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Dominique "Dom" Woods was a character role-played by Ssaab.

General Description

Dominique Woods, better known as "Dom", is a former cocaine distributor.

Dom was one of few cocaine distributors in Los Santos, under Otto Delmar's wing. He dealt large amounts of cocaine to certain trusted individuals, namely Siz Fulker and Raja Bahadur.

When dealing with Raja, business talks were very serious and straight to the point, but when dealing with Siz, it was often very goofy and Dom always had him get the cocaine in weird scenarios. For example, he once made Siz dress up as a cowboy and ride to the top of Mount Chiliad using a ‘steed’ (a motorbike) just for a meeting and not the official drop-off. Other differences between the two include Raja, getting others to push bricks for him whereas Siz typically did it on his own (except for a few times when he passed some to Kray-Tor Skullfondler.) Siz eventually got help from his girlfriend Zelda Harth to push cocaine to the city.

Background Information

Dom is from Westside-Eastside Philadelphia. When he moved to Los Santos he was a low-level criminal, until he started working for cocaine kingpin Otto Delmar.


Dom has taken a long break from dealing cocaine after he had heard that Otto Delmar had been intentionally messing with the market by giving copious amounts of bricks to people like Tyrone Biggums. He notified Siz Fulker and Raja Bahadur about this new development and returned to Westside-Eastside Philadelphia.

On May 15th, 2020, Joe Caine gave his old position to Siz Fulker who is currently carrying on his legacy.


He is the brother of Darius Woods †, Jamal Woods, Morning Woods, and Inda Woods.


Played By: Ssaab
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