General Information Edit

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are headquartered out of Pillbox Medical Center. While EMS is based out of Pillbox Medical Center, they are their own department under the Los Santos Fire Department.

EMS works closely with doctors and the Los Santos Police Department to ensure the safety and well being of the people within the city.

Currently EMS has a zero tolerance policy for corruption. While members may choose to not report petty crime, they are required to report instances where the public may be put in danger (felonies).

Chain of CommandEdit

Mari Jones is Chief of EMS. From there, the rankings are Lieutenant, Paramedic, EMT, and Trainee.

EMS Call Signs are as follows:

  • Trainee - T (Tango)
  • EMT - E (Echo)
  • Paramedic - P (Papa)
  • Lieutenant - L (Lima)
  • High Command - H (Hotel)

Former Command & HC MembersEdit

EMS Chief Dusty Williams (deceased)

Deputy Chief Docken Kaylor (resigned)

Lieutenant Daniel Rogers (resigned)

Lieutenant Lucille "Lucy" Hellman (resigned)

Former Paramedic and EMT Members Edit

Paramedic Sarah Ableton (fired)

Paramedic Jack Preacher (fired)

Paramedic Mya Jane (resigned)

Paramedic Audrey Jones (resigned)

EMT Rowen Hunter (resigned)

EMT Casey Valentine (resigned)

EMT Snow Lotus-Williams (resigned)

EMT Ben Kruezer (resigned)

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