Don Cleaver is a character who is portrayed by TheGhostman

About[edit | edit source]

Don Cleaver is a former bodyguard to a corrupt judge in Liberty City and currently a hitman for hire. Don often cross-dresses as his former girlfriends in private so that he can have a conversation with them as himself. After his last ex-girlfriend was killed by Chlamydia he swore to find and strangle her for the crimes she had committed. He flew to Los Santos after hearing that Chlamydia was running rampant in the city. He seeks revenge and closure as well as a good time in the criminal underworld.

Past Girlfriends[edit | edit source]

Don has been in a total of 3 relationships but unfortunately all of his girlfriends have been killed in horrible accidents. His first girlfriend died in a horrific tap-dancing accident, one drowned in a ball pit at Cluckin Bell and the other was murdered by Chlamydia.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Don believes that Chlamydia is a real person, not just an STD.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "My name's Don Cleaver and all my ex's are dead."
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