Dreah Johnson is a character role-played by suzy_q.


Dreah is now contracted as a reporter under Weazel News, with CEO Mickey Rivers. Together they approached the PD about providing police with an outlet to release information to the public. Chief of Police Bobby Smith was pleased to have a news outlet available to the PD and was hoping to move forward with community engagement from the reporters as well.

In her trials and tribulations involved with reporting news around the city, Dreah has managed to meet several high ranking members of southside gangs. One such man would be Tyrone Biggums whom she has a tumultuous relationship with. Her innocent, ditsy and friendly nature surely helps her smooth these connections to otherwise hard hitting criminals.

In March, 2021, Dreah became Event Coordinator at Rooster's Rest. She was soon promoted to Director of Marketing.

In June, 2012, Dreah and Penny Farthing began managing Denzel Williams Mayoral campaign.


  • Hereditary abnormal forehead.
  • Named Forehead by Alabaster Slim some time ago.
  • Character has... 'secrets'
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