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The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are headquartered out of Pillbox Medical Center. While EMS is based out of Pillbox Medical Center, they are their own department and include the Los Santos Fire Department. They currently have an official office at El Burro Heights Fire Station.

EMS works closely with doctors, the Los Santos Police Department, the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, the San Andreas State Police and the San Andreas State Park Rangers to ensure the safety and well being of the people within the city.

Currently EMS has a zero tolerance policy for corruption. While members may choose to not report petty crime, they are required to report instances where the public may be put in danger (felonies).

EMS also operates a volunteer program. This is to ensure that even when none of it's members are on duty, the citizens of Los Santos can volunteer to take up the post.

Chain of Command

Zachary Kellogg is the current Chief of EMS and Rivington Rivera is the current Deputy Chief. From there, the rankings are Captain, Lieutenant, Paramedic FTO, Paramedic, EMT, and Trainee.

EMS Call Signs are as follows:

  • Trainee - T (Tango)
  • EMT - E (Echo)
  • Paramedic - P (Papa)
  • Lieutenant - L (Lima)
  • Captain - C (Charlie)
  • High Command - H (Hotel)

Current Rankings

Rank Insignia Responsibility
Chief of EMS ChiefEMS.png Chief
Captain CaptainEMS.png Medic Supervisor
Lieutenant LieutenantEMS.png Medic Supervisor
Paramedic FTO ParamedicFTO.png Medic Field Training Officer
Paramedic Paramedic.png Advanced medic
Emergency Medical Technician StarofLifeEMT.png Entry level medic
Trainee Trainee.png Medic in training


Certification Legend Rank Requirement Note
IA Command EMS IA CMD 2.png Lieutenant IA Command leads the group that looks into misconduct in EMS. Other IA Members unknown to EMS and public.
Critical Care EMS CC Cert 10.png Paramedic Allows the medic to become an active paramedic. Required upon promotion.
Fire Department EMS LSFD Cert 10.png EMT Allows the medic to fight fires, respond to traffic collisions and respond to HAZMAT calls. Allows medic to drive the LSFD Fire Truck.
K9 Care EMS K9 Cert 10.png EMT Allows the medic to assist and care for K9s.
Life Flight EMS Air Cert 10.png EMT Allows the medic to pilot the Life Flight AW139 when required.
Water Rescue EMS Water Cert 10.png EMT Allows the medic to conduct water rescues using a boat and/or oxygen tanks.

Former Paramedic and EMT Members

Name Insignia Rank (End of Term) Reasons
Lei Sanya ChiefEMS.png Chief of EMS Resigned
Leonardo Sand ChiefEMS.png Chief of EMS Resigned
Dai Jones CaptainEMS.png Captain Resigned
Kieran Harvey LieutenantEMS.png Lieutenant Resigned
Misa Price LieutenantEMS.png Lieutenant Resigned
Shelby Lane LieutenantEMS.png Lieutenant Resigned
Yasmin Jones LieutenantEMS.png Lieutenant Resigned
Bobbi Russel ParamedicFTO.png Paramedic FTO Resigned
Clementine Carini ParamedicFTO.png Paramedic FTO Resigned
Hedi Saurus ParamedicFTO.png Paramedic FTO Resigned
Patricia Mayonnaise ParamedicFTO.png Paramedic FTO Resigned
Maeve O'Malley ParamedicFTO.png Paramedic FTO Resigned
Saphira Sinclair ParamedicFTO.png Paramedic FTO Resigned
Adeline Devangari Paramedic.png Paramedic Resigned
Amoris Pax Paramedic.png Paramedic Resigned
Laurence Nightingale Paramedic.png Paramedic Resigned
Shiela Rodgers Paramedic.png Paramedic Resigned
Artorius King Paramedic.png Paramedic Resigned
Tim Buratler Paramedic.png Paramedic Resigned
Daniel Rogers StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Eric Paschal StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Flop Dugong StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Karla Jax StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Michael Robinson StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Rory Borealis StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Fired
Roy Armstrong StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Chad Chaddington III StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Marshall Mills StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Ron Farva StarofLifeEMT.png EMT Resigned
Connor Thomas Trainee.png Trainee Fired
Dom Larrey Trainee.png Trainee Deceased
Evelynn Seadrop Trainee.png Trainee Fired
Jackie Leggs Trainee.png Trainee Fired
Justin Porter Trainee.png Trainee Fired
Oscar Smoke Trainee.png Trainee Fired
Chelsea Lafayette Trainee.png Trainee Fired
Mia Pierce Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Kit Wright Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Kai Leo Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Bruno Aries Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Mick Jacobs Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Ema Neko Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Bobby Boolderman Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Scott Reilly Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Rex Knightly Trainee.png Trainee Resigned
Tristan Carter Trainee.png Trainee Fired

EMS Member Roster

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