Eddie Marshall is a character role-played by GTAWiseGuy.

Description Edit

Mechanic and manager at the Tuner Shop, Eddie arrived in Los Santos from the UK to make custom cars for the rich and famous. Notably drives his custom Yosemite drift truck, which he can often be seen in driving around Vinewood Hills. Eddie is one of the key organizers behind the racing scene along with Jordan Walker, and has an impressive track record of wins with his signature orange Banshee 900r. He is also the co-owner of Bad Boy Customs together with Al Saab. In addition to the truck and Banshee, Eddie owns a collection of other vehicles such as regular Banshee, a 69' charger, a Ninja zx10 sportsbike, a Baller LE and more.

Eddie is one of the leaders of a secretive racing group called the LS Underground, where they participate in illegal street races all over Los Santos.

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