Domenic Toretti is a character role-played by mantistobagan.

General Description Edit

Domenic Toretti is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #419.

Toretti flirts frequently with most women around him, most notably: Kym "Lil 'K" Johnson, Dr. Choi Zhangsun, Willow Wolfhart, Mary Mushkin, and Olivia Copper.

Major Events Edit

Professional Hostage Edit

Toretti was taken hostage multiple times by gangs in the city. The Chang Gang kidnapped him in protest of being held in cells for hours, and police not being held accountable. Torretti was dropped from the top of a high-rise complex at a construction site, he survived his injuries, as he was wearing a vest.

Days later, Toretti was taken hostage by the Leanbois. The Leanbois tried to get Toretti to go off duty at the Sandy Shores police station, so that he could not be tracked and followed. At the station, the police caught up to the vehicle, and he was shot by the hostage takers during negotiations, after the police opened fire. He survived his injuries, but was told by Trooper Tony Andrews that he should consider riding with a partner for his own safety.

Francis Feud Edit

Toretti is involved in a feud with Cadet Francis J Francer. Francis challenged Toretti to a police battle, loser gets fired, which he refused. Francis later went to Pillbox Medical Center and prank called random numbers pretending to be Toretti. He told the callers that he soiled his pants, and needs his dad to come pick him up. Callers then went on Twitter to mock Toretti.

Francis also called attorney Chris McGrawl, and pretended to be Toretti. Francis told McGrawl to deliver four "Meat Lovers" pizzas to Pillbox, and he'd pay him $8,000. McGrawl later filed a lawsuit against Toretti; suing for $9K for the pizzas, and $18K for damages. McGrawl called Francis as a witness, but the case was later dropped by McGrawl for uncited reasons.

Maul Dingh Edit

On February 5th, 2020, while in holding in the cells of MRPD, Toretti beat Maul Dingh with a flashlight until he was incapacitated, and then tased him repeatedly. Maul Dingh was taken to Pillbox Medical Center, where he died of heart failure.

Sting Operation Edit

Cadet Toretti informed Sgt. AJ Hunter of his planned sting operation to catch notorious Jewish swimmer and criminal Chase Clouter. Chase wanted to do one last job and Toretti posed as a new Jewish criminal that wanted to join his crew. Toretti lured Clouter to Pillbox Medical Center and his cover was blown, and Chase fled the scene. Eventually Clouter was caught but again escaped custody during a bench trial after several attempts. Senior Officer Emily Reinhart was upset that Torreti did the sting without approval and reported him to High Command via email. Toretti was issued strike points and suspended for one day by Chief Bobby Smith and Assistant Chief Thomas Metzger for ignoring the proper chain of command for sting operations.

Illegal Tints Edit

Toretti pulled over a muscle car for illegal tints. The driver was Erin Cox and her passenger was Sonya Summers. The car was registered to Summers, who was bound to a wheelchair at the time. She was irate about the stop and shot Torretti, and she vowed to shoot him every time he pulls her over.

Forced Marriage Edit

Toretti was kidnapped by Cassie Cupcakes on March 4th, 2020 and was forced to marry her at gunpoint. Many people came to witness the wedding, including his mother Angel, where she refused to accept the wedding, but proceeded anyways. However, the wedding would end in tragedy where an LSPD K9 Unit mauled Cassie in front of the church steps, horrifying all the wedding-goers.

Momentus Dates within the PD Edit

  • November 11th, 2019 - Accepted into the LSPD as a Cadet - Badge #509.
  • January 2nd, 2020 - Cleared for Solo patrol - Badge #619.
  • February 20th, 2020 - Took, and failed, his first final eval with Trooper Kael Soze, ending the evaluation with a "score" of -28 points.
  • March 11th, 2020 - Took his second final eval with Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, and Ass. Chief, Thomas Metzger.
  • March 16th, 2020 - Promoted to full Officer within the LSPD - Badge #419.

Quotes Edit

  • "My name is Domenic Toretti, and I love to drive."
  • "She was in a wheelchair, Bobby, and she still shot me." - to Bobby Smith after being shot.

Trivia Edit

  • Toretti was approved as a Cadet by Tony Andrews.
  • Toretti loves to drive.
  • Toretti had to have Jenny Hall shave his entire body after contracting lice from the homeless lawyer, Solomon Seerson.
  • Originally used the call-sign #509, but had to change to #619 once approved for Solo Cadet, as Lance Malton operates under call-sign #409.
  • Is engaged to Cassie Cupcakes.
  • Shows urgent signs of "Beta Male Behavior", according to Colombo.
  • Has an ongoing feud with Cadet Francis J Francer.
  • Beat Maul Dingh to death with a flashlight in the Mission Row holding cells.
  • He was forced to "fiddle" Officer Scarlett Winters by Chase Clouter during a store robbery.
  • Has single-handedly inspired a drinking game within the police department, deemed "Sloshed Saturdays." *This drinking game was a one-off, as the entire police force was rendered useless after 2 hours.


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