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Ellie Dono is character role-played by SodaKite.

General Description

Ellie Dono was a member of the Leanbois and a member of the Cleanbois. She is Co- Founder of the Rooster's Rest.

Ellie was laying low in Mexico following her departure alongside the remaining Leanbois Denzel Williams and Al Saab.

Ellie Dono is traditionally the self-proclaimed "best taxi driver in Los Santos," often letting her customers pay what they think is fair for her taxi rides. She also claims to boast a 95% survival rate for her taxi service, though that statistic is most likely exaggerated. She grew up under the Los Santos Bridge but rose in popularity during the years of shenanigans around the city.

Ellie is almost always seen wearing her signature black BMX Helmet atop her head, and white knee pads, in recent days however this has adapted to a motorcycle helmet helping mask her identity in the new life of crime. The helmet is to protect herself in the tough/crime-ridden city of Los Santos, additionally for her own safety while driving a (commonly damaged) taxi around. Occasionally, she'll swap out the helmet for a fedora when going incognito or switching to a differing alias.

Major Events

'Best Taxi driver in Los Santos'

Ellie has made many friends, arguably just as many enemies; and even a few frenemies during her time in Los Santos. Often seen driving her pink taxi cab around Los Santos, Ellie is full of (over)confidence, and regularly finds herself in trouble with the law. Her driving is typically quite reckless, endangering both herself and those on the roads and sidewalks. Some believe that the city's debt is so high because they need to spend so much money repairing the damage caused by her driving.

Thanks to the nature of her driving, she's gotten into many accidents and violated many traffic laws. As such, Ellie's become quite intimate with the EMS, Pillbox Medical Staff, and the Los Santos Police Department.

Involving herself in many 'Great Taxi War(s)', Much competition has been thrown around but Ellie still maintains her position in the Yellow pages as 'the best taxi driver in Los Santos' with a commonly held 95% survival rate (however much of that you wish to believe).

She has been known to run a few civil jobs such as taco trucks where she sells "Americanized Tacos", although many believe these to simply be burgers with extra lettuce. Including the very popular 'Gangsta Burga' - "The only place where burgers are made by gangsters and for gangsters" (They've got mustard!) - Ellie accumulated this somewhat-civil job under a shade of background suspicion adapting out of her current life as a south-side Leanboi.

The 'Crackhead' days

Ellie returned to the city of Los Santos to take a job as a taxi-driver in good hopes of meeting new people and getting links around the city. What she may not have expected is some of the interesting/crime-driven characters she would encounter, and one day was taken, forced to snort crack off a dumpster by notorious criminal Ricky Robins.This encounter led to Ellie's growing addiction to the substance (and drugs in general).

Ellie hostage.JPG

Ricky Robins led Ellie down an interesting route of many opportunities and missions each day, known only to Ellie as 'The BOSS', for his gains in his everyday criminal pursuits. One of these situations included a 'fake marriage' to recent resident Buck Colton for a house viewing situation that never happened. However, in Buck's mind, with Ellie rolling with it, this relationship continued in a strictly platonic way. Eventually, this ended as a result of Buck's confusion later on and Ellie not feeling the same level of commitment.

'Jack' and the 51-50

A few days following the Buck Colton fake marriage over the phone, Ellie Dono, Thatzo Rayvin, Buck Colton, Abigail Bliss and a few others decided to join a ghost-hunting trip to a recently discovered site upon Mount Gordo. When they discovered the ghost was real, panic surrounded those involved as to whether anyone involved was in danger of injury by standing too close to the ghost (with blood splattered in the name of 'Jack' below it). This led to one of the members tasing the ghost whilst Ellie 'accidentally' punched one of the group next to her, leading to many assumptions that Ellie herself was possessed by this ghost as a result.

