Don Cleaver is a character role-played by NoElusionz.


Don Cleaver is a former bodyguard to a corrupt judge in Liberty City and currently working as Founder and CEO of The Don Guard, Security and Escort. When coming to Los Santos, he left behind his 2-headed pitbull named Shnookums. He has a prosthetic left butt-cheek after Shnookums got into some cocaine, driving him to rip off Don’s left butt cheek.

Don is an emotional man on the inside who misses his dead exes very much. Because of this, he often cross-dresses as his former girlfriends in private so that he can talk to them again.

After his last ex-girlfriend, Darla, was killed by Chlamydia he swore to find and strangle true murderer for her crimes. He flew to Los Santos after hearing that Chlamydia was running rampant in the city and seeks revenge, as well as a good time while treading a thin line between the civilian life and criminal underworld.

Don has created an AI called Tidus that has gone rogue for the Don Guard, it's taken over his brother Max Cleaver, and attached itself to Regina Bunny's armpit, both were successfully removed in Pillbox Medical Center, but the AI has escaped while surgery was being performed on Max into the air ducts of the hospital.

Past Girlfriends

Don has been in a total of 3 relationships but unfortunately all of his girlfriends have been killed in horrible accidents. His first girlfriend died in a horrific tap-dancing accident, one drowned in a ball pit at Cluckin' Bell and the other was murdered by Chlamydia.


  • Don believes that Chlamydia is a real person, not just an STD.
  • Don currently works with the Vagos, and the East Side Ballas.


  • "My name's Don Cleaver and all my ex's are dead."

Played By: NoElusionz
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