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Emma Dupont is a character role-played by Kinamazing.

General Description[]

Emma Dupont is a former Trooper of Los Santos, after the Sanguine War she tried starting a Garden Store back in Montreal where she lost all her money. To survive she moved back to Los Santos to get her job back in law enforcement.


Dupont is the most badass, take-no-shit, catch-your-ass woman with a love for plants. She is a former Trooper from Los Santos where she trained a lot of her peers, including some of her superiors. She believes in following the PD's standard operating procedures (SOP's) and having a high standard and makes sure others do the same on the same shift. Dupont's goal is to get back to being a Trooper. Although she can be serious when it comes to policing she also knows when to have some fun. Emma Dupont is daddy.

Background Information[]

Emma Dupont can read you your rights in English and French, but probably won't if you ask. She doesn't wanna waste that kind of time. Dupont is originally from Montreal, Canada.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

As of this moment Emma Dupont is not employed by a government agency, the information table is a placeholder.

Law Enforcement[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Placeholder BCSO-R1 Placeholder Placeholder


All information in here are out of date and from NoPixel 3.0, the source code in here serves as a placeholder.

Professional Relationships

Jackie Snow
Dupont and Snow have known each other for years and have a mutual respect for each other. They both often ride with each other as they are on the same shift patterns, After returning back to the City after medical leave Snow almost immediately asked Dupont if she wants to live with him once they have a house to share. Emma often makes jokes about his bladder being small together with Copper.
Olivia Copper
Similar to Snow, Copper and Dupont often ride together especially with PD being on a budget and having to share cars and may see Snow, Copper and Dupont ride together. Copper was the original person to recruit Dupont in to the Troopers originally riding with Snow and Copper makes her feel like a Trooper again. Copper has also called Dupont a Trooper at a recent traffic stop.
Jack Ripley
Jack Ripley and Emma Dupont use to date. the relationship came to an end when Ripley forgot to mention his promotion to Chief of Police.
Ripley remains one of Dupont's driving bitch. Dupont likes to make Ripley call her Daddy to assert dominance.

Kareem Lyon
Dupont and Lyon have known each other for years as they both work the same shift and are good friends. Dupont often likes to winding Lyon up. Recently she stir stuff up saying that Lyon hates Darrel McCormik because he has moved to BCSO from LSPD.

Frank Williams
Dupont and Frank have known each other for years. They have a healthy friendly relation. Because of them working different shifts, you can sometimes see them riding together. When they ride together the funniest things happen, like Frank bike hopping over a downed hobo after the hobo assaulted him.
Jenny Hall
Dupont and Hall have known each other for years. Dupont often gets compared to Hall and Copper and visa versa because they all have similar hair colour and no one can really tell the difference apart from those who are close to them.
Lauren Forcer
Dupont and Forcer (© Tour DuForce) have been good friends for a long time. Before Dupont returned to the City, Forcer had left her a postcard explaining she left the city with Johnny Divine and they are in relationship and taking a vacation in Vice City and will see her there upon return, when Dupont first dropped her work gear off at MRPD, Dupont found the card explaining her absence.

Travis Tribble
Tribble and Emma have worked together for a long time, Tribble was her Sheriff before Emma left the City for a while. When returned to the City in one of her first shifts, Tribble drove in the same car as her and Forcer, together on patrol. It came with lots of laughter and funny stories. When Emma said she wants to be a Trooper again, saying she belongs there, his heart broke, he can't accept Emma becoming a Trooper and will always start crying when she brings it up, she will always be 306 to him, as Tribble will always be the Sheriff for Emma.

The Shit List[]

Emma keeps track of people that pissed her off. It can be because said person(s) pissed off one of her friends or people that made her mad.

Name(s) Reason
Dawn Hearte Dawn snitched to Jackie Snow that Dupont was texting him while she tried to trick him.[1]

Name(s) Reason
Nobody Nobody got removed from the shitlist at this time.


  • Emma is bilingual and able to speak both English and French fluently.
  • Dupont is always Daddy!



Played By: Kinamazing
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