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Elijiah "Middle E" Parks was a character role-played by Moboking.


Elijiah Parks known as "Middle E" is an OG of South Side Ballas and grandson of Gordon Parks.

Hustler and negotiator of the gang, cares all about making money and keeping his blood brothers safe and hurting those who hurt his people first, prefers to stay out of trouble with other gangs as it gets in the way of his money making. A known Flirt that has fallen in love with many females, his Top 3 Currently are Erin Cox, Ekaterina Alekseyevna (who denied him), and Olivia Copper.

Elijiah left to Vice City for supposed better money-making opportunity’s and a “better life”. Elijiah had then moved back to Los Santos as there were too many people that were after him and he couldn’t handle and the amount of corrupt cops in vice city that had put him in a terrible spot after many of them framed him for the murder of multiple police officers and made him do work for them so that he wouldn’t go to jail. After coming back to Los Santos, he was offered to work at Black Betty with Sonya Summers after being denied residence in Forum Drive by OG Dexx. While working for Sonya he had encountered in Big E then began prospecting for the Ballas hoping for a new group to call family. He now owns a house on the cul-de-sac and is considered an OG of the Group.

Elijiah is a Ballaz gang member and lives on Grove St in East Side Ballaz territory. His nickname is Middle E much like Ballaz leader Big E. While leaving his home Middle E was approached by Ricky Robins and forced into the trunk of his car. The Rickys drove Middle E to the clothing store and asked him to join the gang. Middle E agreed and changed his attire to that of the Rickybois. He eventually bonded with the group and committed crime with them as Trunk Ricky.

Played By: Moboking
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