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The Mandem
Eli Porter
Eli and Dwayne have known each other for a very long time, and is one of Dwayne's closest friends. Like Dwayne, Eli was one of the founding members of the Mandem. Eli has collaborated on multiple songs with Dwayne, and featured on Dwayne's Golden Boy EP.
Adam Ababwa
Adam and Dwayne have a very good relationship. They both have 'ride or die' personalities and are willing to follow through with any beef. Unfortunately Adam has been in the Bahamas since June 2021.
Ali Ababwa
Dwayne didn't know Ali for long before Ali left for the Bahamas. Despite this, Dwayne saw him as a potential Mandem member. Despite the Mandem officially forming as a gang after Ali left, they still recognise him as a member.
Remy Brown
Another member of the Mandem who will back any beef, Remy and Dwayne always had each other's back. Unfortunately, their friendship hasn't been able to grow in recent months due to Remy being in the Bahamas, however Dwayne often mentions him - for example in his song Flex. Remy was also one of the founding members of the Mandem.
Moses Khan
Dwayne met Moses through Adam. Moses soon became close with Dwayne and the Mandem. Dwayne sometimes questions Moses' loyalty to him and the gang, however Moses has shot cops on multiple occasions in order to help Dwayne.
Tommy Tate
Tommy was the final member to join the Mandem before they officially became a gang. Dwayne and Tommy created the most played song in the history of Los Santos with their song Tommy T. Dwayne was doubtful of Tommy's ability to be a gang member, however Tommy slowly proved himself over a few months and eventually Dwayne voted in favour of Tommy becoming the Mandem leader.
Patar Bellosh
Dwayne and Patar were friends long before Patar became Mandem, however as part of NBC Patar couldn't join Mandem until he left NBC. Dwayne had no doubts that Patar was good for the Mandem. Patar is always willing to help Dwayne during criminal activity, making him one of Dwayne's most trusted acquaintances.
Dean Quincy
Dean joined the Mandem at the same time as Patar, however he wasn't as close with Dwayne. Dwayne was sceptical about Dean's loyalty, as it hadn't been proven to him - however he didn't stand in the way of Tommy letting Dean join the Mandem. Dwayne has clashed with Dean on a couple of occasions, as he feels Dean can sometimes be too controlling and abrupt in conversations that don't concern him. Their friendship has recently strengthed and it appears their differences are a thing of the past.
Vince Watson
Lana Valentine
Ved Jiggyjoglue
Close Friends
Molly Rollin
Dwayne has known Molly for a very long time. Dwayne helped Molly get involved in the music scene within the city. Aside from the music scene Dwayne and Molly often run oxy together. Dwayne has also asked Molly to be the COO of his upcoming business MDM Records, which Molly accepted.
Lil Cap
Dwayne and Lil Cap have collaborated musically on multiple occasions, and they are currently working on a joint album.
Jay Martin
Dwayne knows Jay from back home and has been teaching him the ropes of Los Santos since Jay arrived. They have got into multiple shoot-outs with oxy runners and other criminals. Dwayne has been impressed by how well Jay has adapted to Los Santos life and has made him part of the Mandem street team, stating that he wishes to make him captain.
Zelda Johansson
Stacey Doyle
Dwayne and Stacey have a very close relationship and always back each other. Dwayne pushed for Stacey to be a part of the Mandem, convincing the others to let her join, however she has since left on her own accord. Despite this, Dwayne still has a great deal of love for Stacey and still sees her as a close friend.
Mando Thompson
After the Mandem and the Ballas warred, Dwayne and Mando became good friends. They both have similar 'ride-or-die' attitudes, which is one of the reasons they have so much respect for each other.
Keith Adams
Keith was a close friend of Truth before he knew Dwayne, and used to roll with the Mandem before the group officially became a gang. Keith and the Mandem grew apart due to Keith rarely being around, however recently Dwayne and Keith have seen more of each other, and Dwayne asked Keith to be part of the Mandem road-team, which Keith accepted.
Ryder Flint
Chase Stone
Tommy Cruizer
Salem Barghouthi
Alan Kyles
Guy Jones
Lenny Large
P Money
Esho Dawood
Toe Moh
Ethan Ross
Sparky Kane
Leon Martinez
Shankeal O'Neal
Meelo Graves
Crystal Clear
Shivananand Sunandrankumar
Israel Quackeenbush
Vivian Vale
Abdul AlRahim
Ivan Samarsky
Jenny Ondamic
Bianca Walters
Randy Bullet
Captain Raw
Gaff Watts
Andrew Wong
Jack Cortair
Marty Banks
Jean Paul
Curtis Swoleroid
Hutch Hutcherson
Taco Prince
Wayne Biggz
Carmella Corset
Claire Seducer
Violet van Housen
Lexi Law
Emon Zane
Toni Balbani
Kevin Ram
Yair Lamas
Reuben Hoodz
Zaceed Skengerton
Derek Barkethoff
Shane Powers
Sidwig Crawshank
Scarlett Skye
Marie Ortiz
Elena Vega
Former Friends
Elijah Flint
Reginald Watson
Dave Perry


Outto-Tune Tyrone
Joey Pepperoni
Silas Grimmer
Shane Jones
Den Shiesty
Lydia Vale
Tracy Martell
Dwayne Carter
Tommy Lee
Deacon Frye
Ramee El-Rahman