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Donna Pecorino is a character role-played by willneff.


Donna arrived in Los Santos to check on her son, Don Pecorino, who moved there for a fresh start. She is a boisterous and sociable woman from Hoboken, New Jersey Liberty City and has no trouble at all making a space for herself in any social situation. Her ex-husband Donald Sr walked out on the family after going to get some gabagool - but that hasn't kept her down. In fact, Donna is known to be promiscuous, even engaging in 'watching ratatouille' with some of her son's friends, much to his disdain.

She is quite fond of giving out advice (and, sometimes, makeovers!). She also has a tendency to pick on her son, but entirely out of love.


Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino [Son]

Donna's only child and precious boy. The two share a close relationship, having been the primary caretaker in his upbringing. Don is fiercely defensive of his mother's honor, although Donna tends to enjoy leaning into her reputation, whatever that might be. There's also a sense that she gets some joy out of teasing him and keeping him on his toes.

Donald Pecorino, Sr. [Ex-Husband]

Donald and Donna divorced after he walked out on the family on the excuse of 'getting some more gabagool'. While the two have yet to interact in Los Santos, suffice it to say that there aren't exactly positive feelings between the two.

Annie May [Daughter-In-Law]

Donna and Annie May first met at the Casino. Initially, Donna was hesitant to believe that Annie's heart was in the right place when she married Don, but was quickly won over by Annie's charms. She gave Annie a makeover, dressing her in "Hoboken chic" fashion, which was basically her own fashion but flipped, and taught her how to walk 'heel-toe-heel-toe.' After showing off her new look to Don, Donna and Annie May decided that they were also best friends.


Played By: Willneff
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