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Ellie Velasquez is a character role-played by yuuumiichan.


Due to psychosis and violent tendencies, Ellie was kept as a family secret by her biological father, Danny Lucifer, the infamous playboy of their hometown. Without a clue as to who her true mother was at that time, Ellie always strived to gain her father's attention instead; however, due to her father's favoritism with her brother, Antonio, Ellie lured her younger brother to the basement where she murders him with a machete and keeps his mutilated body inside a small chest in order to be her Papa Danny's favorite. Since then, Danny decided to send Ellie off to a mental asylum and asked the family to never speak of this again. Enrico "Señor" Velasquez, one of the powerful men in the city and one of the head doctors of their local hospital, decided to take responsibility over the child to save her from being sent to a mental institution. Her brutality and blood lust were countered by unorthodox methods which appeared as torture to Ellie as a child. Nonetheless, after countless rehabilitation sessions and medication, Ellie was able to control herself from being aggressive towards everyone she sees. Ellie finally emerged from the shadows of her uncle's basement to rejoin society in order to find the true meaning of life and happiness through interacting with the citizens of Los Santos and experiencing the real world.

Ellie's Journey in No Pixel 3.0 | SEASON 1

Ellie at ULSA.jpg

Ellie convinced her Tio Señor to allow her to leave their "barrio" because she claims to be mature and old enough to handle herself on her own. A fake scholarship at ULSA was the key for her uncle to actually allow her to explore another city as long as she constantly updates him with her grades with supporting photos of her fellow classmates and professors.

As soon as she lands in city, she meets Lez Grande, the owner of Grande Fighting League which she immediately signed up for as it was her childhood dream to become a professional fighter for an underground fight club. Coincidentally, she also meets a student / teacher aid from ULSA named Rizio Goodington that allowed her to attend his theatre class which she used as evidence to show her uncle so he would not be suspicious of her activities in Los Santos. (Day 1)

Ellie's Favorite Jacket.jpg

After her first few days in Los Santos, she flew back to her hometown to update her uncle on what she had been up to. Of course, lying to her uncle became one of her natural skills since she would always escape him and his men that look after her. An unfortunate event occurred one morning as the girl got into an explosive accident at their local Mechanic Shop. Being the mischievous chica that she is, she decided to play a prank on her uncle where she paid one of the doctors to fake her death. Things got out of hand as she eventually ended up in a cemetery where she attended her own funeral. Despite having a hard time staying still inside an open casket, Ellie thought it would be too awkward to stop the funeral as everyone seemed too sad about her passing. She also thought it was for the best if they considered her dead and moved on without having to worry about her safety in a different city all the time. It broke Ellie's heart to hear their final messages, but she continued on with her plan with the help of the doctor that snuck out her body as soon as everyone else left the cemetery.

Ellie Velasquez and Tommy Tanker.jpg

Tommy Wanker.jpg

Luckily, she has Tommy Tanker, one of her closest friends in Los Santos, to cheer her up with playful banter whenever they would see each other in the city. Tommy and Ellie met at ULSA during their first Improv Class with Professor Rizio Goodington. Together, the two would grind at store deliveries for money which, most of the time, end up being spent on drinks at the Vanilla Unicorn. They consider themselves as the fun side of GFL's management as they scout for interesting and entertaining fighter talents around the city. Tommy vows to protect his "little sister" if someone dares lay a finger on her, and Ellie promises to do likewise for her "chicken bro".


Ellie got a position in the Fighters' Union Club (FUC) management team as the Head of Marketing for Grande Fighting League (GFL). She and Tommy had been going around the city brainstorming and recruiting fighters, sponsors, promoters, entertainers, and potential staff for the GFL events. Lez Grande and the FUC have been working hard on getting the whole organization legalized and set to go with permits and approvals of judges in the city. They would hold meetings at the Vanilla Unicorn as Ellie Velasquez applied as a part-time bartender as well for the extra income.

