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Elias Wolfmayer is a character role-played by episodezero.


Elias is an irrepressibly helpful and ridiculously optimistic former professor. He left a humdrum life in academia under questionable circumstances to start his life over in Los Santos, where he committed himself to the idea that he would pursue every opportunity that presented itself. He is self effacing and generous, often to his own detriment, and believes the only thing that actually matters in life is novelty and having new experiences. This ethos clashes a bit with his natural and prodigious cowardice, but he is constantly forcing himself to do new things and meet new people so he doesn't waste another moment of life.

He gets along with people for the most part, but due to his vow to say yes to opportunities he is often taken advantage of by those in Los Santos that don't share his sense of justice. His propensity to place himself in dangerous situations purely for the joy of the experience has landed him in the hospital more often than not. He is absolutely reckless with his personal safety and his finances; and makes most of his meager income by fishing or as a part time ticket salesman for the Riddle Me Dead murder mystery company. Additionally, he works for Clean Co. as an event coordinator and hosts a weekly open mic poetry night at the Rooster's Rest.

To Elias, apparently, being helpful or useful is more important than being morally or ethically 'right' or 'good', and is just as quick to participate in dangerous, illicit activities as anything else, but has thus far proven himself to be a barely competent criminal. Some people in Los Santos find Elias to be insufferably pedagogical, and it's likely one day he'll talk himself straight into a grave. He generally would rather attempt to resolve conflict when possible, and often defers to a forgive and forget mentality, but has been known to act with questionable morality for the sake of curiosity or the pursuit of new experiences.

You can often find Elias helping newcomers to the city learn the ropes, but you're most likely to run into him fishing at the lake and boring his fellow fishermen to death with wildly inconsistent reinterpretations of stories from classical mythology. His favorite hobby appears to be "reverse taxi" where he will pull up to strangers in a stolen car and demand that they give him a ride somewhere, then pay them $100 and get out leaving them with the car.