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Dutch Morrow is a character role-played by Jonthebroski.

Background Information

Dutch is originally from Liberty City's division of the Angels of Death MC. He headed to Los Santos alongside Magnus Ward with the intentions of creating a new Angels of Death MC charter in Los Santos.

Dutch has since taken on the rank of Co-President (alongside Magnus Ward) for the Angels of Death MC, and he has additionally taken on the temporary ranking of Treasurer.

Angels of Death

Since Dutch has become Co-President of the Angels of Death he has recruited a few people to the club. He also is the Acting Treasurer/Secretary of the AoD. Dutch wants to train Simon Davenne to replace him when the time is right.


Zay Johnson

  • Dutch and Magnus had heard rumors about Zay Johnson wanting to be in the Lost MC as well as not liking how things were ran. Magnus gave him a second chance when Dutch wanted him dead. Later Hunter LeChance said that Zay immediately came to him saying that Zay was complaining about the opportunity to redeem himself. After a meeting and a vote, Dutch killed him with a heavy pistol and placed pennies on his eyes after the deed was done.


Played By: Jonthebroski
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