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Domenic Toretti is a character role-played by Mantis.

General Description

Domenic Toretti is the Sheriff for the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office and Supervisor at Burglary Task Force, Badge #941.

He is the Former Assistant Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department.

He often patrols either with Lance Malton, Johnny Divine, Rocko Colombo, Silas Grimmer, Tracy Martell or Owen Svensen.

Physical Description

Domenic Toretti is a caucasian male with blond hair, trimmed beard, and is often described as a "Pretty boy". He allegedly wears make-up.

He has no tattoos and nearly always wears sunglasses.


Personal relationships

Bobby Smith - Mentor

Toretti has known Bob Smith since his cadet phase, (2.0) and considers him a mentor. When Bob returned to the city, they initially were arguing with each other, but after Olivia Copper made them stop and apologize to each other, they complimented their respective work. When Bob decided it was time to step down as Chief of Police he informed Toretti that he was his choice to be the successor as Chief, pushing him to make a bid for the position once he was gone.
After learning that Bobby was leaving the position, he became depressed and cried every time someone mentioned Bobby. Toretti often referred Bobby's belongings as "memorials" making people think that Bob had passed away. When people confronted him for Bob's whereabouts he told people he was totally fine and nothing was happening in the department, trying to hide the fact that he was stepping down. After the launch of the NoPixel Trading Cards Toretti began carrying a card of Bobby with him at all times, often displaying it around saying "He's my Chief, Praise Bob".
On May 30th, 2021, Bobby announced his departure from the Chief of Police in a public news conference. After the ceremony, Bob told Toretti to prepare for the Chief of Police election and reminded him he was his choice for the next Chief of Police. Toretti visibly depressed and saddened by the event, was also told to not disappoint him, which increased Toretti's fear and pressure. The next day, Toretti submitted an interest form for the position of Chief of Police, starting his campaign for it. On July 25th, 2021 Toretti was announced as the next Assistant Chief of Police. After losing the Chief of Police position to Senior Deputy Sam Baas, Malton continued to remind Toretti that he had failed Bob and that he would probably be disappointed in him.
When Bob returned to the PD, he was shocked to hear that Sam Baas had won the Chief of Police position. When he confronted Toretti, he expressed his dissappointment on him and called him out for ruining his chance to be Chief of Police. When Bob found out that Toretti had a girlfriend, he was shocked and told Toretti how it was possible that someone had interest on him.
The day Bob left town for Tijuana was a very emotional day for Toretti. He couldn't believe what was happening, and he often cried in front of and behind Bob's back. Despite his feelings towards Bob, he thanked Bob for everything he did for him and said goodbye to him. Later, Bob would leave a voicemail for Toretti telling him that he sometimes felt that he was too mean to him, but that he was proud of everything he had accomplished.

Lance Malton - Best Friend

Toretti and Lance Malton have been friends since Toretti was a cadet. (2.0) Alongside Johnny Divine they form the group of friends known as the Tripod. During their first day on duty together, the Tripod had a meeting at the MRPD roof where they started planning to have the three of them in positions of power within the PD and to recommend each other for promotions.
On February 24th, 2020 an argument between Divine and Toretti broke out after Owen Svensen convinced Toretti that Lauren Forcer was trying to replace him in the Tripod. When Malton got on duty he confirmed Toretti's fear by saying that it was Lauren's plan to replace him. Throughout the day, Divine and Toretti were mad at each other, so a Tripod roof meeting was called. During the meeting Malton retracted his statement saying that he misspoke and got confused. After the meeting ended, the tension remained high between Toretti and Divine as it was unclear if they had forgave each other. Malton recommended Toretti to apologize to Forcer and to patrol with her, but this would never come to fruition. After Bob stepped down from Chief of Police, both Malton and Divine supported Bobby's decision to have Toretti be the main person from the Tripod running for Chief of Police. They devised a plan to have both of them support him in the election to try to get him that position. On July 25th, 2021 Toretti was announced as the next Assistant Chief of Police.
Following Sam Baas promotion to Chief of Police, Malton immediately teased Toretti, calling him a "L Cop" and that he had failed Bob. Malton, now back again as a Captain, often acts as he works for Baas and not Toretti. He also has tried to wingman for Toretti when he's around Pond, but Toretti rejects the help because he was already with Pond. During Toretti and Baas' swearing-in ceremony Malton acted as the PR face of the LSPD, after both Chief and Ass. Chief were derailing the ceremony.
Although Malton is just a captain in the LSPD, he often acts as a superior to Toretti. He also often tells Toretti that he's not the Assistant Chief and instead he is the Assistant to the Chief. Unknown to Toretti, Malton is actually trying to get him removed from his position and demoted to Captain, so he could instead get his position.

