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Donk Lean is a character role-played by UberHaxorNova.


Donk Lean is a huge fanboy of the Leanbois.

His pale complexion and heavy bags around his eyes are caused by the long and sleepless nights he stays up watching and reading Leanbois content.

He wears a red Leanbois shirt, beige cargo shorts, a pair of white glasses, and an iFruit watch to keep track of all the Leanbois content. He also carries a red fanny pack to store his hyperventilation medicine.


Donk is a massive fan of the Leanbois and is very defensive to anybody who disrespects or makes a mockery out of them.

When he speaks he sounds like he’s choking on his own saliva with his spit-riddled, nearly-incomprehensible lisp.


  • He was stabbed in the throat and shot in the shin by Lang Buddha.
  • He was pistol whipped by Tony Corleone.
  • On his first day in the city, he managed to hot-wire Ellie's Subaru down at Lean Street and went on a joyride. He also may or may not have masturbated in the back of the car.
  • He stole a moldy taco off Ellie Dono's Subaru and got it signed by her.
  • His favorite Leanboi is Ellie Dono.
  • He doesn't consider Curtis Swoleroid a Leanboi nor the Demon of Lean Street, also calling him a poser because he doesn't wear the Demon Mask anymore.

Played By: UberHaxorNova
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