Danny's Driving Skill.jpg

A few days after her first week in the city, Ellie meets a sweet momma from Alabama named Raylene Miller who she takes with her on her store delivery job. Disturbing secrets and dark pasts unfold within the trucks they drove back and forth the truck site. Sooner or later, Ray and Ellie decide to join forces to cause chaos within the city just because they thought it was too quiet. Their mischievous plan caused Ellie to get stabbed in the end by the psychopaths Mia Mersion and Denzel Williams. Having psychopaths within the city running around like wild goose, Ellie and her friends decide to lay low and put on a disguise. Together with Danny Doodle, who also got stabbed by the very same people, they marched to the MRPD to file a report against the violent individuals after doing their own research. At the end of the day, Ellie and Ray cackled in glee as their evil plan resulted in people coming after each other in the city. (Day 11)

Ellie and Felix kidnapping incident.jpg

It's been a couple days since Ellie flew back to Mexico to sort things out with her family and ex-lover who she has been trying to move on from. Ellie has gotten a hold of herself a lot better now that she has been seeing a shrink for the past couple weeks, unfolding the truth behind her happy go lucky façade. Her therapist, Felix Volk, continuously helped bring to light the feelings she kept inside about her ex-lover and family back home in Mexico. She mentioned how she tried coping with her rejection by getting herself six police boyfriends in Mexico that served as her rebounds. With each session that passed by, the young woman felt as if she was indeed progressing or developing to becoming a better person as she committed less crimes in the city; however, being a clean gal for too long may have pushed Ellie over the edge to invite her shrink to kidnap a man at Burger Shot for a good cause. The thrill of kidnapping and threatening the man's life with a pistol in her hand surely made Ellie forget about all the pain in her heart as it was replaced with adrenaline and pure joy. (Day 17)

Ellie after 11 Top Shelf Drinks.jpg

Holding the highest record of most top shelf drinks consumed in one go, Ellie enjoyed returning to the Mirror Park Tavern where she would support her "favorite enabler", Kian Mercer's business by purchasing any of the latest and deadliest alcoholic beverages offered. The young woman loved the crazy events Kian would host that involved alcoholic beverages (which was a great factor in their developing friendship, especially after that time she downed eleven top shelf drinks and vomited all over Los Santos and Pillbox Hospital which resulted in having her stomach pumped after being diagnosed with alcohol poisoning). And as if that was not enough, their other friend, Gumbo McGoo offered Ellie a bite of his rotten sandwich which eventually sent her to the Emergency Room as she fell ill to food poisoning, causing her to vomit all over Pillbox again. (Day 17)

Ellie, Eve, and Danny.jpg

After a long day of fishing, Ellie bumped into Danny Doodle, one of her closest and most talented friend in the city who she also considers her "Big Brother". She had not seen him in such a long time since he was kidnapped by Pegasus Concierge wherein he had his pink chopped off and shot in the knee which caused him to name drop Ellie's first "Big Brother" in the city, Tommy Tanker. Tommy had warned Ellie about not trusting Danny and to stay away from him; however, Ellie loved both Danny and Tommy which made her choose to act dumb and oblivious around Danny, as she asked what had happened to him the past couple days. Ellie understood how terrified Danny must've been all alone surrounded by armed men that wanted to torture information out of him. Ellie was tortured too as a child. She decided to try and cheer up Danny as she bonded with him and his other little sister,  "Eve", sending positive energy throughout the day. (Day 18)

Ellie saving Kian's Car.jpg

A couple days later, Ellie and Kian meet up to grind back the money they spent on drinks the other day only to, of course, buy some more drinks that day. Upon returning from their fishing trip, Kian realized his car was stolen and eventually found it at the bottom of the ocean by Del Perro Pier. The mystery continues as they have no clue as to who the asshole that flew his prized car into the sea was, but one thing was for sure, Ellie was not going to let Kian's car get destroyed at the bottom of the ocean, hence with only slight hesitation, she took a deep breath and swam straight to the bottom, attached a gps tracker to have it impounded by locals, and tried her best to swim her way back to surface; however, she was not successful. It was too deep for her to break surface before she passed out and started floating in the ocean as Kian and Gumbo drove away without a clue. A few minutes later, Ellie's body was eventually rescued by Kian as he dove right in the water to save her. Looking extremely pale and bloated, Dr. Noah Drake did a few operations on Ellie to pump all the water out of her lungs and extract the seaweed out of her throat. Kian asked why Ellie ended up drowning by the pier. "Because you liked that car. I wanted to save it..." Ellie struggled to explain in words how she would do anything for her close friends, especially those that treat her like family. Knowing that Kian had been saving up a lot of money to pay off his car's debt, pushed Ellie to save the vehicle from the bottom of the ocean, risking her own life just to lessen the burden of her dear friend. (Day 21)

