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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne is a character role-played by mollyruu.

General Description

She has previously ran a cult "accidentally" and escaped to Los Santos when her followers turned on her, including her former best friend who shot her in the stomach.

While searching for someone she could trust after being betrayed by the person she cared about most, she found a woman named Tiffany Handi who quickly became a new best friend, with Lizzie being willing to do anything for her. The two of them kidnapped two people and abandoned them in the forest alongside friends Hank Fisher and Vito Vicenti (or Giovanni as called by Tiffani.) Later the same day Tiffani purposefully started the car while they were filling up, blowing up every member of the group, and then permanently passing away.

Lizzie quickly began robbing houses and selling oxy with Hank, Vito, and Miles. She also met Jose, and the two of them seemingly did not get along at all, with insults and death threats from Lizzie. However, this was due to her lack of relationship experience and fear of the situation, as both people were interested in each other. Their first date was at the casino, where Lizzie passed out immediately and couldn't even afford to gamble.

Lizzie's closest friend used to be Miles Vermillion, although their relationship has soured over recent times. People she would consider friends include, Kimbo Slice, Luna Angel, Jerry Markaz, and Henri Toulouse. Associates include Marilyn Hilton and Taylor Briggs who she attempted to arrange a marriage between.

After threatening to shoot Dick Chiclets she was invited to assist on a bank robbery with Mick Flair, despite the robbery being unsuccessful she was invited to be part of their crew, named "The Stable". She has since met Kirk Jerkems and Xavier Valentine, other members of The Stable, who are considered to be Junior Nancy, Junior Dick, then Junior Mick respectively. Through these connections she was brought into "Arsenal" by Jaxxson Jones, this group is the illegal arm of Apex Security Services, which is owned by Thomas Dwayne. Through Arsenal Lizzie had the opportunity to take a contract killing on Slade Rogers, which she accepted and completed successfully with the help of Thom Yung.