Domenic Toretti is a character role-played by mantistobagan.

Description Edit

Domenic Toretti is a Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #619.

Police Status Edit

Cleared for Solo patrols on January 2nd, 2020.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Toretti was approved as a cadet by Tony Andrews.
  • Toretti loves to drive.
  • Toretti had to have Jenny Hall shave his entire body after contracting lice from the homeless lawyer Solomon Seerson.
  • Originally used the callsign 509 but had to change to 619 as Lance Malton operated under callsign 409.
  • Thinks he is in a relationship with Cassie Cupcakes.
  • Shows urgent signs of beta male behavior according to Columbo.

Ladies man? Edit

Toretti flirts frequently with most women around him. Most notably Kym "Lil 'K" Johnson, Dr. Choi Zhangsun, Willow Wolfhart and Mary Mushkin.

Quotes Edit

  • "My name is Dominic Toretti, and I love to drive."


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