Say hello to jack.JPG

As other group members tried to calm Ellie down in this moment, Buck (her recent 'husband') was threatened by Ellie as the identity 'Jack' (assuming this was the name of the husband of the ghost that was killed nearby). With others around informing not to mention the name 'Jack', the name kept being brought up until Ellie brought out a knife, while officers Ziggy Buggs and Stephen McClane were present on the scene (in response to the taser shot). After much panic, Ellie slashed Buck Colton in the throat with the knife and was herself tased in the process. Ellie's POV - Buck's POV

Taken quickly to pillbox medical by officer McClane, Dr. Isaac, and Dr. King treated Ellie and tried to determine what led to this frantic event. Officers around noted her recent history of drugs, and the doctors/officers were able to quickly link Ellie's possible drug inebriation at the time, with her behavior atop Mount Gordo - not believing for a second that she was 'possessed' by a demon.

Ellie was taken to Mission Row PD as a result of this link and was then sentenced to a 51-50 [involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness] because Ellie Dono was determined that she was possessed under a different alias, which led to the attempted murder of Buck Colton. A couple years of time-served later, a psychiatrist, alongside Thatzo visited to see whether she was okay to return to the city. Thatzo ended up performing an 'exorcism' of holy water for Ellie to escape the demons tormenting her which was a success.

Reggie and the Saucy-Taxi union

After much competition with Reginald "Reggie" Bigglesby and his Saucy-Taxi company, one day Ellie and Reggie settled their differences, understanding their similar targeted-mindset and created a partnership by the name of: "Saucy Ellie's Taxi Co. Partnership, limited, unlimited, co-partnership, co-operative-partnership-union, in affiliation with Saucy Taxi".

Taxi union.JPG

At the same time, Sun Moon had helped Ellie with a lot of her debt-problems with loans, additionally she sold him items recovered from 'house-cleaning' [robbing]. With this relationship came new ideas for adapting her taxi-business and one of these was 'action-taxi' or 'taxi-jeopardy', where if a customer didn't answer questions correctly, the taxi-fare would increase. This idea led to a falling out with Kevin Shaw which may have led to a lawsuit if not for the eventual recuperation helped by Sun Moon.

Ellie and Reggie adapted the idea of this 'quiz-taxi' and attempted the 'Love Taxi' form on Brenda Pancake and Vinny Pistone which led to something short-lived between them.

Even if the name 'Saucy-Ellie's taxi Co.' isn't often spoken anymore, its spirit lives-on in any encounter with Reginald "Reggie" Bigglesby with any new shenanigans remaining greatly comedic and longed-for by all.

'Lost in the Game' - The Bosses and Ellie the Spy

Ellie's association with the gang-members of the Leanbois was always a common sight and it was clear something there would be more to this as time went on. What Ellie didn't see coming was that this time would lead to an association with almost every gang in the city, an accumulation of many more bosses, and a great spy right under their noses.

As Ellie's 'Boss' Ricky Robins had not been around for a while, Ellie continued her petty-crime 'house cleaning', traffic violations and very minimal robberies with individuals not that used to the crime world on the side. However, with this came a loss of activity due to the lack of daily-missions Ricky would send her on.

The 'Hempire'

Upon driving her taxi one afternoon, Ellie spotted Lang Buddha crashing his car on a bridge which would lead to where she is today. As Ellie came to the rescue of Lang Buddha, he offered her a great opportunity that would come with the rise of corner-selling weed in a renewed drug game. As the positive-thinking 'crackhead' Ellie was, she immediately accepted this to help with her debt, and gain another 'boss'. Lang offered Ellie a 50-50 split of the funds if she sold his weed for him which led to a rapid rise in wealth Ellie wasn't used to.


Ellie's entrance into the crime world was built as the spy. Trust in Lang was gained, and Lang's trust in Ellie as a result, for Ellie went on to make note of other competitors' prices in the corner-selling game, by gaining even more 'bosses' that she would sell for. These 'bosses' included Sun Moon, Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana and James Carter.

In addition to all of this, Ellie's relationship under Sun Moon's trust had risen a lot, and with the meeting of close-friend Freya Manning, who she discovered was a part of the Korean Mafia (Sun Clan) later on, Ellie was regularly thought to become the next family member of the Koreans. Ellie told only Lang Buddha about everyone she encountered, even keeping Lang a secret from Sun Moon as her trust in him was lacking following a comment he made that she wouldn't be useful for too long.

