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Don Dolph is a character played by Randolph.



Donald Gregory Dolph is a British man who came to Los Santos to start a new life after his wife divorced him and took everything, including his laptop, with all his music on it. His initial goal upon arriving was to become the number one artist in the city. But while in the city Don spent a lot of time discovering different musicians and making meaningful connections with them. Ultimately, that experience made him realize that he needs to reevaluate his goal of becoming the number one artist and help others in their journeys instead.

Don intends to stay out of crime and focus on music and the business surrounding it instead. He doesn’t like the involvement of gangs and avoids criminal activity.


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Close Friends
Elle Queenie

Don briefly met Elle at Dodo during his second day in the city. Elle knew he was new, so she gave him free food to eat during the job. The next time they met, Don was busy with the label meetings all day. He briefly played her music, then. She was impressed and said that she could become his agent. Since Don was about to head to a meeting with Wu Chang, she gave him advice. She said that nobody should take his talent for granted.

As his agent, Elle always has Don's best interests in mind and often acts as his spokesperson. Her main priority is making sure Don is treated nicely by potential employers. Don finds Elle too kind, as she does the job diligently with no complaints. For that reason, he makes sure their income is divided equally and wants people to perceive them as business partners. Despite that, people still highlight Don, but Elle has no issue with it.

Elle is one of Don’s closest friends, as they spend most of the time together off work. They match energy well and can read each other’s emotions. Usually, they plan things together, be it a to-do or a prank on one of their friends. They’ve coordinated their outfits on multiple occasions.

Elle and Don deposit their income from events and music tape sales into their shared business account. They jointly own a G-Wagon, that they consider a business investment.

Damien Tinkerman

Don and Damien met during Don’s internship at the Wu Chang. Despite having two different styles of music, it was easy for them to find a middle ground. The two sharing similar work mindsets made their collaboration on “Balloon” happen naturally. They talked a lot about music, artistry, and labels. Damien gave Don a lot of advice on choosing the label he wants to sign with, assuring him he supports any decision of his. He was the one who changed Don’s employment position in the company from “Intern Artist” to “Family”, highlighting that Don is welcome in Wu Chang despite any circumstances. Damien considers Don one of his close friends, and they hang out

Rod Long

During his second day in the city, Don twatted that he was looking for a Dodo partner. Rod Long was one of the people who showed up. He thought there was a Dodo manager to assign the jobs, but that wasn’t the case, so Rod felt annoyed. Don found Rod rude, commenting on the yellow crying emoji mask he wore. As a result of their argument, Don posted the following: “If you see a guy with a yellow mask, he’s a bit sensitive.”

Later that same day, Don was looking for a new audience for his music. He pulled up to Dodo to seek potential listeners, but got kidnapped by Rod Long and guys in pug masks. The company brought him to the hills, poured gasoline over him, and demanded an apology, threatening to set Don on fire. Rod found Don’s behavior disrespectful and told him newcomers shouldn’t behave like that. He said Don had nothing to his name and nobody to back him up. The two argued for a while until the kidnappers decided to let Don go. Don allowed them to hit him with a bat but passed out after they did.

After, Don kept sharing the details of the incident with all his friends. Hearing the story, Alan Kyles and Adam Ababwa proposed a plan to avenge him. They kidnapped the guy, took off his mask, and picked silly clothes for him, all while Don wore Rod’s signature mask instead. They brought Rod to the torture chamber, poured gasoline over him, and made him post a selfie with the caption: “My name is Rod Long, and I am super sensitive. I am sowwi uwu xd rawr.”

Surprisingly enough, after Rod and Don had mutually kidnapped each other, the two decided to continue on friendly terms. Rod assured Don there was no bad blood between them and promised to show up at his EP release party.

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During his first week in the city, Don immediately made many connections with the citizens of Los Santos by playing his music to everyone he met. He soon came across representatives of Wu Chang Records and MDM Records, the two labels wanted to sign him. Both hired him as an intern, and Don made good friends with the artists at both labels. Shortly after moving to the city, Don released his first project titled "Far From Home", which is a 4 track EP and features the song, Futo.

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Release Date
Far From Home
  1. New City
  2. Futo (Ft. Ricardo Perez)
  3. Got 'Em Saying
  4. Live My Life
July 1st, 2022


Songs as a Lead Artist
Release Date
Combined Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
Drag Night June 8th, 2022
Futo (Ft. Ricardo Perez) June 13th, 2022
  • Frustrated with his EP release being pushed back, Don decided to release this single ahead of it
Songs as a Featured Artist
Lead Artist
Featured Artist(s)
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Combined Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
Balloon Damien Tinkerman Don Dolph June 15th, 2022
Bricked Up Bimbos Don Dolph July 3rd, 2022
Feel Rich Chanel Don Dolph August 11, 2022

Music Videos

Music Videos
Release Date

Damien Tinkerman (feat. Don Dolph)

July 23, 2022


  • Don's first tweet was "your mum".
  • Don was friends with Tommy T back in London before Tommy moved to Los Santos.
  • The first person Don met in the city was Ayub.
  • The first job Don did was a Dodo run.
  • Don's favorite artists in the city are the Bimbos. He considers himself a dedicated Bimboner.
  • Don’s first car was a pink anime Futo given to him for free by Emma Gaine.