General Information

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are headquartered out of Pillbox Medical Center. While EMS is based out of Pillbox Medical Center, they are their own department and include the Los Santos Fire Department. They currently have an official office at 1 Power Street.

EMS works closely with doctors, the Los Santos Police Department, the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and the San Andreas State Police to ensure the safety and well being of the people within the city.

Currently EMS has a zero tolerance policy for corruption. While members may choose to not report petty crime, they are required to report instances where the public may be put in danger (felonies).

Chain of Command

Bailey Jade is the current Chief of EMS. From there, the rankings are Lieutenant, Paramedic FTO, Paramedic, EMT, and Trainee.

EMS Call Signs are as follows:

  • Trainee - T (Tango)
  • EMT - E (Echo)
  • Paramedic - P (Papa)
  • Lieutenant - L (Lima)
  • High Command - H (Hotel)


Rank Insignia Responsibility
Chief of EMS
Assistant Chief of EMS
Assistant medic to Chief
Medic Supervisor
Paramedic FTO
Medic Field Training Officer
Advanced medic
Emergency Medical Technician
Entry level medic
Medic in training

Former Command & HC Members

EMS Co-Chief Khloe Brooks (resigned)

EMS Chief Dusty Williams (deceased)

Deputy Chief Docken Kaylor (resigned)

Lieutenant Daniel Rogers (resigned)

Lieutenant Lucille "Lucy" Hellman (resigned)

Former Paramedic and EMT Members

Paramedic Sarah Ableton (fired)

Paramedic Jack Preacher (fired)

Paramedic Mya Jane (resigned)

Paramedic Boba Stone (deceased)

Paramedic Nettie Machete (resigned)

Paramedic Bree Matthews (resigned)

Paramedic Bambii Byrd (resigned)

Paramedic Sam McEntyre (resigned)

Paramedic Tallie Savage (resigned)

Paramedic Brian Barnes (resigned)

Paramedic James Prescott (resigned)

Paramedic William Haze (resigned)

Paramedic Allen Beaste (resigned)

Paramedic Matthew Graves

EMT Dolly Applebottom (resigned)

EMT Casey Valentine (resigned)

EMT Snow Lotus-Williams (resigned)

EMT Ben Kruezer (resigned)

EMT Chris McGrawl (fired)

EMT Clementine Carini (resigned)

EMT Barnaby Jackson (resigned)

EMT Nate Evans (resigned)

EMT Leah Nova (resigned)

EMT Katt Vincent (fired)

EMT Mike Frost (resigned)

EMT Dante Leo (resigned)

EMT Anna-Marie Black (resigned)

EMS Member Roster

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