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Drew “Dead Eye” Harrison was a character role-played by HutchMF.

General Information[]

Drew Harrison known as "Dead Eye" was the last leader of the East Side Ballas.

It's a common misconception the nickname “Dead Eye” came from him missing one eye, but in fact it was due to his excellent marksmen skills.

Was the Chief Operating Officer and VP of Research and Development for Pussy Kush LLC. PKL is a successful enterprise involving himself and Cheddar that sells judge approved, doctor approved and cop approved weed.

Dead Eye masterminded the great Pillbox bank truck recovery of 2020. After Mel wrecked out his bank truck on the stairs next to Pillbox. Dead Eye posing as a tow truck driver successfully recovered the truck off the stairs and was paid and thanked by PD for towing it away.

He brought great honor to the ESB by winning the samurai showdown.

Fudge Lane Ballas[]

After Tyrone Biggums successfully cloned himself after numerous failed attempts, Tyrone and Tyclone recruited Drew from the cul-de-sac on Grove Street, one late and rainy night. To prove he was down with the set and ready for anything, Drew ripped his own eye out in a local clothing store.

In short time Drew proved himself and quickly became one of Tyrone's most trusted lieutenants. Along with being a great shooter, he is an above average driver and top notch hustler. These skills will cement his status in the Fudge Lane Ballas for a long time to come, only if he can carefully navigate his budding rivalry with Tyclone, with each man wanting to establish themselves as a clear #2 to Tyrone.


On December 16th 2020, Drew returned to the city and met up with what was left of the East Side Ballas in which the remaining members told him about Tyrone Biggums' sentence (banned from the server) and the ongoing war against the entire city of Los Santos (more info on main article). After he was informed, he was made the new leader of ESB, taking the spot from Outto-Tune Tyrone, since Drew has always been second-in-command.


On December 17th 2020, a day after he took over as leader of the East Side Ballas, Drew met up with Nino Chavez to negotiate ways he could preserve ESB without dissolving the gang altogether, which is what Sahara International and Nino wanted. Nino refused to spare any part of the gang and wanted it destroyed altogether. Drew, however, refused to leave the gang or dissolve it himself and stated to Nino that he was willing to die with his gang. Drew handed Nino his gun and asked him to kill him, which Nino refused.

Later in the day, Nino assembled the Vagos and told them about the events with ESB and how the gang would die with Drew. On the order of Nino Chavez, Drew was shot to death by hidden Vagos members (mainly Benji’s bullets). He died on scene and was the final leader of the East Side Ballas.

Played By: HutchMF
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