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Eli Porter is a character role-played by Klutch.


Eli Porter is one of the founding members of The Mandem. Eli is the most level headed in the group and always helps his friends and will help out in any way possible. When Dwayne suggested that The Mandem should have a leader, Eli said that Tommy would be best fit for the role.

Eli was signed to Wu Chang Records, after spending a long time there and releasing multiple songs. He and The Mandem disbanded from Wu Chang and made there own record label MDM Records. They had a meeting with Chang Gang and decided to be partners. He has collaborated with artist like his fellow Mandem member Dwayne Flores multiple times and has got an upcoming song with Tommy Tate. Eli is usually the quietest person in the gang, spending his time observing and listening, but he speaks his mind when he has to.

Eli goes by the rule of, Real G's move in silence. He is not the most well-known member but has a lot of connections in the city being an OG. He is so silent, he rarely speaks and rarely releases his music, which is some of the most anticipated songs.


Eli has been working on his own strain of weed which he plans to change its name from Hayes-Layed Ganja. He has his boys and people who hang around the Mandem help him push and increase the rep up. He takes care of the weed side of the Mandem.

As of 02/21/22 Eli has his own strain named 'Stardog 61'. He uses the RDM boys to push the weed to the next level.


  • On February 10, 2022, Eli got a diamond for his chain that he bought for $6000 from Jack and Patar, which they got from robbing the Paleto Bank. This was also Patar’s first thermite Paleto hack, which he did successfully. According to Kevin, the diamond is in almost perfect condition.
  • He also has one of the most anticipated songs 'Jump Out Gang' that has not come out as of 17 July 2022, surpassing half a million streams on different platforms via piracy and recordings.
  • He has a fully upgraded Mercedes-AMG A45, one of the first people to buy it.
  • His weed strain is called Stardog 61, from his home back in Manchester.
  • Usually not available during Fridays every week.


Photo Name Description Plate Value
Mercedes AMG A45 eli.jpg Mercedes-AMG A45 A fully upgraded Mercedes-AMG A45


$1,567,501 + 1,900 GNE