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Edward Michael Sanders is a character role-played by Jonthebroski.

General Description

Edward Michael Sanders is a Volunteer Paramedic working for the Emergency Medical Services of the Crusade Medical Center located along Crusade Road.


  • "Wooooooh!"
  • "I love life!"
  • "...but I love meth more."
  • "Ah jeeze."
  • "DNR! DNR! DNR!"
  • "You want an AIDS test?"
  • ♫ "How to save a life." ♪


  • Loves meth. Which he gets from Willy Glory.
  • Meth helps him read.
  • Has an interesting relationship with his twin sister, Amber Sanders.
  • Sees blood when he closes his eyes.
  • Likes cats.


Played By: Jonthebroski
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