Domenic Toretti is a character role-played by Mantistobagan.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Domenic Toretti is a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #419.

Toretti flirts frequently with most women around him, most notably: Olivia Copper, August Vakarian, Kym Johnson, Emma Dupont, and Mary Mushkin.

He often patrols either with Lance Malton, Rocko Colombo, or Bobby Smith.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Domenic Toretti is a 32-year-old caucasian male with blond hair, trimmed beard, and distinctive bushy eyebrows that always makes him look angry.

He has no tattoos and nearly always wears sunglasses.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Los Santos Police Department

Bobby Smith

Ever since they met him and Bobby Smith always had a complicated relationship. Bobby frequently gave him strike points and threatened to fire him, but Toretti always respected him and looked at him as a mentor. After they started patrolling together they've become more friendly with each other and Toretti is now the "Assistant to the Chief of Police". Toretti now states that he's second in line to Chief of Police rank, after Thomas Metzger.

Lance Malton - Patrol Buddies

Toretti looks at Lance Malton as one of the few officers that are truly by his side since he was the only one that didn't throw him under the bus in the Bodean Tucker Murder Case. They almost always patrol together to enforce traffic laws, pursue active investigations, and catch house robbers in the south side. Malton stated that he's going to try and help him achieve Senior Officer status and hopefully even Joint Task Force. The 4th of July Toretti finally got promoted to Senior Officer so, the last step for him would be to join the JTF.

"Made by OJT"

They also had a conversation where they agreed that themselves, Brian, and Bobby are the faces of the NA shift. Toretti is also a member of Malton's Motorcycles and he joined right after getting promoted to Officer. Right now they're working on the Street Racing Scene, trying to get pictures of plates, people, and money exchanges. They also frequently go unmarked at night to catch House Robbers in the South Side. Owen Svensen has stated that Malton and Toretti together as Senior Officers would result as "One Sergeant" for the NA shift.

Brian Knight - Adopted Brother

Although their relationship deteriorated after Bo Tucker's death, they're still brothers.

Brian and Toretti in SWAT uniforms

Many are the memories of only him and Brian Knight on duty, having to hold the streets of Los Santos. Memorable is the time when they patrolled the streets of Los Santos in an Armored Van to ask the citizens to not commit crimes since they were the only ones on duty.

Francis J Francer

After what seemed to be a rivalry between him and Francis J Francer, their relationship changed with time. Francis has also said, and I quote: "I don't like women, I like you Toretti. I'm gay you". They are often seen arguing when Francis comes on duty and they sometimes patrol together. This usually doesn't end very well.

Brenda Pancake

After Toretti pleaded the fifth and exited the courthouse during Bo Tucker's murder trial, Brenda Pancake was the only one that went to talk to him. During the talk, she explained him that she went through a similar experience some time before, that she was on his side and supported him, and conviced him to return to the court room. Since then they seem to respect each other and Toretti considers her a "good egg" and one of the few that are by his side. After receiving approval by Sergeant Owen Svensen to FTO a cadet as a trial run, Pancake was the one he trained. After the session ended Toretti signed her off on negotiations and Pancake considered him as a good FTO and hoped that he could get the certification.
After Toretti got promoted to Snr. Officer and FTO she was the first cadet he did FTO time with.

Brittany Angel - Adoptive Mother

Brittany Angel is Toretti's adoptive mother. She was the first person who Toretti did a ride-along as well his first FTO session in the force. Angel often backs up Toretti, but also is one of the first to call him an idiot when he messes up. Despite clashes between them, Toretti frequently goes to her to ask for advises and when he's in trouble he often calls for his mom.
San Andreas State Police

Olivia Copper - ?

