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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne is a character role-played by mollyruu.


She has previously ran a cult "accidentally" and escaped to Los Santos when her followers turned on her, including her former best friend who shot her in the stomach.

Major Events

Tiffany Handi

While searching for someone she could trust after being betrayed by the person she cared about most, she found a woman named Tiffany Handi who quickly became a new best friend, with Lizzie being willing to do anything for her. The two of them kidnapped two people and abandoned them in the forest alongside friends Hank Fisher and Vito Vicenti (or Giovanni as called by Tiffani.) Later the same day Tiffani purposefully started the car while they were filling up, blowing up every member of the group, and then permanently passing away.

The Stable Beginnings

After threatening to shoot Dick Chiclets she was invited to assist on a bank robbery with Mick Flair, despite the robbery being unsuccessful she was invited to be part of their crew, named "The Stable". She has since met Kirk Jerkems and Xavier Valentine, other members of The Stable, who are considered to be Junior Nancy Drew, Junior Dick Chiclets, then Junior Mick Flair respectively. The fourth Stable Head Thomas Dwayne has since grown to be the one she feels closest to, as he is around most in the hours she is in the city

Chaos and the Punishment

After she was punished for mistakes she made by having her toe cut off she went through a crisis of not knowing whether she could trust the crew, but after a short break decided she would rather make staying with them work as she still cares for the group. She later helped to bring in Thom Yung, who she considers her closest friend. Other close associates currently include Marie Ortiz, Freddy Fastfingers, and Meelo Graves.

One major incident that led to the punishment previously mentioned involved Lizzie being busted for weed deliveries with Thom. After driving away from a suspicious location ping in a stolen car they were pulled over by Espinoz, Thom and Lizzie made the decision to get out and attempt to shoot him down due to the risk of being held until trial, also known at the 9s. Espinoz tripped making them think he was downed, but he got back up and shot them both with a shotgun when he was able to get back up. They were both raided for this and Lizzie ended up with a Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute charge among others, 200 (reduced from 250) months in prison, and a 22.5k fine. Lizzie later wrote Espinoz a song to apologize for shooting at him and was told she was fully forgiven for it.

Lizzie is known to get herself into trouble, usually without her intending for it to happen. Some events include when she kidnapped two EMS, drugged them, and stolen their ambulance, had a hostage twat out a photo of her and Freddy holding a gun to their head, shooting them, and starting a Twatter battle with Lydia Vale, and then kidnapping Flop (while he was an EMS) and stealing a cop car to try and let him shoot an Uzi. She is recently known for looking through and stealing cop cars since then, including stealing Moosebeard's cop car and sending the entire force on a chase to get it back, but only after she dressed up as a cop and pulled someone over, landing herself an impersonation of a peace officer charge.


Lizzie is working on her hacking abilities for both banks and boosting. Lizzie has had lots of success with both the system hacking tool and the tracker disabling tool. She has done freelance hacking for numerous groups including the Blocks, and hacked two banks for BSauce, one where cops never showed and another where BSauce spent the entire bank with his gun pointed at the officer trying to convince them to become a hostage.

Murder of Malcador

After repeatedly kidnapping an ADA named Malcador Sigilite Lizzie decided that she needed to kill him, she did so by taking him to the murder room, shooting him twice between the eyes, and lighting his body on fire. She disposed of all evidence but left a Matt Rhodes card on the body as a threat, this combined with the previous kidnappings and stalking charge made her the number one suspect immediately. After interrogating Bunny, who reported the body, and then Lizzie over the events of the day Pinzon fully believed it was Lizzie but was unable to charge her for the crime, leaving the investigation still ongoing. The police department are aware of Lizzie's "kill list", only containing Matt Rhodes and Sexton Hardcastle at the time.

In the weeks following the murder the heads of the Stable were upset with Bunny's involvement and gave Lizzie one last chance to show that she wanted to remain with the group - she was challenged to go three days without being arrested. On day two Lizzie stole a cop car and was later removed from the stable for disobeying orders.

The next few weeks Lizzie spent time working as a freelance hacker, and had formed a relationship with Ranger Franky Dulio. During thus time period she also ended her relationship with then girlfriend Marie Ortiz telling her that she never loved her in an attempt to force Marie away from her, knowing that Marie wanted to join the Stable and that they would be hesitant to accept her in as long as she maintained her relationship with Lizzie.