Radiation Girl with her Hero Accessories.jpg

Ellie had been away from the city for a long time as her whole life seemed to be falling apart. The mischievous young woman decided it would be a win-win situation to jump into a pond filled with radiation just to see if she would come back to life as a mutant with super powers. Nothing seemed to bother Ellie as she swam within the pond; however, she claims to have felt stronger than usual as she met one of the alpha superheroes named Amadeus Gryffindor. He recruited Ellie into THE LAST DEFENSE. She identified herself as Radiation Girl aka RAD GIRL (mostly because she thinks she earned her superpowers from the radiation in the Mirror Park Pond). As soon as Amadeus leaves Ellie, she travels around the city in search of super villains and criminal activities. Ellie stumbles into a man named Felipe Roberto who was willing to be her "useless hero accessory". Another chaotic sidekick named Doug Steele showed up to join the crew. Together, they trained to become superheroes to defend and serve the city from all evil. Ellie beat up an Australian Crackhead who allegedly robbed a man by the apartments and considered it her first good deed as a superhero. She then saves one of her chaotic sidekicks from drowning during a scuba diving class as well to prove herself as a true superhero. The three train at Garry's Gym Class in order to be equiped and well prepared for their face off as they hunt down the red masked man in the wheelchair made of titanium which is apparently Rad Girl's weakness. Ellie takes the two "hero accessories" to Mirror Park Tavern where they all celebrate and have a great time beating each other up and getting wasted. (Day 22 and Day 23)

Radiation Girl and Amadeus Gryffindor.jpg

A ceremony for becoming an official member of THE LAST DEFENSE of superheroes was hosted by Amadeus Gryffindor as Ellie showcased her superpowers on top of the dam near Mirror Park. Other than her toxic spit and super upper body strength, Radiation Girl claims to possess the powers to radiate positive energy towards the people surrounding her by complimenting them and helping them feel much better about themselves. She goes about her day and meets Professor Galactica who then interviews her for her good deeds; however, an unfortunate event happened when Gumbo McGoo decided to hop in the interview and sabotage her career and reputation by accusing Radiation Girl for beating him up for no reason. Radiation Girl tried to redeem herself by bribing Gumbo and the Galactica News Anchors with money for their silence which led Ellie to becoming real down bad. Due to the media becoming her immediate downfall, she decided to go into hiding as she disguised herself with her casual clothes and usual get up so she can grind back her money to beat the top shelf record in Mirror Park Tavern. (Day 24)

Vinewood Bowl Acoustics Discovery.jpg

Just when things seemed to go south, Ellie received a phone call from Danny Doodle who had a surprise for her. A great reunion took place as she was reunited with her old friends that were once sworn enemies, Danny Doodle and Tommy Wanker, alongside Lorenzo Rosario and Natalia Omar. They had a lot of catching up to do as they strolled around the city in search of a good location to hold events and concerts. They decided to check out Vinewood Bowl where they made a discovery on the great acoustics of the stage and decided to contact various artists and record labels to invest in their business proposals and whatnot. (Day 24)

Ellie's Journey in No Pixel 3.0 | SEASON 2

The Badass Baby Gangsta visited the city out of boredom where she bumped into a delusional man dressed up as Spongebob Squarepants. Thanks to him, she made a connection with Raili Lutchmadoo, or as Ellie would call him, Mr. Rye Bread, a tattoo artist at Vinewood Boulevard, as he tried babysitting Ellie while she wandered about the city. Rai would describe Ellie's company as "watching a toddler cross the road" for Ellie spent most of the time walking up to strangers and asking them to hire her as a professional hostage during their bank robberies for it was her dream to cross off her bucket list. Rai and Ellie made a deal that they would sell their Rooster Rest collectibles once Rai has completed all the tokens; however, Ellie had gone back to her hometown in Mexico for a couple months to deal with family matters and such.