Toretti and Olivia Copper have probably one of the more confusing relationships: even though she often insults his police work, she is also one of the few Officers that acknowledged how he can be very good and one of the only people that pressed Bobby Smith to promote him. She has also defended him numerous times, both with words and batons or flashlight, even though you would think she doesn't care about him at all. Copper also frequently throws him under the bus by twisting various situations which often results in him going in trouble. Toretti often alludes that he and Copper are together by saying something along the lines: "Did you feed the cat this morning?" or "I'll see you home tonight". She has always denied everything has ever happened, even though messages from February say otherwise.[1] Toretti stated that they had a "fall-off" but Copper rebutted by saying that there wasn't anything to begin with. They rarely patrol together and when they do it almost always ends up in them arguing/bantering, with them criticizing each other's work: from the driving, to the shooting, to every little thing, until one of the other either goes off-duty or rides with someone else, with the banter continuing throughout the whole shift. They only real argument they have is always about Toretti "running his mouth" to other people by saying that they're in some sort of relationship. Toretti also gets weirdly jealous whenever Copper talks about his "boyfriends": he'll usually storm off while saying something like: "I don't wanna hear it". It even gets weirder because Copper seems to do this purposely to make him jealous, even by going into details.
Blaine County Sheriff's Office

Rocko Colombo - Bro

When they are both on duty you will most likely see them patrolling together. Rocko Colombo is one of the few that Toretti actually considers a "partner". You could say that their relationship is almost a Bromance. Even though he doesn't say it, Rocko thinks of Toretti as a good Officer. While together they often joke about criminals complaining about how "cops aren't fun" and they will repeatedly say "Bro" or "Dude", especially during chases.
Rocko is the one that officially promoted Toretti to Senior Officer and FTO.

Randy Wrangler - Bestfriend

After riding together only one time, they quickly created a strong bond. At the hospital, while Randy Wrangler was being treated, Bryce Miller fiddled with the IV and inserted some White Claw in it, which resulted in him going to the Intensive Care Unit after crashing his Taurus while being life-threatening drunk. Toretti tried to push charges against Bryce for Terrorism but the DA refused to, saying that only if this happens again he might. They sometimes patrol together and it usually results in chaos.

Emma Dupont

Toretti's relationship with Emma Dupont is similar to the one he has with Olivia Copper in terms of arguing, but they mostly get along during their patrols together. Dupont often calls Toretti adorable and other similar remarks, but she often alludes that she does it since she believes one day Toretti is going to snap and kill the entire department and she doesn't want end up a victim of it. After a fight with Copper, Toretti partnered up with Dupont, but she immediately called Copper to ask her if she had ever gone to Toretti's house.

Cassie Cupcakes - Wife

What started as flirting and asking for a date, it ended up in a engagement and marriage with Cassie Cupcakes. On March 4th, 2020 Cassie forced Toretti to marry her at gunpoint with Eugene Zuckerberg presiding the ceremony. After getting married Cassie and Toretti don’t get to see each other often, but when they do they mostly spend time arguing if he’s cheating on her or asking for money. For a while Cassie has been looking for a way to divorce Toretti so she can take all his money and possessions, but after Toretti took some time away from the city, they rarely see each other.
After Toretti's return to the city he has claimed that he will divorce her, but he always denies the divorce when Cassie asks about it. After Toretti mentioned the divorce, Cassie threatened him with scooping his eyeballs and killing him. During an attempted prison break, Cassie made Toretti believe that she was pregnant and that if she divorces her, he would need to pay child support. Since then both of them claim that they will divorce each other, but nothing has happened.
On July 24th, 2020 Cassie, while she was on the cells of MRPD after a brief encounter with Mike Block, confronted Toretti and mentioned him she wanted a divorce. Toretti told her that after all he has done for her (like giving her money), but Cassie told him she tweeted that she needed help since Mike kidnapped her and he didn’t come to help her. Toretti mentioned that he asked his superior if he could leave to help her, but his request was denied. Eventually Toretti released Cassie from custody without charging her, but she still stood by her comment that it was over.