Ellie dino.JPG

In addition to the corner-selling and help of Lang Buddha, Ellie also took on a side-job under the 'Parking-Sensei' Jordan Steele, who wanted to help Ellie become free of her drug addictions. Al Saab always tried to help Ellie stay away from the crack addiction and tried to be a voice of reason wherever he could before and during this in addition.

With the kidnapping of Ellie at one point by a suspicious figure known as 'Red Sock', Ellie was proposed a bigger opportunity in a drug-game that never came, assumed to be meth down by the old meth-lab by the docks. Lang Buddha was informed about this early on by Ellie and the assumption that they would create a bigger drug empire through this new distribution in the future kept them working together.

Ellie was approached by Raja Bahadur some-time into this business with Lang, to sell crack/cocaine on the streets for him. This was the first dealer that Ellie did not inform Buddha the name of in order to keep his name and prices safe from other competition. Even though Lang Buddha made it clear on the outside he was disappointed in Ellie for this new lack of trust, in reality, he wasn't really too bothered as long as she had a steady supply of this substance for them available.

Buddha's early crime school and OTT

As good favor for all the information and help Ellie was providing Buddha with, he began his own small crime-school for her to gain more knowledge in the crime-world. This included the first time Ellie had shot at cops, robbing jewelry stores, corner stores, fleeing cop pursuits and altogether added to Ellie’s rising criminal record. 

Soon after this had begun, Ellie discovered that Buddha had been training another student as well, this was Outto-Tune Tyrone, a figure Ellie had come across many times during her taxi-driving and more. Upon this discovery was also the moment Lang made it clear that Ellie was his best student, and OTT was his worst. The three of them attempted to rob Paleto Bank which showed competition throughout between Ellie and Outto-Tune Tyrone. With Buddha downed from the thermite flames, and OTT crashing their car as a result of a local on the highway, their training was put into action as Ellie ran and escaped the pursuing cops, whilst OTT stayed with Buddha in an attempt to appear more loyal. Ellie was trained to take crack and not stop running, whereas OTT took the moral route and attempted to gain more of Lang's affection which didn't hold.

Bovice Wilkinson and the Engagement


Another Boss not within the city itself that Ellie had acquired was notorious life-sentence prisoner Bovice Wilkinson, who she had met upon going to prison at one point early on. Ellie spoke a big game to Bovice by claiming she was a big deal in the outside world, with contacts and links for things he may need while trapped in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Ellie offered him an umbrella as one gift he could potentially use as a weapon, and Bovice gave her a chance to continue getting items for him in order for trust if he was to be broken out one day.

Ellie came back to prison with an idea on how she would help either get items for Bovice, or break him out of jail. If they got married in the prison, all sorts could be arranged around them to cause chaos. Ellie proposed and Bovice accepted with the ideas in mind for what could come of it. The idea was that they got married, but there would be an explosion outside which was an EMS Vehicle (in conjunction with his dislike for Amara Harte) and more.

Ring finger.JPG

However, later that day, Bovice was broken out of prison and this plan was paused for the time being, but the 'engagement' still held strong. After some time in the free-world, Ellie once again came across Bovice under his incognito-look, whilst selling pawn shop goods to locals. She gifted him more goods to maintain a link, and came across Bovice again for a bigger plan, following Ellie's many 'legal-facade'-robberies with Mia Mersion which couldn't hold up because of their link. Bovice eventually tasked Ellie with causing harm to the Steele family, Ellie cut off Kayden's finger with the help of OTT. Ellie also filmed a fake video of Chips Ahoy buying crack from Jean Steele (played by Denzel Williams and Al Saab) in order to frame Jean and cause division among the family.

Due to their differing routes in life following this build-up, these quests would never continue from Ellie's perspective... for now.

Betrayal, Koreans and the ICU

Ott kidnaps.JPG

It was the kidnapping of Ellie by Outto-Tune Tyrone that was the last step in the difficult relationship between him and Lang Buddha. OTT wanted to be taken more seriously as a criminal after Buddha had moved on from him as a student, so took Ellie in order to help OTT's gains to discuss with Eugene. This shocked Buddha and others to the point where Buddha wanted nothing to do with OTT any longer, and Ellie in-turn got closer with other notable gang-members as a result.

