee is Emma's ex boyfriend she met him and they started talking about Star Wars and Dundee got lucky and acted like he knew who Princess Leia. Dundee and Emma see each other often when he gets hurt and admitted to her that he does get injured to see her. They are complete opposite from each other. They broke up when Dundee wanted Emma to participate in the attempted murder of Chatterbox. Emma could not do it. Dundee now sees Emma as a weakness to him because he cannot see her get hurt. They both still care deeply for each other.

Adam Prince - Adam is one of Emma's best friends. They currently own a beach house together. Adam and Emma started to date before everyone lost all their money. He gave her a choice to date him or someone else after saying he was to "bad" for her. Emma ended up going for someone else. After becoming roommates, he told her he loved her and wanted to be with her and wanted to make it work. Unfortunately, they got to the point they never seen each other and their friendship is more closer than a romantic relationship. Adam is still there for her through everything.


  • Is a complete nerd, plays dungeons and dragons, WoW, and loves Star Wars.
  • Has a Masters in Anatomy and a M.D. She has a few courses in veterinarian studies.
  • Lets people use her voice around the city for pranks. (anime and asmr voices)
  • Is vegan and gluten free, due to her many allergies.
  • Cannot kill an animal.
  • Likes to sing but to shy to get in front of groups to do it.
  • Has a nervous tick which involves puking. It is triggered when men flirt with her and even worse when they have Australian or British Accents.


Played By: Jogiiee
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