Alexander Campbell - Adoptive Son

After a store robbery in Clinton Avenue, Toretti chased the robbers and eventually caught one of them, this robber was Alexander Campbell. During the transport to MRPD Campbell explained that he supposedly called Cassie Cupcakes her mom and that he would start calling Toretti his dad. Since then Alexander Campbell has been calling Toretti his dad and always ask for his allowance when he's around.
On July 24th, 2020 Toretti took Alex in a ride-along as a part of a fake "Take your son to work day" since the city was quiet and he was one of the two only officers around. During the ride-along Toretti told Alex that he divorce Cassie soon and that he would still support him during the divorce. The same day, Toretti took Alex to the YMCA with Becky and Debbie Hopper. While spending their time in the YMCA, Toretti and Alex spent some father-son time and went to a roller coaster in the Del Perro Pier. Later that day, Alex introduced his boyfriend Louis Baton to Toretti, trying to be a protective father Toretti asked what was his intentions with Alex and told him if he hurts Alex in any way he would murder him and burying him in the ocean. On July 27, 2020 Toretti demanded to talk to his son Alex, Claire Seducer denied the request and told him that Alex wasn't his son. With the new information Toretti told Alex that it he wasn't his father, but Alex still called him father afterwards.
Although Toretti told Alex that the father-son relationship was over, both of them keep calling each other dad and son afterwards. On July 31, 2020 Toretti used Alex as an intermediary to attract James Apeller and August Vakarian, at the same time Alex was being reprimanded by the Angels, for not doing anything after Louis stabbed Cassie. Since Alex thought that he was going to be murdered by the Angels he told his dad during a phone call that he was going to be away for a long time and that he loved him, which Toretti suprised eventually said it back in a text. When Alex called back Toretti was relieved to hear he was alive, but at the same time Alex baited Toretti to show up at the Tuner Shop were Cassie Cupcakes stabbed him.

Lana Valentine

Toretti and Lana Valentine's relationship is unique. Before the death of Bodean Tucker, Lana would often flirt with Toretti to get money out of him, but also called him one of her only friends in the city since he was willing to talk to her. She would often call Toretti to ask him how he was doing and at the same time she manipulated him for more money. After Toretti returned to the city, Toretti told Lana, who was waiting in the lobby of MRPD, that she was one of the few people that said that they missed him. After a brief talk, she asked for a ride to Pillbox Medical since she was looking to talk with Tucker, on the way to the hospital Tucker returned to MRPD, so Toretti drove her back to the station. A brief discussion with Tucker ensued which resulted in Lana accidentally killing Bo Tucker after she punched him in the back of the head. Video footage recorded on scene by Kyle Winters of Live: PD showed that Toretti drove Lana up to MRPD, leading to everyone blame Toretti for Tucker’s death and to believe that he was an accessory to his murder. During the murder trial for Tucker, Toretti planned to defend Lana by saying that it was an accident, but after Murphy Braun's argument of blaming all on Toretti, he withdrew his support for Lana and decided to not care about her. After Toretti pleaded the fifth during the trial, Lana was found guilty of manslaughter which lead people to start calling Toretti an accessory of manslaughter.
On June 19th, Lana tried to blackmail Toretti to go on a date with her after she recorded Toretti twerking as part of the negotiations during a bank robbery. After several talks with Lana, Toretti ended up asking her on a date, but she denied it since Toretti is married to Cassie Cupcakes. As Toretti got a no for an answer he started to walk away from Lana, but that ended up in her punching Toretti and knocking him out. Later that night, Lana encountered Toretti in the hospital talking with a serial killer victim. After he finished up taking a report he redirected his attention to Lana and told her to figure out what she wants from him and drove away to MRPD with a suspect.

Claire Seducer

Toretti and Claire Seducer will often try to make each other's life impossible by either yelling to each other or by trying to run each other's day. Toretti will often pull over Claire for speeding, tints, minor infractions and some times just to verify that she has a license. Toretti often mentions to his co-workers that nothing makes him happier than putting Claire in jail. During a court case for a traffic infraction, Claire mentioned under oath that she had sex with Toretti, although she only said it to save Cassie Cupcakes from the infraction. Toretti will also claim that she hates Claire, but he has asked her out for dinner several times.

Dr. Choi Zhangsun

Initially Doctor Choi Zhangsun and Toretti often clashed with each other until Choi discovered that being nice to him and giving him compliments made him not know how to react to the situation. From a hostile relationship that included Toretti trying to 51-50'd her and trying to give her the charge of terrorism based on the Garage T and T-Boys investigation it went to a smooth and friendly relationship and now Toretti tries to protect her from any situation that might put her in danger.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

Professional Hostage[edit | edit source]

Toretti was taken hostage multiple times by gangs in the city. The Chang Gang kidnapped him in protest of being held in cells for hours, and police not being held accountable. Torretti was dropped from the top of a high-rise complex at a construction site, he survived his injuries, as he was wearing a vest.

