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Dr Deshrespect, also known as Pyro or by her stage name DESH, is a character role-played by DESHPLEASE.


Dr Deshrespect has teal hair and usually wears a black hoodie with cat ears, black sneakers, handcuff bracelets, and always carries around a gas can she named "Baas Can" after Chief of Police, Sam Baas. He was the first to arrest her and the first to call her "Pyro". The nickname is fitting, as Desh is a pyromaniac and often has Molotovs on hand. She is also an excellent thermite hacker. Desh has always had an interest in music and is currently collaborating with several artists in the city. Harry Martinez officially announced her as part of Wu Chang Records at Don Dolph's EP release party where she and Timmy Timmerson premiered their song "Our Show". Harry later asked Desh to be his adoptive sister, which she accepted. Desh placed second in the WuChang Idol Season 2 competition.

Her very first day in the city, Desh and Duece Smalls dressed up as aliens and summoned Jason (played by Burn) on Friday the 13th and set the prom on fire. Desh has since set both MRPD and Bolingbroke Penitentiary on fire multiple times. Allegedly... *Winksie*

Desh became reunited with her long lost grandfather, Eugene Zuckerberg and joined him, Alabaster Slim, Cheddar and Olga Sazkaljovich in an epic game of Battle Pass where they kidnapped Domenic Toretti and forced him onto a plane where Desh poured gasoline into his champagne. Desh was later arrested by Sam Baas, who took her mugshot while they indulged in an interesting coversation about pyrosexuality.

Once when Desh was manning the vault, frenemy Pete Richards was turned away for refusing to remove his pants, clearly breaking the "no pants" rule listed on the sign. When Pete shot Desh down in protest, Harry told members of Chang Gang and Mr. K himself, along with Randy Bullet, Eugene Zuckerberg and other members of CG decided to handle the situation. They took Pete to the top of the Cerberus building where they forced him at gunpoint to put on a parachute and asked him to remove his pants (which he again, refused). They made him jump off and took potshots at him on the way down, like hunting season. Pete later claimed he was shot at least 40 times.

Desh has a love-hate relationship with Preacher (Waylin Grey) who thinks she's obsessed with him ever since she set him on fire multiple times (without his consent). Allegedly... Preacher has since professed his love for Desh on multiple occasions, once, even dressing up as her.

One of Desh's best friends is demon driver Tex Graves AKA "Stache Daddy" who is always down to assist Desh in her ridiculous shenanigans which almost always end with an epic high speed car chase in which Tex eludes the coppers.

Desh recently reunited with her superstitious ex-(ish?) Lucky Gee, whom she credits as "the reason she doesn't date".

Vinny Pistone who calls Desh "My Deshy" once handcuffed Desh and drove her to a remote location, telling her a "client" was paying him to execute her, but she was his favorite and he would settle for no less than 3 million to do so. Desh admitted when he first put her in handcuffs, she thought things were going in a different direction... When the "client" showed up and Desh realized it was Harry, Desh was extremely confused until they both revealed it was all a prank and they were actually offering Desh the first legitimate contract and were signing her an official Wu Chang artist.


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Live or Fly
July 9, 2022

Featuring Timmy Timmerson
July 11, 2022

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Featuring Niko Rain
August 2, 2022

Come Alive
Featuring Q and Donnie Mars
August 2, 2022

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Family Comes First
Giles Dickinbottom
Featuring Desh
July 3, 2022

Trivia & Quotes

  • "Oopsie"
  • "Winksie"
  • "I don't date"
  • "...unless?"
  • "Hey, how's it going?"
  • "Excalibur!!!"
  • "IT'S FUGGIN TEAL!!!!!"
  • "You always have to consent"
  • "Why... are you in into that?"
  • "We don't kink shame"
  • "Do you dabble?"
  • "Oh Fug Yeah!"
  • "Oh shid!"
  • 'The DESHrespect..."
  • "Hi Offic-Uh"
  • "Taze me, Daddy!"
  • "Allegedly..."
  • "You're doing God's work!"
  • "Coulda fooled me"
  • "Jelly is an ugggggly color on you!"
  • "Hey! Some people are into that!"
  • "Don't [fetish name] shame!"
  • "Who's asking?"
  • "Ya dumb Fug Nuggett" (As Luthe Rangmore)
  • "You're making me Hang-ry" (As "The Hangman")
  • countless "deshisms" (DESHappointed, DESHgusting, DESHapprove)
  • countless "deez nudz!" jokes

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