With this rise in association with Lang Buddha and the Leanbois, Ellie was given a house in Buddha's name on what they dubbed 'Lean Street'.

Gangs closer.JPG

Ellie Dono began to be asked by Buddha more often to take part in jobs tackling the Vault, as well as Fleeca's and corner stores, and was eventually asked to become a 'Leanbois Associate' (LBA) alongside, Ricky Robins, Curtis Swoleroid and Denzel Williams. Ricky had returned to a tougher Ellie Dono than he remembered, but the history of Ricky as Ellie's boss stuck with her in many interactions as Ricky still tried to get her to go as far as she could with crime.


On one particular vault job, the boys picked up Sun Moon's grandson Tim Lee as a hostage. They made it clear after some suspicion from Tim, what their identities were and that they didn't mean any harm or disrespect (after kidnapping him in front of his own store-employees). Tim Lee quickly found time to break free and shoot back at the Lean Bois, leading to a shootout and building tension between Leanbois and the Korean Mafia.

Tim Lee had hired Ellie a couple times in the past as a security guard to help keep his new Black Jack club free from violence and robberies. On one occasion of suspicion towards Ellie's relationship with Lang (much earlier), Tim Lee made Ellie tase Buddha for not obeying Tim Lee's rules in the club. Later, however, Ellie (as a spy), set-up a robbery of Tim Lee's Black Jack club by texting Lang and Curtis the perfect time to strike. When they eventually robbed the place it caused much panic and Ellie herself was held for interrogation by the cops to make it seem less suspicious. Although, Tim Lee put two and two together and linked this robbery with Ellie. Following this Tim notified his grandfather Sun Moon about the Leanbois relationship with Ellie by proposing the kidnapping of Ellie for information.

Sun moon ride.JPG

A few days later, Ellie was going about her usual shenanigans when she received a text-message from Sun Moon asking for a ride. He proposed checking out the usual meth-lab by the docks which he had shown her a few times in the past as a possibility that they could start production on the substance.

As Ellie was aware of the tensions the Koreans had with the Leanbois at the time so she sent a text message to Buddha during this journey to make him aware of her location if anything went wrong. She claimed to Sun Moon that she was just sending her usual 'cab-facts messages' to people.

"Giving Sun a ride to that one place on the docks, not sure if anything is sketchy or not."

"Could be nothing, just want to be sure."

This text sent Buddha, who was conveniently with Speedy, on an investigation to try and watch from afar if anything was amiss, Ellie pinged him a few times to make the location known. Immediately upon arrival, however, a masked figure (Tim Lee) took Ellie hostage and drove her out to a cliff-edge by the sea.


As Tim revealed his identity, he took Ellie's phone from her and read her text-messages which made it very clear what she was up over the last few weeks of spying and selling. Ellie's 'betrayal' to Sun Moon was clear in the previous robbery set-up, therefore, Tim Lee and Sun Moon interrogated Ellie on whether she was a Lean Boi or not. He made her read out a message for a recording to Buddha as they proceeded to shoot her down and dump her in the sea.

"Dear Mr Buddha, your actions have caused this, this is only the beginning, please mourn my death"

Ellie was admitted into the intensive care unit as a 'Jane Doe' case, her identity wasn't revealed, and to Buddha and other gang-members she was thought to be missing for about 3 days to follow. Lang Buddha shot down Sun Moon as a result of this encounter, and he too went missing for days to come. In the same night, Tim Lee shot Al Saab and Brenda Pancake resulting in war between the Korean Mafia and the Leanbois.

As Ellie woke up from the ICU, she immediately stuck to the safeguarding of her fellow LB members, getting into crime and becoming a full-blown Leanboi as a result. The south-side turf-war gang member side of Ellie had fully emerged.


Ellie Dono is the first official female to be a member of the Leanbois.

Ellie has been involved in Turf-wars protecting "Lean Street" against various gangs, many shootouts and robberies as a result of her events beforehand.