Approximately 1 month after killing Malcador Lizzie confessed to the police under pressure to do so from Rocky Topps and Bunny. Lizzie's confession was agreed upon in order to secure a plea deal and avoid the death penalty - she was ultimately sentenced to 21 years in prison, 10 years of parole, and a $175,000 fine.

On the Run

Following her release Lizzie mostly tried to stay clean during her parole by fishing and working booths in an attempt to work off her massive debt. She also started a friendship with aspiring police officer Cleo Shaw during this time. However, on day 7 of her parole Lizzie was caught possessing illegal fish in a sting operation by Lea Nova. Lizzie was able to escape the police with the help of Saleem Shakib and had a warrant out for her arrest for the final 3 years of parole that she violated.

In fear of having to return to prison for another three years Lizzie went on the run from the police for 11 days before being caught by Sam Baas. During those 11 days Lizzie committed numerous crimes, finding it safer to do illegal activities than legal ones. During this time she mostly cleaned money running oxy and was even able to completely pay off her car.

Due to the poaching warrant, Lizzie's then boyfriend Ranger Franky Dulio broke up with Lizzie. Lizzie found it a bit funny that he broke up with her over a poaching warrant even though he stayed with her through the Malcador murder and 21 years in prison. Dulio had continually acted condescending towards Lizzie, had taunted her in an attempt to get Lizzie to turn herself in, and requested that Lizzie return him the Kalahari that he had loaned to her to use while she was on day release during her parole. Lizzie knew that she could not return the car to him in person due to her warrant, and due to her frustrations with Dulio she had devised a plan to get revenge. She paid a block $50 to sell the car to him and he would in turn meet up with Dulio to sell the car to him for another $50. They drove the car to sanitation and set it up to look like it had been crashed into a pole, and then repeatedly kicked the car until it was disabled. Lizzie called Dulio and told him to meet the Block at sanitation. When Dulio arrived, Lizzie was stationed at a distance on a highway overpass and waited for Dulio to complete the purchase and begin repairing his car, once Dulio started repairing Lizzie unloaded a few shots into the gas tank stationed next to the broken down car, blowing the gas tank, the car, and Dulio up, and then sped down the highway on a motorcycle.

While on the run, her former friend Cleo Shaw attempted to trick Lizzie into getting caught for her warrant by pinging Lizzie to a location and attempting to convince Lizzie that Cleo had been tortured and that she only trusted Lizzie to come to her aid. Lizzie knew that Cleo was trying to join the PD and correctly assumed that this was a setup, and instead called former girlfriend Marie Ortiz to check on her instead, in which Marie informed Lizzie that Cleo had been hired as a cadet earlier that day. Over the following days Lizzie and Cleo regularly taunted each other. Eventually Lizzie spotted Cleo off duty at Dean World and called up Saleem Shakib to assist her in kidnapping Cleo. Saleem and Lizzie took Cleo to the Grapeseed torture room, where Lizzie forced Cleo to take Cocaine, and smashed her hand with a hammer. When Cleo complained that she could not feel her arm, Lizzie cut her arm from shoulder to wrist with a knife so that she would regain some feeling, lit her body on fire, and called for EMS.

Following the Cleo and Dulio events the cops led by Sexton Hardcastle went on a citywide manhunt for Lizzie including full bank monitoring. Lizzie was aware of this after she had spotted police cars arriving to banks with lights and sirens after making deposits on several occasions as well as stories from other criminals who had had bank monitoring in the past. Using this knowledge Lizzie sent the cops on a wild goose chase around the city by 911ing cops asking for their state IDs so that she could transfer them each $1,000 towards the purchase of the newly released PD explorers. She then spent the next few hours riding around town on a motorcycle between ATMs transferring the various cops $1,000 and pinging the cops to her location.

Finally, on the 11th day on the run Lizzie accidentally drove through an active gang fight. The cops mistook Lizzie for someone involved in the shootings and pursued her on her bike until she ultimately crashed out and was detained by Sam Baas. Baas alerted Sexton Hardcastle that he had caught Lizzie, and brought her into MRPD. After arriving at MRPD, Hardcastle and Dulio took Lizzie into interrogation, where they charged her with the attempted murder of Dulio, the torture and attempted murder of Cleo Shaw, and the parole violation and sentenced her to the remaining three years of prison.