Days later, Toretti was taken hostage by the Leanbois. The Leanbois tried to get Toretti to go off duty at the Sandy Shores police station so that he could not be tracked and followed. At the station, the police caught up to the vehicle, and he was shot by the hostage-takers during negotiations after the police opened fire. He survived his injuries but was told by Trooper Tony Andrews that he should consider riding with a partner for his own safety.

Francis Feud[edit | edit source]

Toretti is involved in a feud with Cadet Francis J Francer. Francis challenged Toretti to a police battle, loser gets fired, which he refused. Francis later went to Pillbox Medical Center and prank called random numbers pretending to be Toretti. He told the callers that he soiled his pants, and needs his dad to come pick him up. Callers then went on Twitter to mock Toretti.

Francis also called attorney Chris McGrawl, and pretended to be Toretti. Francis told McGrawl to deliver four "Meat Lovers" pizzas to Pillbox, and he'd pay him $8,000. McGrawl later filed a lawsuit against Toretti; suing for $9K for the pizzas, and $18K for damages. McGrawl called Francis as a witness, but the case was later dropped by McGrawl for uncited reasons.

Maul Dingh[edit | edit source]

On February 5th, 2020, while in holding in the cells of MRPD, Toretti beat Maul Dingh with a flashlight until he was incapacitated, and then tased him repeatedly. Maul Dingh was taken to Pillbox Medical Center, where he died of heart failure.

Sting Operation[edit | edit source]

Cadet Toretti informed Sergeant AJ Hunter of his planned sting operation to catch notorious Jewish swimmer and criminal Chase Clouter. Chase wanted to do one last job and Toretti posed as a new Jewish criminal that wanted to join his crew. Toretti lured Clouter to Pillbox Medical Center and his cover was blown, and Chase fled the scene. Eventually, Clouter was caught but again escaped custody during a bench trial after several attempts. Senior Officer Emily Reinhart was upset that Torreti did the sting without approval and reported him to High Command via email. Toretti was issued strike points and suspended for one day by Chief Bobby Smith and Assistant Chief Thomas Metzger for ignoring the proper chain of command for sting operations.

Illegal Tints[edit | edit source]

Toretti pulled over a muscle car for illegal tints. The driver was Erin Cox and her passenger was Sonya Summers. The car was registered to Summers, who was bound to a wheelchair at the time. She was irate about the stop and shot Torretti, and she vowed to shoot him every time he pulls her over.

Forced Marriage[edit | edit source]

Toretti was kidnapped by Cassie Cupcakes on March 4th, 2020, and was forced to marry her at gunpoint. Many people came to witness the wedding, including his mother, Brittany Angel, where she refused to accept the wedding but proceeded anyway. However, the wedding would end in tragedy where an LSPD K9 Unit mauled Cassie in front of the church steps, horrifying all the wedding-goers.[2]

The Death of Bodean Tucker[edit | edit source]

Bodean Tucker and Toretti previously had a dispute over Tucker's Daddy, Olivia Copper. This is regarding a previous situation where Tucker asked Toretti if the two were "hooking up" and Toretti drove away without answering. Tucker then confronted Copper about it and she denied anything happened. After that Copper told Toretti to stop alluding to people that she was staying over at his house or that they were in a relationship and he responded saying that it was Tucker that assumed everything and that he, in fact, just drove off without answering anything. Following this conversation, she then advised Tucker to stop commenting on her and Toretti and that he lost her trust. In a Pre-Tsunami situation, Tucker kidnapped Toretti and drove him off the cliff near the lighthouse in an attempt to regain trust from his daddy.

