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Dwayne "Wiked" Flores is a character role-played by Wiked.


Dwayne goes by the stage name Wiked.

He is currently signed to Wu Chang Records although he has shown interest on making a new record label called MDM record with his gang "The Mandem". He has made several bangers which includes "Balenci", "Tommy T", and many more.

Dwayne is also the first man along with Tommy to get a Diamond record in the city.

He also had a brother who resided in Los Santos named Truth Flores, although due to unfortunate circumstances he is now deceased.

Gang Affiliation

Dwayne is an OG Member of the Mandem. The group was officially formed by Dwayne and his close friends in May 2021. Dwayne is an influential member of the gang due to his no-nonsense, short-tempered attitude. He often sets the tone in confrontational scenarios through both his words and actions. The Mandem recognise Dwayne as one of the most trusted get-away drivers and also one of the most deadly shooters.

The influence of the Mandem is present in many of Dwayne's songs. He has collaborated with Eli and Tommy; Moses has a dedicated lyric in Bodies; and Remy & Adam have dedicated lyrics in "Flex". Dwayne's music has helped to grow and strengthen the Mandem's reputation within Los Santos. The Mandem often join Dwayne on stage when he is performing at events.

Dwayne takes part in many criminal activities with the Mandem such as running oxy, robbing people and taking part in heists. As a result, he has a very extensive criminal record. Dwayne is often at the centre of the Mandem's gang altercations. In June 2021 he was shot by Mando Thompson at the apartments, which sparked a short gang war between the Mandem and the Ballas. After three shoot-outs the beef was resolved and Dwayne now has a good relationship with the Ballas. In July 2021 Dwayne, Patar Bellosh and Molly Rollin robbed a member of BSK, which then sparked beef between the Mandem and BSK. Again, the first shooting occurred at the apartments, when Dwayne was shot and downed by BSK. The Mandem and the Ballas then shot all the BSK members involved. Dwayne was angry at the fact BSK chose to only beef the Mandem, despite members of NBC and the Ballas being involved in the initial robbery. The beef was resolved a couple of days later with no more violence taking place. As well as having good relations with the Ballas, Dwayne has a strong relationship with NBC, as he is friends with a lot of their members. Dwayne also has a good relationship with Chang Gang largely due to the success he has had with Wu-Chang Records.

Music Career

Dwayne had been a signed artist at Wu-Chang since his early days in the city. His brother Truth was an established artist in Los Santos, which helped Dwayne become quickly respected. He has performed at multiple Wu-Chang events, and even held his own event at the Mandem block for the release of his EP titled Golden Boy. He has collaborated with other Los Santos artists such as Tommy Tate, Eli Porter, Molly Rollin, Crusty Rusty, and Lil Cap. His and Tommy's song Tommy T is the first song in Los Santos to reach 1 million combined plays on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify. It's currently on over 6 million. The song has been recognised as the city's first Diamond song. When Dwayne isn't caught-up in illegal activities, he likes to spend time in the Wu-Chang studio freestyling and writing music. Dwayne has had strong ambitions for a long time to leave Wu-Chang Records and form his own label MDM Records, which he officially followed through with on 18th November 2021, in a meeting with Mr. K.

Weeks after MDM records getting approved as a business, on 17th November 2021, Dwayne got his business licence approved and account set up officially for the record label, making it an official record label in the city. On the same day, he talked to Mayor Abdul AlRahim, about the Old WuChang Building for re-construction. Dwayne became the owner and CEO of MDM Records, while making Molly Rollin the Co-Owner with Eli Porter and Adam Ababwa becoming the COO. The first artist signed to the record label was his drilla and gang leader, Tommy Tate, followed by his long-time friend from the Ends, Esho. He followed that by signing Mark Vegas as the first Executive Producer for the record label.


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