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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne is a character role-played by mollyruu.

General Description

She has previously ran a cult "accidentally" and escaped to Los Santos when her followers turned on her, including her former best friend who shot her in the stomach.

While searching for someone she could trust after being betrayed by the person she cared about most, she found a woman named Tiffany Handi who quickly became a new best friend, with Lizzie being willing to do anything for her. The two of them kidnapped two people and abandoned them in the forest alongside friends Hank Fisher and Vito Vicenti (or Giovanni as called by Tiffani.) Later the same day Tiffani purposefully started the car while they were filling up, blowing up every member of the group, and then permanently passing away.

After threatening to shoot Dick Chiclets she was invited to assist on a bank robbery with Mick Flair, despite the robbery being unsuccessful she was invited to be part of their crew, named "The Stable". She has since met Kirk Jerkems and Xavier Valentine, other members of The Stable, who are considered to be Junior Nancy Drew, Junior Dick Chiclets, then Junior Mick Flair respectively. The fourth Stable Head Thomas Dwayne has since grown to be the one she feels closest to, as he is around most in the hours she is in the city. After she was punished for mistakes she made by having her toe cut off she went through a crisis of not knowing whether she could trust the crew, but after a short break decided she would rather make staying with them work as she still cares for the group. She later helped to bring in Thom Yung, who she considers her closest friend. Other close associates currently include Marie Ortiz, Freddy Fastfingers, and Meelo Graves.

One major incident that led to the punishment previously mentioned involved Lizzie being busted for weed deliveries with Thom. After driving away from a suspicious location ping in a stolen car they were pulled over by Espinoz, Thom and Lizzie made the decision to get out and attempt to shoot him down due to the risk of being held until trial, also known at the 9s. Espinoz tripped making them think he was downed, but he got back up and shot them both with a shotgun when he was able to get back up. They were both raided for this and Lizzie ended up with a Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute charge among others, 200 (reduced from 250) months in prison, and a 22.5k fine. Lizzie later wrote Espinoz a song to apologize for shooting at him and was told she was fully forgiven for it.

Lizzie is known to get herself into trouble, usually without her intending for it to happen. Some events include when she kidnapped two EMS, drugged them, and stolen their ambulance, had a hostage twat out a photo of her and Freddy holding a gun to their head, shooting them, and starting a Twatter battle with Lydia Vale, and then kidnapping Flop (while he was an EMS) and stealing a cop car to try and let him shoot an Uzi. She is recently known for looking through and stealing cop cars since then, including stealing Moosebeard's cop car and sending the entire force on a chase to get it back, but only after she dressed up as a cop and pulled someone over, landing herself an impersonation of a peace officer charge.

Lizzie is working on her hacking abilities for both banks and boosting, currently with a 9/14 record on banks with six of those on the first try, and lots of success with both the system hacking tool and the tracker disabling tool. She has done freelance hacking for numerous groups including the Blocks, and hacked two banks for BSauce, one where cops never showed and another where BSauce spent the entire bank with his gun pointed at the officer trying to convince them to become a hostage.

After repeatedly kidnapping an ADA named Malcador Sigilite Lizzie decided that she needed to kill him, she did so by taking him to the murder room, shooting him twice between the eyes, and lighting his body on fire. She disposed of all evidence but left a Matt Rhodes card on the body as a threat, this combined with the previous kidnappings and stalking charge made her the number one suspect immediately. After interrogating Bunny, who reported the body, and then Lizzie over the events of the day Pinzon fully believed it was Lizzie but was unable to charge her for the crime, leaving the investigation still ongoing. The police department are aware of Lizzie's "kill list", only currently containing Matt Rhodes and Sexton Hardcastle.