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Double R are a crime duo that is made up of two Chang Gang members: Ramee El-Rahman & Randy Bullet.


Double R's activities consist of heists and SBS (Small Brain Syndrome), resulting in action-packed robberies and chases. The duo are expert criminals possessing high-level skills to aid them with their often illegal activities. The duo is also known for their dangerous hi-jinks and extreme SBS when they are with each other. Despite their impulsive and chaotic nature, their experience and lethality makes them an unmatched duo when they are in serious mode.

Double R

Ramee's & Randy's Outfits


Double R has been around since before the economic collapse (2.0), during which they carried out their duo robberies. They were originally formed around their robberies, but have since expanded to include all crimes, notable examples include boosting, high-level heists, and large drug runs.


Improvised Explosive Device: Gas Tanker

Double R Take Revenge - August 21st, 2021

Double R, along with Hutch Hutcherson and Juan Carlos Hernandez (Flippy), were driving around the city testing jumps off the Del Perro Freeway into the Canals. Naturally, this damaged the car they were driving in, which belonged to Flippy. Whilst Ramee was of the opinion that they should try more jumps, Flippy stated that he would do the same if they were in Ramee's car, at which point all parties decided they should stop for the day.

As such, Randy, who was driving, took the car to Hayes Auto Body Repairs to get the car fixed. Upon entering, Randy crashed into a vehicle being repaired by Chad Brodie (Chodie), who was friends with the group at the time. Randy proceeded to get into an argument with a customer inside the repair shop, due to him pretending to be a worker. Ramee decided to dress up in robes and walk around yelling "It's feeding time" and "Who the f--- do you think you're talking to" in the shop.

Randy then changed clothes, and proceeded to kick and damage vehicles in the shop. Anna Swallows, after seeing the situation, told Randy to stop. This however, did not stop him, as Randy then proceeded to attack the customer. As Double R went back into the office, Anna Swallows, working there, proceeded to lock them in there, but the door failed to close properly. Unfortunately, Double R escaped and proceeded to leave in their repaired vehicle, and once outside Randy shot the tires of the customer from the vehicle.

This was then reported to the police, where then Deputy Lea Nova and then Cadet Shane Jones took a report. However, Chodie, contacted Randy and told him about the unfolding situation. Randy proceeded to hijack a truck, and bring a fuel tanker to Hayes from the Silos. He parked the fuel tank and left, at which point Ramee proceeded to open fire on the fuel tank in his Audi RS6 and ignite it from a nearby traffic light, detonating it and destroying multiple vehicles that had been parked there.

Randy, Hutch and Ramee all escaped.

Double R vs. Superman and Batman


Flippy's First S+ Boost


Shoe War with Judge Crane

April 8, 2022 -


Randy Bullet
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Ramee El-Rahman
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  • Double R partook in the first S+ Boost in Los Santos, which was successful.
  • Without their more strategic and level-headed gang leader Mr. Kebun around to temper them, Double R's pure SBS often gets them in perilous, high-risk situations.