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"The name's Edbert, but you can call me Edbert."

Edbert Ropeburn is a character role-played by heyimzed.

General Information

Edbert is a Prospect for the Bondi Boys MC.


Edbert Ropeburn is a very outspoken Australian. Born and raised in Bondi, he finds that being with the Bondi Boys MC is closest to home. Originally edbert was very drunk (almost) all his time in the city, he has learnt to ease off the drinking, learning that meth and cocaine satisfy his needs more. Edbert is a bit of a circus in front of his friends, and was very respectful to cops. But as almost everything in the city, things change, Edbert now is against the PD, and now will not hesitate to gun down all of them.

Edbert spends his free time when not working on weed or the club grinding and racing with his sick kanjo, earning those W's every time and working at Hayes Auto Body Repairs, either repairing vehicles or doing sanitation runs to supply Hayes Auto Body Repairs with the materials needed by them to make parts. Edbert is also the weed-man of BBMC. Although he got the 9's, nothing can stop Edbert from being the weed overlord of Los Santos.

He also recently found out that his mum and dad are Cindy Tipton and Pez Speedwagon respectively.

Will fuck a dude.

Edbert's Hangarounds


Edbert's Outfits


Some facts about Edbert

  • The coolest prospect for Bondi Boys MC.
  • Edberts Cousin (Zedrick Johnson) loved racing, so naturally edbert is big on getaway driving and racing.
  • Is a professional sickcunt™
  • Cant read numbers
  • Was born in the vicinity of Bondi Beach.
  • Is a celebrity(known as "Edbert's Fun World™") of the platforms as follows:
    • TubeYou
    • BookFace
    • TikTok
  • Is addicted to meth and cocaine and weed and alcohol and basically every drug.
  • Professional getaway driver
  • Has anemia
  • Has bad knees


  1. I've done me-self a mischeif!
  2. I enjoy yelling at people y'know
  3. Fuckin' oath
  4. They call me the Men destroyer
  5. I'll shit on your bed
  6. I have clinical depression
  7. you'll be blessed to hold the shaft 'o god™
  8. Legally my family is not allowed to have females.
  9. I was originally a twin and we were called "Ed" and "Bert", but I ate my brother so I am called Edbert now.
  10. The real spooky thing is the pain im in
  11. What's up gay-ret
  12. The nucleus is the power house of the cell
  13. Hes Illegally a nerd officer!!
  14. Butt
  15. do I have a record? of course i do, i'm a bondi boy.

Goals and Achievements

List of Goals fulfilled.
Goal Date fulfilled Details
Make a friend July 2021 Edbert made his first friend Victor Fittipaldi in the first few hours of him joining the city. Victor helped Edbert learn the basics of the city and also lent his tow truck to Edbert so he could make some money. Victor also put up with Edbert calling him every 5 seconds because Edbert had no clue as to what the muscles are. Victor also helped Edbert get a loan for his Sentinel. They now share a apartment in Vespucci.
Get a car July 2021 Edbert got his first car being the sentinel with the help of Victor Fittipaldi in PDM and a loan of $150,000 from Diamond Hand Credit.
Get a job August 2021 Looking for a source of income, Edbert and Asher Brown were interviewed by Shane Powers and now has a job at Hayes Auto Body Repairs. He was initially a prbationary mechanic but now has been promoted to being a full mechanic.
Get a kanjo August 2021 Originally looking for a RX7, he found out that the price of one is a bit too much for his wallet. So he settled on the Blista Kanjo that he uses for racing. he got a $200,000 loan from Diamond Hand Credit for it.
Rob a 24/7 29th September, 2021 Edbert was a getaway driver for a 24/7, and had the usual 20 second chase when Edbert loses the cops on the same turn as the Fleeca.
Rob a Fleeca 2nd September, 2021 Wanting to show the club that he was cracked at getaway driving, Edbert robbed a Fleeca with Jordan Lee as the negotiator and Wolfe McCreedy as the hacker. They got away in under 30 seconds after the chasing interceptor crashed into a local and stalled.
Get a 8F Drafter 27th October, 2021 Edbert originally offered Barry Benson ~8k for the Drafter he vin scratched, Barry instead arranged a fistfight between Edbert and Collin McKinley, Edbert won with a score of 2-0 and got the car for free.
Become a member of the Bondi Boys MC 27th October 2021 Edbert got announced as a jacketed member of the Bondi Boys MC, after 4 hard months of trying to impress Irwin Dundeeand the other higher-ups and getting denied for jacket once.
Get an Ellie 1st November 2021 Edbert bought an Ellie when it came into stock in Premium Deluxe Motorsport.
Rob more Banks November 2021 Edbert has been helping out with a lot more banks now that he's been jacketed and is now qualified to be called in for heists with Dundee and Barry
Get the Toyota Trueno AE86 3rd December 2021 Edbert was suprised by Pez Speedwagon and Shane Powers when they both acted like Edbert had messed up and pissed off Pez and Shaneo. He was put in the trunk of Shaneo's car and taken to the underground racing circuit. He was then shown the ae86 and Edbert was taken aback very hard and Edbert's heart skipped three beats. He now owns his dream car from day 3 of him in the city. He now keeps it parked in the Tuner Shop till he figures out a way to make vin-scratched cars legal.
Have fun in the city

Fulfilled: Everyday
Buy a house in the Big White Building
Edbert wants to buy a house in big white to help during war times.


Played By: heyimzed
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