Edward Kelly is a character role-played by TheFakeFuse

Background Information[edit | edit source]

A now former associate of an outed crime family after a rumor spread about them breaking the rules of the family code and abusing power. After losing everything he had built in Liberty City he had to escape to Los Santos but with no knowledge on where his older brother’s whereabouts are since they both escaped but to different locations. So all Edward can do now is start over though things will prove difficult especially now trying to keep his mind space balanced between the light and the dark that he always has managed to keep in check.

After seeing a psychologist he got some past memories off his chest due to them being on his mind for months since he left Liberty City. He told about his traumatic past that happened with him and his two brothers the pain and agony that they endured from the constant neglect and abuse from his father to the weeks on end that he would be imprisoned in a room with his brothers malnourished and weak to being beaten occasionally. He spoke about his mother dying in child birth to his younger brother that since she left Edward’s father was never the same again since becoming the embodiment of a monster drinking constantly doing illegal substances the years that him and his brothers suffered were destructive up until the age of 16 Edward had enough he found his fathers cocaine stash and after learning that mixing it with alcohol would be a deadly mix he spiked his fathers drinks and then waited in a room till his father came home from whatever he was doing to the grab a drink and sit down. Edward’s father then started to feel the effects of the deadly mixture that is when Edward walked into the room sat on the chair across from his father and looked at him with smile. The fear that was seen on his father’s face that he was no longer going to bring harm upon his sons again as he slowly died of an overdose.

Personality[edit | edit source]

More Info to come

Personal Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Edward owns a classic car called The Hustler that he got from PDM.

20200527192329 1.jpg

Edward has plans for that dream vehicle.

Inspiration behind Edward[edit | edit source]

Edward was a character inspired by games FakeFuse played like Mafia ll back in 2010 and movies like Goodfellas. FakeFuse wanted to make a mobster like they were in the 40s and 50s with the music and attire in mind.

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