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Eduardo Dorrance was a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.


After partaking in the protection of a vehicle against the Puppet Master, Eduardo was faced with retrieving the car after it was hastily stolen by Vendetta, in an attempt to do this, he took to kidnapping Scarlett Skye and Jay Jarvis. This action did infact cause the remaining members of Vendetta to bring the wanted vehicle back to Eduardo but not without a catch. Despite Eduardo's warns that double crossing him would cause the blowing-up of their friends, Miguel Almerion hid in the trunk of the car as it was traded for their friends. This allowed members of Vendetta to track down the car, even when it was out of their hands.

As Eduardo released Scarlett Skye, Vendetta members began to shoot at him- leading to the blowing up of Jay Jarvis; who was still left in the restraints, with an active bomb by the Cartel member. This angered Flippy and after a short chase, Eduardo and Martin were gunned down by both Miguel and Flippy. They were then healed at Grandma's and dragged back to the place it all started, in Paleto.

As Martin was forced to watch, Flippy revealed a flame thrower and asked if Eduardo had any last words. The flame thrower was activated and Eduardo was burnt alive, for all to see. His screams filled the air and his body fell to the floor- Eduardo died on scene, Martin left at his side as Vendetta drove off with the car.

Played By: GTAWiseGuy
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