Ellie goes back to Los Santos.png

Around the third week of October, Ellie decided to pack her belongings to leave her hometown and pursue a more independent life where she would start fresh. It was a new beginning as she was determined never to return to Mexico and to live her life to the fullest in Los Santos. She was saddened by the news that greeted her as soon as she opened up her phone. A message declaring the death of her dear big brother, Danny Doodle, which was sent 2 months ago had shattered her heart into a million pieces. Rumors went about the city of a serial killer that went after him and how Danny had gone crazy obsessed with Denzel Williams. Ellie wondered if the best course of action was to find out the truth behind his death and avenge him or if she would accept his passing and simply cherish their memories in her heart.

Drunk Tarot Reading @ The Crypt.png

Ellie called up Raili Lutchmadoo about their previous deal; however, he offered her to work at Sakura Sushi instead which she gladly accepted right away. Ellie effortlessly made great sales within a few days. Yami Kitsune, owner of Sakura Sushi, was impressed with Ellie's skills in sales and confirmed that she was indeed their "best employee" wherein he promoted her as Booth Manager of Sakura Sushi. "You are very manipulative. It's good for business. Just don't ever manipulate me, Ellie-chan." (Yami Kitsune, 2021). From being a trainee to being a manager, Ellie started handling the new recruits of Sakura Sushi and was fired up as she trained them to unleash their full potential in being entrepreneurs, teaching them a thing or two about deceit and manipulation. She was great at this game which was most likely due to the fact that Ellie was known as The Greatest Scammer back in her hometown in Mexico. Motivated and determined to get their shop up and running in the city, Ellie had put in a lot of effort in making posters, banners, and advertisements for Sakura Sushi. She also met her new best friend, Ava Bird, Rai's fiancé and the best tarot reader in Los Santos who works at The Apothecary. They bonded in their similar taste in dark humor and violence.

Sakura Sushi.gif

What seemed like a normal day at the Farmers Market ended up with a wild Chucky Doll on the loose who was determined to haunt, hunt, and stab innocent people within the area. Ellie had a terrible headache in those moments especially when Chucky Doll creeped up to her, wanting to stab her from behind. It took a few moments before Ellie realized why she never got hit by his blade as she found her boss, Yami Kitsune sensei lying on the ground with a stab wound on his stomach. Paralyzed and unable to move, Ellie simply yelled for help and hoped he would recover safely at the hospital. The next day, Ellie got on her knees, giving thanks to Yami Kitsune for saving her life.

Ellie giving thanks to Yami Sensei.png

"You are a cherished member of my family now. I'll do anything for my family." (Yami Kitsune, 2021)

Ellie and Yami.png

Ellie received random reports from an unknown number who claimed he was Uncle Tony. He accidentally spilled some details about his plans on meeting with the Russian Mafia, and his lack of trust with the BBMC especially with a pink-haired woman named Cindy who robbed Uncle Tony. Ellie decided to play with Uncle Tony a bit more especially when she found out he thought she was his boss Toni Balbani, a man Ellie had a weird encounter with involving bloody cheese. Wanting a bit of fun and some bonding moments with her trainees at Sakura Sushi, she asked Aleks Roshkov, her closest Russian friend at Sakura Sushi, if he wanted to help her find out the whole situation between the Italians and BBMC. He agreed but things had gotten out of hand when the real Toni was sitting right next to Uncle Tony who Ellie continued texting. Aleks tried to sort things out by informing the Italians that it was all a misunderstanding and a miscommunication. Once Toni found out it was Ellie, they had a good laugh about it and went on with their day; however, the meet up Ellie had prepared caused some concern with her higher bosses wherein they called out Ellie and Aleks to explain what happened exactly since there were rumors about Russians and BBMC having problems. Yami Sensei, Rai, and Tatsu swore that they would kill anyone that tries to harm Ellie or any family member of theirs, and that they were simply looking out for her. The badass baby gangsta swore not to do anything too dangerous again just to save the face of the business. Despite all this, Tatsu pulled Ellie to the side to commend her for taking some risks in life for data collection.