Raid Season

Following release from prison for her parole violation, Lizzie tried to start working up some funds to survive while over $200k in debt in her bank account. On Halloween 2021 just hours after being released Lizzie was caught by Jeffrey Bundy while on her way back to the apartments with oxy on her person. Lizzie was only in possession of 9 bottles, however Bundy was intent on turning a traffic stop into a raid due to his Randy Wrangler Halloween costume. Bundy articulated that since the passenger was in possession of 7 bottles of oxy that together they were over the felony limit, and subsequently got judge approval for a raid request. Lizzie lost approximately $20k worth of oxy and another $20k worth of cash in briefcases as a result of the raid, essentially zeroing out all of the funds she had saved up. Officer Shane Jones working with Bundy decided to charge Lizzie with drug trafficking and Lizzie agreed to 1 year in prison with 2 years of parole and a $35k fine. As far as Lizzie can tell this is only the second case of someone being convicted for drug trafficking for oxy. This was also officially the 3rd time Lizzie had been sent in for the 9s.

After being released from prison this time with no cash stored away and nearing $250k in debt in her bank account, Lizzie once again needed to start fresh. Lizzie got a legal job at the Shrugway Sandwiches booth, and got back into hacking banks. Additionally she created a savings account at this time to prevent herself from losing cash during any potential future raids. This turned out to be a good idea, as Lizzie was raided two further times within a week, once for attempting to rob a 24/7 where no gun was found on either of the suspects (This is where Bundy famously said "I would raid Elizabeth Byrne over a Klondike Bar") and a second time when Trooper Tony Andrews illegally searched Lizzie's car during a traffic stop after indicating that she was free to go. Andrews found human bones in Lizzie's car and proceeded to raid her apartment in search of more human remains while threatening to charge her with First Degree Murder. Ultimately she was only charged with possession of human remains.

Having spent so much time in prison over the previous two months Lizzie had become close friends with many of the lifers, and had started storing various items for the lifers such as shivs and bricks. During this time period Lizzie had been sent to jail and the lifers and DOC were in a war. The lifers along with Lizzie, Lang Buddha, and Speedy started one of the largest riots in prison history downing at least 8 DOC or cops using nothing but shivs and bricks. The following day some of the lifers called Lizzie and requested that she come to the prison and attack some of the DOC high command. Lizzie, along with Mike Smoore, went to the prison and held up two DOC (including Connor Stubble), robbed and shot them saying it was "for the lifers." This ultimately assisted in restoring peace between the lifers and DOC.

During this time period Cleo Shaw continued antagonizing Lizzie, including the tipping point in which Cleo called Lizzie requesting that they put their differences behind them and become friends again. When Lizzie agreed, Cleo responded by saying it was a joke and that she would never want to be friends with her. Lizzie bonded with Figure Tate over their disdain for Cleo, and devised a plan to kidnap and kill Cleo and her boyfriend Bryce Miller. Figure was able to kidnap Cleo and Bryce and took them to a broken down 24/7 in Sandy Shores, where Lizzie met them. At some point during the kidnapping Bryce was able to alert Officer Dante Wolf about what was happening so he was able to arrive on scene before anything happened. Figure had a knife out, proceeded to stab and down Cleo, and then went after Dante while Lizzie had her gun on Bryce. Due to her friendly relationship with Dante, Lizzie decided to flee from the scene instead of attempting to shoot anyone. As she was fleeing Bryce opened fire on Lizzie leaving her blood on the scene which eventually led to her arrest as an accomplice to Figure's attempted murders.

A few of Lizzie's friends led by Cindy Tipton started a new crime group named Mortelle during this time period and personally invited Lizzie into the group. Mortelle is a girl group focused on girls helping each other.

Lily Pond

Another series of major events that took place during this time period was that Lizzie formed a new friendship with Officer Lily Pond. While in the MRPD cells Lily approached Lizzie and discussed her past and the two of them immediately bonded over their similarities. In the following weeks, Lizzie had routinely hung out with Pond as well as a few other police doing civilian activities such as metal detecting and fishing.

