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Ebeneezer Mackaral Botanacus IV is a character played by TheAaronShaq.

General Description

Ebeneezer Mackaral Botanacus IV, better known by the name Glue Guy is a glue addicted former clown who lives in his prius.

Glue guys past is very much a blur, he claims to remember his past after turning 45 but often brings up his past, so it is unclear what is fact or fiction

Job Searching

To help pay for his glue addiction, Ebeneezer applied to multiple jobs

  • Vanilla Unicorn: After acing his stripping audition Glue Guy was told he was hired but never heard back, and got sad
  • Vulture Le Culture: Glue Guy was looking at yellow pages and saw a job fair, without any info Glue Guy went into the interview and did in his words "pretty okay" He never heard back
  • Burger Shot: Desperate for work, Glue guy went to B.S for a job as security. After getting hired By kiki, Glue Guy witnessed a shooting at burger shot and just stood there (he was spooked) Shortly after Glue Guy had an incident with 4t where she stole hundreds of dollars of food. To make up for his shitty showing before, Ebeneezer chased 4t down with a hammer and she kept running. After 4t got into a bus, Ebeneezer got into his prius and crashed into the bus, he was shortly arrested and resigned from security.

Burger Shot

After going to prison Glue Guy was reformed and determined to get a job and fix his life. He went Back to Burgershot with the help of Otis Goody, he secured a job interview with sheldon. Nervous and erratic Glue Guy rushed and made a resume on a napkin and bought a suitcase at the mall. Dripping in sweat Glue Guy went on with the interview and got the job

  • Part Time: During his time as a part time employee, Glue guy quickly realized his life will be drastically improved if he remained working at B.S So he made it his mission to work his way up the burger ladder
  • Janitor: Sometime while glue guy was sleeping he was demoted to janitor. Destroyed by this sad news, glue guy worked twice as hard, and even stopped sniffing glue!
  • Fired: During the Burgershot Purge of 2021, Glue Guy was fired for an unknown reason. Distraught and mortified Glue Guy made it his mission to get his patty flipping job back. He enlisted the help of james saint marco and 9 Toes to get him a new non glue addiction. James suggested adderall (which in reality was cigarettes) and with that glue guy regained his confidence.
  • Full Time: After all the hard work Glue Guy not only got his job back, but a promotion