Dominique "Dom" Woods is a character roleplayed by Ssaab.

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Dom was a low-level criminal, until one day he started working for cocaine kingpin Otto Delmar.

Dom is one of few cocaine distributors in Los Santos, under Otto's wing. He deals bricks of cocaine with people he trusts, lately being with returning client's Siz Fulker and Raja Bahadur.

With Raja, business talks are very serious and straight to the point but with Siz it’s very goofy and Dom always has him get the cocaine in a weird scenarios, like making Siz dress up as a cowboy and ride at the top of Mount Chiliad using a ‘steed’ (which was a motorbike) just for a meeting and not the official drop-off. Other differences between the two include, Raja getting others to push bricks for him whereas Siz typically does it on his own (except for a few times when he passes some to Kray-Tor Skullfondler.)

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He is the brother of Darius Woods, Jamal Woods, Morning Woods, and Inda Woods.

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