In the few weeks she started as a member of this long-established gang, Ellie really came into this under the wing of Lang Buddha, yet quickly went on to grow much closer to the other members associated, as family. Denzel, in particular, has lent Ellie money towards payment issues and gifted cars to Ellie.

Ellie has widely been regarded as one of the most important members of the Leanbois in recent months, always having a steady supply of items available to be prepared for the next day of crime for the gang; even regularly rolling with the title 'Lean Mom' by many.

Penelop Envelop (Undercover Personality)

As a part of the recent life of crime within the gang 'Leanbois', Ellie created an undercover personality named Penelop Envelop. She has a thick accent and claims to be from a small town within the Ukraine. Ellie uses Penelop as a cover to smuggle money to fellow gang-member Denzel Williams who is currently in prison for many years. Penelop Envelop will take on any job to get into the prison to smuggle goods.

Penelop has a few catch phrases too, such as: "Yae kanot boliev!" "Yae so excite!" 

Other words that are known in Penelop's own language: 

  • Yoketebah - Hello 
  • Yoketebaket - How are you? 
  • Yaschuette - Goodbye 

Rooster Cab Co.

Even before becoming an official Leanbois member, Ellie and Lang Buddha have suggested the idea of creating an official 'crime school' after Buddha's brief stint training Ellie and OTT in a similar 'school' but in a more official sense.

In a move to drift away from eternal turf-wars in the south-side of Los Santos, Ellie and Buddha acquired the building for this new endeavor in secret, and were looking at having Evita "Mother" Nimm run the place as a cab company "legal-front". Some of the employees will do legal work, and specific picks who are interested will also be included in their undercover crime school (located in the downstairs portions of the building).

Rooster cab.JPG

Mother jumped at the opportunity for herself to find a new purpose to create new links within the city as well as re-establishing old ones. She quickly got the judges approval on the business licence, and went about fundraising for the company. Due to her recent absence, Ellie and 'Billy Davis' have taken the lead on interviewing potential employees and hiring to see where it takes them.


Rooster Cab Co. set off to a great start with several employees being hired by Ellie Dono and 'Mr Davis', with the new official 'Rooster Cab Co.' taxi vehicles available, they have been distributing these to the employees along with a $2000 bonus fee to get started. Thomas Sullivan or 'Sully' had shown such excellent costumer service and team-building skills that he was granted a Human Resources role at Rooster Cab Co. to help new employees get started, as well as taking on interviews for potential employees to help Ellie's workload. Sully was also granted the leading position in the new 'Rooster Cab Plus' limo service for judges and other higher paying costumers.

Ellie's application for the Rooster Cab Co. name trademark included the phrases "Call Rooster Cab and Co. if you need a ride to go, through the rain or snow, we'll take it fast or slow", as well as the phrase "On the cock" (on or off the clock pun). Ellie was also granted a new trademark for the name 'Nest Holdings' which is an investment company for the Rooster Cab Co. in order to pursue Denzel and Buddha's future ownership of the Comedy Club.

For the Cause: 'Shadow' and Talon

Three propaganda videos were created by Lang under the alias of 'Shadow' and Ellie (recording and editing), to generate interest about their cause against the DOJ and the Police department (creating relevant interest in the base 'crime school' idea. Jacob Harth was contacted by Shadow to get the videos on the Los Santos Web as soon as they were created (taking up every tab in the browser for all to get the message across).

Talon begins .JPG

Terrorist actions including the explosion of the FIB building by C4 and 3 random hostages were filmed as part of the beginning of this movement. The videos explain that a group known as "Talon" would take the city from the corrupt, they promised to give the power back to the people of Los Santos. Talon promised that blood would be shed and the police would learn to survive an ideal 'free' Los Santos. "We are everywhere, we are everyone, fear us for we lurk in the shadows. We are Talon."

RCC begins.JPG

Coming to terms with Buddha's fast-paced actions towards the Talon cause from wearing the armour and killing innocents hit Denzel Williams especially hard, with his long-talks to one of the hostages before the recording making him question why they were doing this. Resorting to drug addiction and long-nights spent in his house away from it all, Ellie and Buddha still looked out for his well-being, and eventually all three of them came to the realization of their involvement in their role in Talon, and things could kick off for good.