Lil Cap's -1 Fangirl.png

(Lil Cap's Number 1 Fan Girl)

Sometime during the same day, Ellie had called up Lil Cap in order to set up a meeting regarding a jingle for Sakura Sushi. Upon arriving to Farmers Market, Ellie had been hyperventilating and passing out a few times especially after seeing Lil Cap in the flesh once again after 6 months or so. She offered him pancakes and waffles since she had no idea what kind of breakfast he wanted. Ellie explained that she just wanted to make Lil Cap breakfast. The #1 Fan Girl topped off her package gift with a love potion. It took a while for Ellie to calm down but thankfully Ava Bird was there to speak for her for the most part. He agreed to make a jingle and even gave Sakura Sushi a discounted price since it was requested by Ellie, his # 1 Fan Girl. A selfie and hug from her idol definitely made the little fangirl's heart overjoyed.

"Best Day Of My Life." (Ellie Velasquez, 2021)

Ellie with Yami and Kenji.png

Ellie-chan was offered by Yami Kitsune to be a medium rare stakeholder of Sakura Sushi wherein she would own a percentage of the business. This was after exerting much effort in handling the booths and training employees for the past few days. Other business ideas were brought up for Sakura Sushi and the family has been closer than ever.

Ellie Got Promoted Again.png

Less than a week of selling super bento boxes at Dean World and Farmers Market, Ellie swiftly climbed the ranks of Sakura Sushi from being a booth worker to booth manager to marketing manager to being an executive of Sakura Sushi. Ellie currently owns 3% ownership of Sakura Sushi and is now head of marketing strategies due to her diligent work of coming up with new ads nearly every single day. A bigger responsibility for the young one made her even more excited as she never thought she could get this far in life on her own without doing illegal activities.

Treasure Hunting.png

Sakura Sushi Squad decided to take the day off to keep their minds sane from staying in the booths all day 24/7. A mini-family bonding around Paleto Bay and Vespucci Beach occurred as Rai, Ava, Kenny, and Ellie went treasure hunting and fishing. The badass baby gangsta mentioned to the family that she wanted to purchase an "Ak-ak" which was later on revealed to be an AK-47 and that Ellie had a contact who sold these rifles for $20,000. Concerned about Ellie's life choices, she was given her very first pistol which she believed was the first of many gifts she will be taking from her "parents". Papa Rye Bread and Mama Ava tried their best to talk Ellie out of purchasing an AK-47 or an "Ak-ak" by convincing her that she must first go through all the pistols and learn how to handle them, and that she had a long way to go before even wielding a rifle gun.

"How many headshots should I get to level up my gun?" (Ellie Velasquez, 2021)
Two Mexicans and a French.png

After a whole week of working hard at the Sakura Sushi booth, Ellie decided to take a day off to chill at the apartments where she merely observed everyone walk by and go on about their day. A french lady named France Gall approached her and asked if they could be friends which Ellie calmly accepted before they both talked about random things in life including the people the woman has murdered before. She offered Ellie French lessons for $2,000 to which she refused as she explained how she was saving up for a house just so she could buy a chicken of her own. France Gal received a phone call from a rude man who made such a vulgar comment which drove the French woman mad. Ellie tried contacting the same person to get his identity, but failed as the man played things safe on the phone. In the midst of their conversation, Ellie notices the mariachi man running around the apartments on his own. France mentioned that he played music and whatnot which made Ellie bolt out of her chair in order to convince Eduardo to sing for them. The two females explained their situation to the mariachi man and decided to gear up with knives, hatchets, and pistols when Crystal Clear decided to help lure the man to Dean World in order for him to apologize. Things went south when the man called her an offensive term wherein she slashed him with her hatchet before attempting to steal from his empty pockets. The three dashed off and decided to go fishing at the end of the day before Ellie got injured and was sent to the hospital where her boss picked her up.

