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Emeka Rose is a character role-played by emoussy.

General Description[]

Emeka is back in Los Santos 5 years later, after living the life of crime, having all the money in the world (from her jobs & of course sugar daddy), and her fancy cars to absolutely nothing to her name, leaving her to work her way back up.


Before coming back into Los Santos, during her 5 years gap, she took $11 million and left Los Santos to travel. In her travels she met a new friend and became extremely close. After a couple years she decided to re open her business CHAOS in Monte Carlo in hopes of new beginnings. After some time, her friend who was her CEO betrayed her and stole all her money. All she had left was a bit of cash to buy a one way ticket back to Los Santos, having to leave her dog Luna behind.


Emeka still has her job at Grime and is max rep.

Criminal Activity[]

Although she has not committed any crime since returning to Los Santos, besides a traffic stop, it is still part of her past and still in her blood.

On December 30th 2023, Emeka was arrested for her first Criminal Activity doing a Chop Job, receiving charges of Resisting Arrest and Trespassing, as the PD did not know the equipment on her to charge her with possession of or have proof she was stealing a car.

A week after, Emeka attempted Chop again and successfully hacked it and completing the job. After that she was introduced to the Sewers by Jordan Walker and Chas Diaz.

On February 7th 2024, Emeka signed up for an illegal Roof Running job where she successfully hacked 7/10 and stole HVACs. On February 12th, Emeka successfully completed a job 8/8 and earned Rep with the employer Rufis Morid.

On February 11th, Emeka started to cook and craft Moonshine in a Distillery that Levi "Rex" Archer had given her and has only hit an average brew.

Other illegal activities Emeka has also done so far are Pawn Runs and Moonshine Runs.

On February 14th, Emeka, Flippy, Susie, Lilly, Sergio and Bogo successfully completed the Laundromat heist for the first time.

On February 22nd, Emeka, Flippy, Jordan, Susie, Sergio and Arnie completed the Ammunition Contract, waiting out the time and being the first group to successfully get 5 Guns out of it.

On March 13th, Emeka was caught during a moonshine run where she fled the scene being chased, VCB and then ended up being found moments later. The car (Chas' Jugular) got disabled and she was then arrested with 14 bottles of moonshine on her.

On April 7th & 8th, Emeka worked with Alan & Flippy on 2 sets of the riddles from the Cash Exchange stickers, to help get the code for the Maze Bank unlock.

On April 9th, Emeka got 100% rep with the weed guy under the bridge and became another pusher for Hydra in the Families Turf.

On June 7th, the second Hydra heist group with Emeka, Aleks, Flippy, Ace, Benz and Rex successfully completed the Maze Bank and received $780k payout.


On March 10th, Emeka, Arnie, Ace and Sergio finally bought their house in the Mirror Park Cul De Sac (Nikola Place 8), being the 5th group to get their house.

Emeka was into farming until the Local did not like people running moonshine, so she had stopped farming as she wanted to focus more on Moonshine Cooks & Runs.

On May 9th, Emeka finally bought her 9F (R8) car.

Hacker Arc[]

Emeka can successfully complete all hacks below:

  • Thermite (Maze Bank & Art Asylum)
  • Roof Running
  • Chopping
  • Generators (Maze Bank)
  • PNY (Cash Exchange)
  • Lockpick (Laundromat)


  • Emeka has 100% rep with Grime.
  • Emeka loves roof running and can successfully complete a job.
  • Emeka's House was the 5th house bought in the Mirror Park Cul De Sac for Hydra.
  • Emeka 1v3 ex BSK members, after an altercation with them robbing Jordan as he was doing Grime.
  • It took Emeka 427 tries to successfully hack the Smoke Crack app for the Wi-Fi.
  • Emeka's dream car is an R8 Hycade WB - which she now owns the 9F (R8)
  • Emeka is considered one of the top 3 best Thermite Hackers in the city, alongside Yuno Sykk & Mr K
  • Emeka is Hydra's Electrician, dealing with the Solar Panels & Fuse Boxes


Played by Emoussy
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