Douglas James is a character role-played by Niccorazi.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Douglas James is a new citizen of Los Santos and is looking to create a new beginning after a half baked career in the military.

History[edit | edit source]

Douglas James is a former military demolitions expert who turned to a motorcycle and the free, open road after the honorable discharge earned from two tours of duty serving his country. Those who knew him in the military can attest to his loyalty to his unit and the solemn way he carried himself, aside from a couple scraps with his commanding officers.

Towards the end of his second tour of duty, Douglas became disenchanted with the rigidity of military life and waited with tightly-contained anticipation for his discharge day. When that day arrived, Douglas set forth to determine what his post-military life would be like. As much as he grew to dislike following strict sets of rules and bending to authority figures, Douglas' experiences in the military taught him to value loyalty, family, and brotherhood.

After about six months riding around the country, hopping from hotel to hotel and bar to bar, Douglas learned of a city called Los Santos in the state of San Andreas. He was told he could find anything and anyone he was looking for there. There were plenty of options for earning money, both over the table and under it, so he sold his sweetheart and hopped on a flight to LS.

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