Ellie's first soccer mom car.png

Ellie received her first car from Yami Sensei as a result of doing a great job at work. As soon as Ellie was about to leave Pillbox to store her brand new vehicle, three masked men wielding dangerously stinky shoes asked them to put their hands up so they could take their shoes for ammunition. Lil Cap then realized that it was his number one fangirl who they were dealing with to which his friends apologized genuinely. They tried to give back Ellie's shoes but the fangirl within refused and even gave Lil Cap an extra pair of shoes to throw at people. Lil Cap asked for a lift to the car rental which Ellie accepted immediately, asking one of his friends to get off the backseat so Lil Cap can sit in her car properly and not in the trunk. Soon after, Yami Sensei took her to Benny's where two random gentleman were nice enough to help Ellie customize her vehicle and teach her how to do her own repairs and whatnot. Kenny bumped into Ellie at Benny's where she hitched a ride to meet up with Tommy Tanker, Sai, and Nat. Her friends from Camelot teasingly called it a "soccer mom car".

Ellie and Tatsu Senpai.png

Kenny and Ellie were goofing around playing with accents when she decided to impersonate some English woman she loathed from her hometown named Keira Rose. Kenny named her Eleanor Crumpet which Ellie enjoyed doing as she pranked a bunch of the Camelot and even two of her bosses at Sakura Sushi. Ellie was just about to go to bed when she pretended to be a customer complaining about Regina's work at Sakura Sushi. Yami then caught on in the end who it was and they laughed it off before he told her to prank Vice Roy too. Eleanor set up a date with Roy and flirted with him a bit to test how he deals with people like her. With Yami hidden in the trunk of the car, the two continued trying to exchange information about Camelot. "Is that why you brought a man in the trunk?" became Yami's cue to jump out and point a gun at Eleanor. Vice Roy then proceeded to search her to find out who she really was. "Try them on." she suggests as he sees her many masks of disguise. Once he gets to the mask that Ellie usually wears to work, he was taken aback and was surprised that it was Ellie all along. The two then discussed how useful she could be for the Yakuza with her skills of manipulation and deceit. Ellie explains how she enjoys disguising herself as she had done it countless times before because of her Papa she tried hiding from before. She then becomes the voice behind Chigusa of Yakuza.

The Talk.png

After grinding the booth for three tsunamis straight, Ellie decided to take a break with her friend Justin Burk who went drinking with her by the beach at Paleto Bay. Eventually, Ellie passed out where Justin dragged her body to be left behind at the Sakura Sushi booth. None of the workers took notice of Ellie's body which had remained passed out for hours. Multiple missed calls and missed messages from Rai flooded her phone while she drooled on the ground. Ellie got scolded by Rai the next day for not delegating to the booth workers about restocking and how she was being more of a booth worker than a booth manager which confused Ellie since she had just been promoted from Booth Worker and was now the Marketing Director and Part-Owner of Sakura Sushi. Hurt and upset, she cries to Vice Roy aka Tatsu Senpai as she felt like all her hard work of grinding for the business was forgotten just because a booth worker didn't have the common sense to check up on other people and their stocks which she had been training them to do so. Yami Kitsune and Vice Roy tried defending Ellie as she was not a booth manager any longer but a marketing director that chooses to help out the booth because she wants to. The way Rai talked down at Ellie had made the young woman distant from him for a few days. Vice and Yami advised Ellie to take a break from work because of the unnecessary drama in order to get back Ellie's positivity. Yami Kitsune, owner of Sakura Sushi, emphasized how Sakura Sushi will not be where it is at right now if it weren't for Ellie and that they were truly upset with how things were handled for such a small issue. She was upset with him for putting all the blame on her even if he repeatedly tries to point out it's not her fault yet blames her still indirectly. She avoided speaking to Rai for a few days and only responded to him when it is regarding business. Eventually, Rai reaches out to Ellie and offers her an AK that she had always wanted. This act had brought Ellie back to her dark and twisted childhood days where her uncles and aunts would offer her a rifle gun whenever she would be sad or upset with one of them. Ellie accepts the offer and goes for the Skorpion instead since it sounded much cooler and more mobile. Although Ellie had never received the gift, she appreciated the thought that he would get her something she had always wanted.

