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Dwhyte Knight (formerly knows as Dwight Knight) was a character role-played by Vader.


Dwhyte is a gentleman who's sole purpose in life is to "serve and protecc" women. He will do anything and everything women ask of him.


Dwhyte died on February 29, 2020. After downing Gazpacho Prince and having Karen Dahmer rob him, cops appeared which resulted in a chase and a crash. While running away Dwythe pulled out a gun and fired at a Bodean Tucker so Karen could escape. Bodean Tucker then proceeded to shoot and kill Dwythe.


  • "M'Lady!"
  • "Nice to meet you M'Lady allow me to bow and remove my fedora!"
  • "I will defend thyne honour!"
  • "Oh poppycock"
  • "My queens!"


  • The character was originally called Dwight Knight but he was deleted when Vader needed a character slot. So when Vader decided to perma him and a new character was made using a slightly different name.
  • Dwight won a fightclub his first day in the city. Fighting in honour of Ellie Dono and gifting her the reward for his victory, which was a brand new panto.
  • Karen Dahmer cut a piece of his hair to remember him by.


Vader breaks himself

Vinny meets Dwight

Dwight Fighting in the fightclub

Fightnight compilation

Played By: Vader
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