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Draxon Payne is a character role-played by Renegade93TV


Growing up Draxon faced abusive behavior from the people who should love him unconditionally. His mother drank like a fish does water, and his father was a chronic drug user. The only person in his life that brought him any sort of happiness was his sister, Synn. They did everything together as the two were inseparable. Draxon hasn't always been the strong and bold type he used to be a scrawny toothpick kid so it was fairly easy to push him around. His uncle, Patrick Shryke, took notice of this, and felt the urge to help as Draxon was one of his favorite nephews so he took him under his wing and taught him how to get stronger, and fight. Finally one day when Draxon's parents tried to come at Synn in a hostile way Draxon snapped, and attacked his parents enough to subdue them in revenge for the times they have done it to him as well. It was then Draxon realized Synn, and he can not continue to live with their parents anymore as it will get progressively worse as time goes on.

Draxon then took Synn with him to their Uncle's house to beg him to let them move so they may get away from what they described to be "Hell on Earth". Luckily their Uncle Patrick loved them both as if they were his own children, and gladly said yes to them moving in. Patrick began teaching the two everything he knew so Draxon, and Synn could have a better future for themselves.

Then the summer of 1999 hit and the fear of Y2K was on the rise. People feared that it was the end of the world, and little did the country know so did the government. They were scared to the point where the government started a secret program called, “The Project of Tomorrow” and this project would take hand picked people from society, and place them into an underground bunker that is nuclear proof giving them supplies to survive in the bunker for years to come. The goal with these people selected was to help repopulate during, and after Y2K so civilization can continue to grow. Draxon, and Synn’s uncle, was selected to go into this underground bunker to lead the people also selected to pass on his vast knowledge of survival skills, and book smarts. When their uncle was selected a government official came over to the house to tell Patrick (Draxon and Synn’s uncle) the news he was delighted to see children at the thought of the future. It was then the government official offered spots in the bunker for Draxon, and Synn. Patrick was very happy to hear the news, and the offer for Draxon, and Synn now he doesn’t have to worry about sending them back to their parents.

Time In The Bunker

Patrick really enjoyed leading this large group of people, and he took it in great pride that he is leading these group of people to provide a better future so once the toxic air is clear from the nuclear bombs going off from Y2K that humanity in America would have a fighting chance due to his expert survival skills that he has passed down to his people. There was only one thing that bugged him, and always sat in the back of his mind was the constant check-ins from the government every single day. It made him feel like he was being treated like a child with constant check-ins almost like they didn’t trust him? This didn’t sit well with Patrick, and one day after a sour conversation with a government official Patrick destroyed the communication device that the government used to communicate with them. Patrick wanted to prove that he was chosen for the right reason, and he decided it was time to cut all ties to the government so he may prove a point. Not only did he destroy the communication device, but also locked the bunker from the inside so no one from the outside world could enter the bunker, but not many people knew this. It was Draxon who saw Patrick locking the bunker down. His uncle sat him and Synn down knowing that the two would talk, and explained to them the entire situation. He told them not to tell anyone until he feels that it is the perfect time to do so. Draxon, and Synn have full trust within their Uncle, and agreed to what he has asked of them.

This remained a secret for quite some time, but then the residents of the bunker started asking questions after not hearing any updates from the government for a while. Out of the normal residents they weren’t quite sure what was happening, but rumors began flowing throughout the bunker. The Payne Family caught wind of the situation, and brought forth the rumors to their uncle. When Draxon, and Synn sat their Uncle Patrick to explain what they’ve heard, and when it happened Patrick was not happy he didn’t expect this to come so sudden, but with a couple of months left until the year 2000 he expected the news to come AFTER Y2K, but he knew it was time to come forward, and explain what has happened in the past few months. Patrick announced a meeting for all people of the bunker to attend so he can address the concerns that have risen in the community.

What you read next is the speech from Patrick Shryke telling his people what is going on.