Ellie Amnesia.png

Ellie got into a skydiving accident one day when she was hanging out with Chip Pax. This caused her a dislocated shoulder, fractured leg, and a severe head trauma which resulted in losing 7 years of memories. The young woman got paranoid as she thought she was 12 years old and that her father had found out about how she killed her own brother, Antonio, because she wanted to be the only favorite child. Ellie managed to escape the hospital multiple times, the first one ending up with her atop a construction site across Pillbox Hospital. A few days passed when Yami Kitsune decided to start putting up posters of Ellie going missing all over twatter. Ellie was hesitant to answer her phone in fear of her "Papa" tracking her down and killing her for what she did to Antonio. She kept explaining to people around her how it was an accident and that she just wanted to show Antonio her new toys that Martin gave to her. Ellie wandered the streets of Los Santos, having people take note of how scared and lost she looked. Eventually, she rode with a nice lady named Kiki Pendragon who brought her to a secret party hosted by the Chang Gang.

Ellie had spent her days with close friends as she tried recovering from her amnesiac state. She purchased a room at the Diamond Casino Hotel for 3 months and swore to never step out of the casino for a solid week to prevent herself from getting more head injuries. Ellie felt underappreciated from the lack of respect given to her by her own CEO when she had been the best employee of Sakura Sushi that took on nearly all the roles of the company to keep it alive. She promised to stay off the booth for a week in order to emphasize how much of a difference her presence was when she worked the booth compared to now that she no longer does her sales pitch to customers. Ellie had been juggling with the roles of Marketing Director, CEO, HR, Booth Manager, and Booth Worker all at once and still got scolded for something she was not even supposed to be handling especially during her recovering state. Yami Kitsune promised Ellie the CEO position as he has witnessed her growth in the company after all her efforts into being a hands-on leader for Sakura Sushi.

Ellie had been enjoying her stay in Los Santos, living peacefully despite the stress from work when she received a disturbing text message that read "Basements are dark and cold! Just like a blade!!!" with a photo of a staircase leading to the basement. She thought she would ignore this and move on with her day; however, the unknown number had sent a photo of her from the mountains while she was with her friends at Vinewood Bowl Stadium, followed by a message that read, "Danny is looking for you!!!" This creeped her out to the point that she had reported this to the MRPD which was brought up to the FIB since they believed it was linked to Danny Doodle's case. Ellie was told to always have someone with her wherever she went. She posted a photo of her doing yoga at the casino rooftop before being unreachable for an hour and a half which sent a lot of people crazy and worried for her safety when she was merely sleeping in her hotel room with her phone off. FIB Agent Lauren Forcer questioned Ellie about what she knew of Danny Doodle's murder case. Hesitant at first, Ellie eventually told the FIB agent what she knew in regards to who she had known were linked to it. Her friends mentioned how they would not let Ellie wander alone in the city anymore and that Sakura Sushi, Camelot, The Apothecary, and some other friends from the market have got her back while they look into who might be messing with Ellie.

Ellie has gathered around 9 boyfriends in her stay including Justin Burk, Roman Shacks, Larry Fink, Harley Baker, Chip Pax, Esho Dawood, Slim Jimm, and Greg Barzini. Yami Kitsune was her boyfriend for a prank that had gone too far. In the end, Ellie decided to "Papa-zone" Yami as she sees him as a father figure more than a boyfriend. Enjoying her time while trying to keep everyone entertained, Ellie stumbled into a tight situation wherein she was tested by the gods once again to make a hard decision. She was sleeping in a vehicle while Esho Dawood committed a gun dealing transaction with a cop informant. This sent Ellie into a tight spot as she had to choose either to throw Esho under the bus in order to protect Yakuza's resources or to save her friendship with Esho but get fucked over by the cops with 8 years in prison and a $200,000 fine. She did all she could to save her family even if it meant cutting ties with her favorite boyfriend.

