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Dr Seuss is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[]

Dr Seuss is an anthropomorphic feline with a seeming compulsion to rhyme his sentences together. Due to his noticeable compulsion, the individuals he interacts with will often attempt to mimic his speech pattern by rhyming their own sentences together.

Seuss seems to have extremely violent tendencies whenever he is met with resistance, as he has stabbed and maimed numerous individuals that have upset him. He also carries around a box that contains a knife, he will often ask others to take a peek inside the box, and when they do, he stabs them.

Physical Description[]

Seuss is an anthropomorphic feline with striped-tabby fur and yellow eyes. He can mainly be seen wearing a white coat with a black-fur inline, atop a white dress shirt and black waistcoat, in addition to straight white pants, and matching white wingtip loafers. He accessorizes with a white top hat, a red bowtie, and white leather gloves.



  • "Do you have any tuna?"
  • "Meow meow!"
  • "I'd like to play a game."
  • "Take a look in the box."
  • "I'm the cat in the hat!"
  • "I need to see a vet!"
  • "You gotta be kitten me!"


  • "Who's dick do I gotta suck to get a saucer back here, meow meow!"
  • "Why don't you just open your legs and show me a real squirt bottle, meow meow!" - to Mina Price.
  • "I smell tuna fish, I smell salmon, you should close your legs, you're green eggs n' hammin!" - to Mina Price.


  • Rhymes most of his sentences together.
  • Likes tuna.
  • Carries around a knife hidden in a box.
  • Has nine lives.

Played By: Kyle

Main Characters: Kyle Pred

Additional Characters: John Balla† • Dylan Sawyer