Emily Reinhart is roleplayed by Acaibear.

 General Description Edit

Badge #427, Emily Reinhart is a Detective Senior Officer for the LSPD.

Background Information Edit

Emily L. Reinhart is from Liberty City! She is a young, brilliant women who experienced every college student's worst nightmare which is to be unsure of what they want to pursue a degree in their life long careers after college. After failing many times at finding a career path and on the verge of giving up, she found her passion of criminal justice and law. 

She spent her time volunteering at the local police station filing paperwork, cataloging, and even answering the phones. In her off time of volunteering, she studied law consistently to become a lawyer. As of recently, she has grown tired of fighting for the criminals to spare them time in jail or remove their charges for their actions as she has repeatedly received backlash. 

It is now time for Emily to find her new passion within her degree scope.

Los Santos Police Department Edit

Reinhart started her police career as a Cadet for the LSPD, riding with her FTO Senior Officer Angel. Quickly building a good rapport with her superiors for her exceptional handling of evidence and paperwork, Chief Raven and Assistant Chief Copper promoted her to detective.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Has been compared with her FTO multiple times, to the point where she's been called "Angel Jr."
  • She is bisexual, and used to be in a relationship with Dr. Kai King.

Quotes Edit

"What do you meeeeeaaan?"

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