Pond understood that Lizzie was still a criminal and was not willing to stop being a criminal, however she wanted to stop Lizzie from hurting people, especially her friends in the PD that Lizzie wanted to target (Hardcastle, Bundy, and Rhodes). However, their relationship went south when Lizzie was robbing the vault with a few friends and a few of the crewmates with the loot were detained by the PD. Lizzie and 3 other crewmates proceeded to try and gun down the police to break out their friends, forcing the police to hold up in the white garage for nearly two hours. This event culminated with Lizzie as the last one standing when she ran into Matt Rhodes and they got in a firefight where Lizzie was downed, detained, and charged. Pond was upset with Lizzie for shooting at the police and ended their friendship despite Lizzie attempting to explain that it is her job to shoot in those situations, much like it is Pond's job to shoot criminals in the same situation and that Lizzie would never hold it against Pond like Pond is holding it against Lizzie.

Lizzie and Pond stayed in contact after this and Lizzie tried to repair the relationship by explaining her side to Pond, but Pond would not have any of it. Pond had given up on Lizzie and stated that she had only been friendly with her in the first place to try and protect her friends, and that Lizzie was too broken to be fixed. This sent Lizzie over the edge and she was determined to make Pond pay for treating her poorly.

While Pond was working undercover during a music festival she challenged Lizzie to find her and Lizzie obliged by sending Pond a picture she had taken of her from the roof of the Vinewood Bowl. Shortly thereafter Randy Wrangler showed up to the music festival and some civilians got into a gunfight with him, drawing a bunch of police attention. Taking advantage of the commotion, Lizzie asked a visibly intoxicated Pond to hop into her rented Futo and left the festival with her. Lizzie took Pond to the Ranger station and forced Pond to sign off duty at gunpoint. She then took her to the Grapeseed torture room and made Pond face her past demons from when Irwin Dundee had tortured her at that same location a few months prior.

After this, Lizzie allowed Pond to call Detective Bundy. Bundy asked a bunch of leading questions and was able to determine that Pond was in danger, and that she was somewhere on the northeast quadrant of the island. Bundy set the entire PD off to try and rescue Pond. Over the next few hours a 911 was sent at the docks near the Dodo deliveries job. At that location a bunch of Pond's belongings were found as well as a note with the encrypted message "Awmcn". Even later a note was given to a doctor from Pond letting Hardcastle know that she cared about him no matter what ended up happening to her. During this time period Lizzie had been running around the city doing Dodo deliveries with Pond held hostage. Eventually the two of them found a safe location and called it a night. The police force, however, continued to comb the city for the two and worked towards deciphering the encrypted message. Eventually Daisy Dukakis was able to determine that it was a Vigenère cipher with "Pond" as the keyword, which resulted in decoding the message to "Lizzy".

The following morning the PD went full force searching for Pond and Lizzie. Lizzie phoned Alexei Pavlovich and asked him to scope out some locations to try and find where she could safely take Pond. At this time Pond and Lizzie were holed up in the upstairs computer room of Digital Den. Lizzie was sick of Pond not speaking up for herself and decided to "take her voice, since she wasn't using it" and proceeded to sew Pond's mouth shut. Alexei arrived at Digital Den around this time and there were a number of patrons around the building. In an attempt to get the patrons to leave, Alexei claimed that there had been a gas leak and that everyone needed to leave. Unbeknownst to him, one of the patrons was Owen Svensen who immediately determined that something fishy was going on and called into 911 what he had just been told. At this point Lizzie, Pond, and Alexei all jumped into Alexei's Kuruma and sped off towards the highway. Due to the 911 call Sexton Hardcastle and Dante Wolf were already around the corner and immediately started to pursue them. As they attempted to enter the highway Ramee El-Rahman flew into the opposing lane of traffic and crashed into them head on, ejecting Alexei from the driver's seat and allowing the police to catch up and identify Lizzie by voice. At this point all hands were on deck for the police force to catch Lizzie, and an extremely aggressive chase took place through intense snow and fog. Eventually Alexei's Kuruma was disabled and both Alexei and Lizzie were detained after a foot chase.

Lizzie was arrested by the responding officers Hardcastle and Wolf. The officers transported her to Paleto PD, however they stopped at the Paleto pier to vaguely threaten to ocean dump Lizzie, before Kyle Pred arrived on scene and they continued on to Paleto PD, where Lizzie was sent up on a hold without ever being explained what her charges were or allowing her to defend herself. Jeffrey Bundy pushed for the death penalty on Lizzie with a "serial assaults and killings" charge. Lizzie served 42 years in prison. On the morning of her trial, her lifer friends lined up and saluted her as she left.