Fiona Stewart and Rico Wesley (hostages from the FIB building explosion) were 'marked' by Shadow for future plans and have been called various times since the event to judge their opinion of the police force and DOJ making clear their corruption.

Videos for the Los Santos Web:




DEAR CITIZENS OF LOS SANTOS (return to the public eye)


Since the first videos were created and uploaded Ellie has remained close with Lang and Denzel, she became involved in a high stakes mission that was granted to members of the Chang Gang to gain access to an extremely rare material to improve Shadow's armour. Their task was to storm Fort Zancudo military base, take the only scientist who could smelt this mysterious metal hostage and bring him to Talon in order for the new Shadow outfit to be created, allowing him to become more powerful and protected than before.

Alabaster Slim's relation with Lang Buddha extended to being invited into the Talon organisation as it grew more and more into a secret society to make the city's corruption even more visible to the public eye. Additionally, Matthew Payne and the notorious hacker and dark web developer Jacob Harth. These members would prove invaluable to the organisation, in their funding as well as their efficiency for information and legal faces (with realtor Matthew Payne's involvement).

[events following to be edited...]

A Break from Los Santos

Upon Ellie's return to Los Santos following a brief few weeks away from the city on a trip to Liberty City - where she got caught stealing from a candy machine and imprisoned as an example to others - Ellie was met with family anxieties stretching further than ever before within the Leanbois. With Eugene Zuckerberg's departure, and Denzel Williams set on not giving him an 'easy way out' of the family (Harking back to his reasoning that 'Ricky died for less'; The family were given 3 days to make a decision on who they should support. Tony Corleone and Eugene Zuckerberg's decisions to hang out with their old enemies, or maintain what was left of an already splitting family.

Alongside this, Ellie, Lang Buddha, Al Saab, Denzel Williams and Kanye Mushkin were making use of the weed farm up north, to create their own collaboration with another organisation for this new business venture. However, commitments to Talon's revival, and the Changaloa Cartel causing problems with their farmers, progress on this endeavour slowed down for the time being.

Due to measures beyond anyone's control, Al Saab, Denzel Williams and Ellie Dono came together after Denzel's personal acts of violence took him to whole new levels earlier that day. They decided to stick together on everything they have stood by as a family in the Leanbois and granted Denzel Williams his wish of attempting murder of the cop Lauren Forcer.

In a whole new level of ruthlessness and commitment to each others ideals; and a decision to take a break from the city to let the recent troubles simmer down, the 3 of them bid Kanye Mushkin and various other important people in their recent lives farewell as they sailed out of the city to Mexico until the time was right to return...

Kanye's final image of the group before they sailed to Mexico to lay low.

Soda's last quote.png

Rooster's Rest

Ellie returned and started working at newly opened restaurant Rooster's Rest, the Rooster's Rest building was the base of operations for Rooster Cab Co.

Ellie singing at Rooster's Rest


  • "Heeeeelllooo!" (when answering a phone call)
  • "I'm gonna die!" (lighthearted tone)
  • "Absolutely!"
  • "Just chllin' like a villain"
  • "Ooooohwah"
  • "Motherfricker!"
  • "You can count on me!"
  • "Buh-bye!"
  • "Haaaaahhh?!"
  • "Me? Neva'!'
  • "All good in the hood!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "I am the terror that squawks in the night."
  • "Oh my god!" (when Buddha blames or insults Ellie)
  • "Excuse me, what?" / "I'm sorry, what?"

Fun Facts

  • Was "Engaged" to notorious criminal Bovice Wilkinson, however this marriage never came to pass she still maintains a familiar relationship upon meeting him.
  • Was 51-50'd after being possessed by a ghost of a murderous widow, while camping with friends. She stabbed a man in the neck, and attempted to stab police officers.
  • Lang Buddha appointed Ellie as the primary teacher and recruiter for his crime school.
  • Lang Buddha calls Ellie, Eleanor. It is unknown if Eleanor is the full-first-name of Ellie.
  • Not having a gun out during a drive by and pointing the middlefinger is known as the Ellie special.
  • Ellie is prone to losing money very often and gaining a lot of debt...