Ellie's Favorite Nuggies


Ellie's Favorite Enablers

Ellie's Reverse Harem | The Boyfriend List

  1. Yami Kitsune (Former | Papazoned)
  2. Justin Burk
  3. Roman Shacks
  4. Larry Fink
  5. UNKNOWN (Replaced by Harley Baker)
  6. Chip Pax
  7. Esho Dawood
  8. Slim Jimm
  9. Greg Banzini



  • Has always dreamed of becoming a fighter for underground fight clubs hosted by billionaires.
  • Is a product of incest.
  • Her favorite color is Yellow.
  • Is half Mexican and half whatever kind of Asian her real parents were.
  • Can do quite a few disguises because she hid from her uncle when she was younger.
  • Enjoys pigging out.
  • Raised by her Chicano uncle and picked up his accent.
  • Loves chicken nuggets.
  • Dropped out of school but was able to enroll in ULSA with the help of Professor Rizio Goodington.
  • Met Tommy Tanker and Ronny Berg at ULSA theatre class.
  • Met Mickey O'shea and Bryan at the Store Delivery Truck Area before inviting them over to attend a ULSA theatre class with her as well.
  • Eventually brought the whole group together to create FUC (Fighters' Union Club), initially an underground fight club, but worked their way around the city, building connections, networking, and whatnot before deciding to work alongside GFL (Grande Fighting League) instead.
  • Was taught by Santiago and Leo how to climb rooves at Jamestown.
  • Goes around the barrio at Jamestown in search of her papa and mama.
  • Was beaten as a child by her uncle.
  • Calls Boilingbroke Penitentiary her playground and loves the slushies.
  • Allegedly shot a dog on her first day of hunting.
  • Is terrified of ghosts.
  • Nearly murdered her aunt after hearing people from her hometown talk about her aunt dating and sleeping with her love interest while she was away.
  • Sees a shrink whenever she's been out of control with her emotions and violence.
  • Drank 11 bottles of absinthe (top shelf drinks) at Mirror Park Tavern and won.
  • Is borderline alcoholic.
  • Spent almost the whole day vomiting due to drinking too much absinthe and getting food poisoned at one point.
  • Claims to have had alien babies pulled out from her stomach after vomiting a lot at Pillbox.
  • Kidnapped Steven Hayes from the Burger Shot to give him $2,000 tip for doing a great job at work.
  • Got banned from Burger Shot by Sherry because she thought Ellie was Steven's stalker.
  • Nearly died drowning as she saved Kian's car from the bottom of the ocean.
  • Jumped into a pond filled with radiation and survived. Later on, became known as Radiation Girl aka Rad Girl (a superhero).
  • Claims to have 10 boyfriends in Mexico and they are very aware that there are other boyfriends involved in the complex relationship. (Jumbo, Jaime, Ken, Jayce, Bads, Seph, Thomas, Steven, Gelo, and Rodolfo)
  • Fell in love with Lil Cap's Rags to Riches song as soon as she heard him sing on stage at Vinewood Bowl.
  • Is Lil Cap's first fangirl.
  • Dressed up as Dora the Explorer on the same day there were psychopaths going around named Flora the Explorer and Fiego. A lot of people thought she was the evil Dora.
  • Is the best employee of Sakura Sushi.
  • Yami Sensei bought a pet chicken for Ellie and she named it Teriyaki so that the chicken knows its fate.
  • Yami Sensei was stabbed trying to protect Ellie-chan from Chucky Doll who kept stabbing people at Farmers Market.
  • Ellie would always greet Yami Sensei by bowing on one knee.
  • Lost $10,000 because Vice Roy gave the wrong state ID twice when she tried transferring money to his account.
  • Got into a skydiving accident and forgot everything that happened to her for the past 7 years.
  • Ellie believed she could be a bird and jumped off a watch tower at Farmers Market and survived.


  • "Mothafuckaaah~"
  • "How many headshots do I need to level up my gun?"
  • "I'm a product of incest."
  • "Aight bet!"
  • "Oraaleeee, vatooo!"
  • "My name is ELLIE VELASQUEZ!"
  • "*bubble popping sounds*"
  • "Warrup, Wanker!"
  • "Would you like a Kitsune Bento Box Meal?!"
  • "Let's go, Chicken Bro!"
  • "I meaaaaaan..."
  • "I want my chicken nuggies..."
  • "My name is Radiation Girl. Rad Girl for short."

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First Sakura Sushi Squad


Slogan by Pep Ray | Poster by Ellie Velasquez | Featuring Chip Pax


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Ellie's First Sakura Sushi GIF Poster


Ellie's Super Bento Box Deal Meal


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