A couple of hours later Toretti found Lana Valentine waiting for Bo in the lobby of MRPD and Toretti after asking what his location was, offered her a ride to Pillbox Medical Center but halfway there Bo returned to MRPD, and so did Toretti. About 100 feet from arriving Lana stated that she was gonna punch him, but not in a serious tone, so Toretti didn't really pay much attention to it. He then dropped off Lana and Bo was standing at the entrance with a Baton at hand. He didn't know what their background was as to Lana wanting to punch him, but thought that this was all in a playful way. After Lana struck the first punch Toretti only heard Tucker provoking her by saying: "You punch like a girl", resulting in her punching him again and Bo responding: "Yep, you punch like a girl". Lana then proceeded to Karate chop him and commented: "I did punch you like a girl.", and Toretti thought he just got knocked out and that he was going to be fine. The whole fight got recorded on camera. Tucker then got transported to Pillbox where he died after the punch formed an embolism in the brain and he underwent cranial surgery to try and remove the embolism but did not pull through it. After the tragic announcement on the radio stating that Bodean Tucker sadly passed away, Toretti got told to stay on duty and about 20 minutes later he got questioned by Senior Officer Lance Malton and Trooper Olivia Copper after they watched the footage recorded by Kyle Winters to know more about what happened and why did Toretti give Lana a ride to MRPD. Officer Brian Knight and Senior Officer Sam Baas were shocked by the lack of commotion and guilt shown by Toretti, even though Bo tried to drown him in the ocean a couple of hours prior and that no way he could've known Bo would die from that. Brian then asked Toretti to speak with him privately and once they were alone in the evidence closet he struck him with a flashlight that resulted in him going to ICU.[3] No report came from Toretti's accident.

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Ranking Note Date
Cadet Hired by Trooper Tony Andrews - Badge #509. November 11th, 2019
Solo Cadet Cleared for Solo Patrol - Badge #619. January 2nd, 2020
Solo Cadet Took, and failed, his first final eval with Trooper Kael Soze, ending the evaluation with a "score" of -28 points. February 20th, 2020
Solo Cadet Took his second final eval with the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, and the Assistant Chief of Police, Thomas Metzger. March 11th, 2020
Officer Promoted by Chief of police Bobby Smith. - Badge #419.[4] March 16th, 2020
Senior Officer Promoted and FTO Certified by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo. [5] July 4th, 2020
Senior Officer Expressed his interest in joining the Joint Task Force to Trooper Jackie Snow. July 25th, 2020
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Officer
FTO Cert.png
Senior Officer Given by Undersheriff Rocko Colombo on the 4th of July, 2020: the same day he got promoted to Senior Officer of the Los Santos Police Department. Before receiving this certification he FTO'd a couple of cadets: the last one before the promotion was Cadet Brenda Pancake, on the 19th of June, 2020, and that FTO session was Toretti's trial of whether or not he would make FTO. July 4th, 2020

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "My name is Domenic Toretti, and I love to drive."
  • "She was in a wheelchair, Bobby, and she still shot me." - to Bobby Smith after being shot.
  • "When the job finally takes it from him, I'll be the next Chief of Police." - regarding the current Chief of Police, Bobby Smith.
  • "WHAT the FF---"
  • "Really Bro?"
  • "You have to drive hard" - to Brenda Pancake during an FTO session regarding her having issues driving during pursuits.
  • "Shots fired! 78s!" - yelled mostly during chases to make the criminals panic.
  • "DAMN RACERS!" / "DAMN HOUSE ROBBERS!" - the scum of society.
  • "I'm about to blast off" - also yelled during chases.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Toretti loves to drive.
  • Toretti had to have Jenny Hall shave his entire body after contracting lice from the homeless lawyer, Solomon Seerson.
  • Originally used the call-sign #509, but had to change to #619 once approved for Solo Cadet, as Lance Malton operates under call-sign #409.
  • Shows urgent signs of "Beta Male Behavior", according to Rocko Colombo.
  • Has an ongoing feud with Cadet Francis J Francer.
  • Beat Maul Dingh to death with a flashlight in the Mission Row holding cells.
  • He was forced to "fiddle" Officer Scarlett Winters by Chase Clouter during a store robbery.
  • Has single-handedly inspired a drinking game within the police department, deemed "Sloshed Saturdays." *This drinking game was a one-off, as the entire police force was rendered useless after 2 hours.
  • After several kidnappings, Trooper Andrews planted a tracker on Toretti to avoid signing him off-duty.
  • Almost always wears sunglasses, even at night.
  • The "Toretti Special" consists of firing a shot while in a police pursuit and calling on the radio "shots fired", as a way to end a chase. He often tells people about it but has never done it, he swears.
  • Has shown interest in joining the Joint Task Force.
  • Often alludes that he and Olivia Copper are in a relationship. She denies everything.
  • Is part of the BTF: "Burglary Task Force", alongside Lance Malton and Lauren Forcer, that earned her spot after killing an innocent deer named Winchester [6] to prove she was capable, in the future, of killing a dog while breaching a house.

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