“Ladies, and Gentlemen I have heard your concerns on possible lack of communication of relaying information from The Government to you all. I think you all deserve the truth of what’s going on here. As a great leader will not lie to his own people, but before I explain, allow me to ask all of you a few simple questions… Have you ever been babyed before? *Patrick looked around the room gauging people’s reactions to the question* Have you ever been constantly monitored like you are not to be trusted? *Again Patrick pauses looking around the room and seeing a lot of people shaking their heads* I was hand picked for the position, and I am very thankful for that, but as I was doing my duties to help, and teach all of you, little did you all know I constantly had The Government breathing down my neck, and to be honest… It made me feel like I was not trusted, and they were concerned with my abilities to lead. So I did what was best for each, and every single one of you I intentionally broke our communication device with The Government, and sealed the bunker from the inside out so they do NOT interfere with my leadership. *Some people in the crowd seemed stunned by his statement* I believe I have done a great job leading you all thus far, and we shall continue to move onward, and upward. At this moment going forward you all will refer to me as The Commander as I will continue to teach you on how to fight, and survive so you all may prosper in the apocalypse, because let’s be honest with Y2K on the approach you will be faced where these skills will come into play, and the way I teach YOU will overcome every obstacle put before you. We will rise from the ground once this is all over, and become Wastelanders who travel the plains SURVIVING. *Patrick stops speaking for a moment and looks around seeing the room full of smiles*  From my understanding there are other bunkers out there, but we will become the best WASTELANDERS that will thrive as we welcome the apocalypse with open arms…”

The people of the bunker clapping, and cheering showcasing they are on the side of Patrick and on board with his idea.

Time passed and now here we are December 31st, 1999 there was New Years party in the bunker. Where everyone celebrated almost as normal minus fireworks. Then, just as the clock struck twelve on New Year's Eve, everyone yelled “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”, an earthquake started shaking the world and the bunker around them. Screams filled the air along with the sound of glass shattering, and metal creaking. Patrick grabbed hold of his niece and nephew, and dragged them under a sturdy table with him.

“This is it guys! They were right! Just hold on, I won’t let anything happen to you!”

Patrick's cackle echoes through the bunker. Eventually, after about three aftershocks, things seemed to have calmed down. They assumed that the earthquake was the big Y2K, and knew it was more than likely a wasteland outside. For all they knew, their family or anyone else that they knew that was outside of the bunker was dead.

It was shortly after this is where Patrick was given the nickname, "The Commander" from Draxon, and Synn since they knew he was the man in charge now, and they heard government officials refer to his role being The Commander.

The time while being in the bunker is an incredible experience. A bunch of strangers coming in together in an enclosed space and getting close just like a family.

[15 years in the future] Word has spread through the bunker that The Commander is sick and may be on his death bed. During the middle of the night Draxon is awoken by the doctor of the bunker and her name is Lilies Jords, and she broke it that his uncle has passed away. The Commander's final words were for Draxon to take charge of the bunker, but Draxon asked to see the body. He was not allowed to see the body which he found odd, because the families are always allowed to see their loved ones before the bodies are devoured. (Wastelanders are Cannibals, but for a different reasons. They eat people to gain their knowledge and strength to help them carry on in the course of battle). The people rallied behind Draxon as through his actions he was a spitting image of his uncle, but a terrifying thing happened the food supply was running low... Draxon realized that people will have to venture out to get food for the tribe. So he planned accordingly, and took his trained people along side with him. While outside of the bunker hunting for deer or anything else that could be used for food, Draxon notices movement in the city. He sees cars driving around, and buildings that look completely unharmed. Quickly, they make their way back to the bunker. He explained to everyone what he saw, and asked who would like to go and check things out. His sister, Synn, was one of the first to step forward, and not before long they had a team of the strongest to go out, and see what the world had turned to after their believed apocalypse.

Ever since then, that group has been keeping in contact with those too scared to leave the bunker, but have been living in Los Santos, trying to once again understand what life amongst people that weren’t in the bunker was like. It has been hard, and there have been a lot of things they have been learning, but they wouldn’t ever make the decision to go back to the bunker unless they absolutely had to.

This is a most recent image of Draxon as he refuses to take of his mask as it is symbolism to show he will never change his ways and has a huge sense of pride of being a Wastelander. As this mask was given to him by his uncle just a few years after they went into the bunker.