The People v. Elizabeth Byrne

During Lizzie's death penalty trial on January 15, 2022, attorney Siobhan Fitzpatrick defended her against "serial assaults and killings" and other attempted murder, torture, and kidnapping charges. Prosecutor John Doe brought up Lizzie's murder of ADA Malcador Sigilite and her history of attacks on police officers. Lily Pond testified about the kidnapping and torture. Deputy Cleo Shaw testified about being dropped from a helicopter into the prison so that Lizzie allegedly could torture her. Corporal Sexton Hardcastle and Undersheriff Matt Rhodes testified about Lizzie's history of threats and violence toward the police. Lizzie testified last.

The judge acquitted Lizzie of "serial assaults and killings", instead finding her guilty of Coop's Law. He sentenced her to another year of prison and nine years of strict parole. Lizzie finally walked free to a changed city after serving a grand total of 43 years in prison.

The McLaren 720S Boost

After Lizzie's long stint in prison, she left Mortelle and became a hangaround for the Bondi Boys MC. On February 22, 2022, a wheelchair-bound Xavier Valentine invited Lizzie to an S+ boost of a McLaren 720S, a "cursed" sports car which no crew in the city had managed to boost. BBMC leader Irwin Dundee agreed to drive the 720S while Xavier hacked the tracking device. As Xavier labored through the S+ hacks, Dundee broke the 720S on the San Andreas bridge to Mirror Park and got surrounded by police. Both Dundee and Lizzie failed to repair the car while Barry Benson and Junior Meats struggled to fend off the police. As Dundee ran off drawing away Trooper Jack Ripley in Air-1, an unarmed Xavier crawled around and rolled at PD officers with his wheelchair trying to run them over. Lizzie, Barry, Senior Deputy Dwayne Carter, and Deputy Lewis Collins all went down shooting at each other. As Xavier robbed the repair kit off of Lizzie, Junior and Dundee rained bullets on Air-1 until it broke off. Xavier finished repairing the 720S while Dundee mag dumped a responding LSPD Sgt. Aaron Byson and Cadet Jessica Easton. Xavier then drove past a confused Deputy Louis Bloom while Junior escaped with Barry. Xavier picked up Dundee and resumed hacking, completing one hack but failing another. Facing pressure from Dundee to stop failing the hacks, Xavier concentrated and clutched out the final five hacks to disable the tracker. Xavier then became the first booster in the city to VIN scratch a McLaren 720S. To Lizzie's anguish, Xavier then sold the 720S to Marlo Stanfield in exchange for a VIN scratched R8 V10 (which Xavier eventually lost to the police), a mechanic job at Ottos Autos, and a loan officer job at Diamond Hand Credit. Fortunately, Xavier actually worked the jobs.

A Stable Reunion

On April 27, 2022, Dick Chiclets invited Lizzie to assemble with all of the original Stable OGs to search for their beloved founder Mick Jhonson along with his long-time fiance Jessie Jugg, Nancy Drew's BBMC friend Collin McKinley, and Ursula Leichenberg. After they sleuthed that Melbert Rickenbacker had left Mick for dead at the Kortz Center and Ursula's alternate personality Gracie had nursed him back to health there, The Stable played a game of cat-and-mouse with Mick's captor: a gunman blacked-out with a cowboy hat named "The Highwayman". The Stable and Collin converged on The Highwayman at the Los Santos International Airport, exchanged gunfire with him, and managed to rescue a starving Mick from one of the hallways. The police chased Collin, Dick, and Nancy from the airport, recovered a comatose Mick from their trunk, and admitted him into the ICU. Lizzie held a doctor at gunpoint to let Dick in to see him. The next day on April 28, 2022, Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle escorted a comatose Mick out of the ICU so he could marry Jessie Jugg in a "MatriMania" wedding. Mick woke up near the end of the ceremony to proclaim "I WOOOOO!"; then a yeti crashed the wedding and triggered a battle royal. Afterward, Mick was shocked to learn that The Stable had disbanded and that Lizzie had served 43 years in prison for kidnapping Lily Pond and sewing her mouth shut.


Romantic Relationships

Marie Ortiz - Ex-Girlfriend
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Franky Dulio - Ex-Boyfriend
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