Johnny Divine - Best Friend

Toretti and Johnny Divine have been friends for a long time ever since their time as cadets. (2.0) Together they ran investigations and supported each other. When Divine left the city for 2 years with Lauren Forcer, Toretti was one of the few to get a postcard from Divine and Forcer alongside Tripod member Lance Malton. Once Divine returned to Los Santos, they caught up together and made plans to do a Tripod hunting trip. They also started to make plans to have the Tripod in positions of power within the Police Department, saying that they would've each other back to make it possible.
Through the weeks of February, Toretti started to patrol more with Olivia Copper and less with Divine, he also kept postponing a ride-along with Forcer. He kept saying that he would eventually ride with both of them, but he never did. On February 24th, 2020 Divine and Toretti distanced more when he found out that both him and Owen Svensen had been calling Forcer the "Yoko" of the Tripod, this after Svensen convinced Toretti that she was trying to take his spot in the Tripod. This led to Toretti and Divine argue at reception of MRPD, where Toretti expressed he felt he was being replaced and left out, but Divine pointed out that he was the one that had been riding around with Copper most of the time. The tension escalated when Malton made Lauren angry, for which Divine told Toretti that he hated him, and that he only cared for himself. Toretti tried to explain that he was afraid of being left out and that it was mostly an insecurity issue. He began to apologize to Divine assuring him that he had no plans of breaking his relationship with Forcer.
For a while, everything seemed to be fine with Divine and Toretti, but after Forcer started to ignore Divine everything escalated once again. When Toretti was appointed Chief of Police for the day, Divine insisted on being the "Ass Chief", but Toretti knowing that he had no actual power told him that it wasn't possible. Later that night, Toretti and Divine were promoted to Senior Officer and Sergeant, respectively. Seeing that Divine was still upset despite the promotion, Toretti called for a Tripod roof meeting where they yelled at each other. During the conversation, Divine told him that he was a bad officer and that he no longer cared about him. Toretti tried to call him "brother", but he was rapidly shut down by Divine. Toretti once again assured him that he just wanted to see Divine happy, but Divine didn't cared for that, and instead he abused his new power as sergeant and made Toretti to go to the 24/7 and buy him some cigarettes. This ended up with Toretti upset, but when he came back he was assured that he would never be replaced, which was a relief for Toretti stating that the argument was never about Divine and Forcer's relationship, but their relationship. The meeting ended with Toretti promising to apologize to Forcer, but they were still visibly mad at each other after the reunion ended.
Despite the meeting, the next day Divine was still upset with Toretti, he continued to boss around Toretti, sending him to buy food. This led to Toretti to complain to other sergeants and to consider reporting him to High Command. A turn occurred later in the day, when Divine asked to speak with Toretti in the second floor of MRPD, there he asked Toretti for a hug and vented about Forcer not talking to him after his promotion. They both had a conversation and Divine apologized to Toretti about lashing out on him. Their relationship would improve over time, but the rift was still there.
After Bob Smith stepped down as Chief of Police, both Malton and Divine supported Bobby's decision to have Toretti run for Chief of Police, mentioning that they both would probably enter the election just to make Toretti look better than all the other candidates. During a roof meeting, Divine told Toretti that he supported him, and that he would put all their differences behind them to make Bob's dream possible. During the meeting, Toretti also asked both Malton and Divine to investigate John Spartan, asking for any evidence of him cheating on Lily Pond, Divine agreed looking into it hoping that finding love for Toretti would make him finally accept his relationship with Forcer.
Divine would eventually get into ICU, and for a month he stayed there. On July 1st, 2021 Divine called Toretti and informed him that he had waken up, but that it would be months before he could leave the hospital. Toretti, alongside Pond, visited Divine in his ICU room, in there Divine learned that he was still an interim Chief of Police. Suprised that he still had his position, he asked Malton to join him at the hospital, there both interim Chiefs promoted Toretti to Lieutenant. Divine remarked that he deserved it, and wished Toretti all the luck with the Chief of Police elections. On July 25th, 2021 Toretti was announced as the next Assistant Chief of Police.
When Divine found out that Toretti was finally dating Pond, he invited them for a double date with Lauren. Divine also told both Pond and Toretti that unlike Toretti he was supportive of his brother's relationship, which brought up some old grievances, but Divine continued to be happy for him.

Owen Svensen - Best Friend

Toretti and Owen Svensen have known each other since Toretti was a cadet. (2.0) When both of them are on duty, they usually ride together. Svenson has often pushed Toretti to become the future Chief of Police, something that Toretti would often reject, but when Bob Smith stepped down from the Chief of Police position, Svenson told Toretti that he would support him, saying that he had been a supporter since day one.
On July 16th, Svensen alongside Lily Pond and Oscar Fitzpatrick accompanied Toretti to his fight in the VLC 2. Before the fight, Svensen told Toretti that he needed a B12 shot and injected him in the arm the shot. Unbeknownst to Toretti, Svensen had actually injected two adrenaline shots. During the fight Toretti dominated Kyle Pred, but after the second round Pred was going to be disqualified for using an IFAK between rounds. Pred knowing that Toretti had been injected with something told the judge Vinny Pistone that Toretti was doping. Trying to verify this claims, Vinny had EMS Flop Dugong drug test them both. At Pillbox, Toretti discovered he had high levels of adrenaline inside him, which caused Svensen to run from the hospital to avoid being blamed. Toretti then had a heart attack and went into ICU because of the shots. Pred's blood test also showed positive results as he had cocaine and horse tranquilizers inside his system causing a double disqualification.
The day that both Sam Baas and Toretti were going to be sworn in as Chief and Assistant Chief, Svensen once again drugged Toretti with adrenaline. During the ceremony with Mayor Denzel Williams, Toretti started to sweat a lot and being aggressive. Fortunately for Toretti, after running and going to the restroom he calmed down.
Svensen has told Baas he's disappointed that Toretti wasn't selected as the next Chief, and that he's loyal to him as long as Toretti supports him.
Although Toretti and Svensen are best friends, they often fight, especially when Svensen feels that Toretti is not paying enough attention to him. Currently, Svensen is a lieutenant in Toretti's department.

Lily Pond - Ex Girlfriend

Toretti often referred to both Lily Pond and Ellis Pinzon as his favorite officers from the newer generation, for that reason Toretti pushed for Pond to become Senior and FTO. Initially Toretti only tried to support her and help her adjust to the new role, but after John Spartan annoyed Toretti when he tried to cut the line for the NoPixel Trading Cards at MRPD, Toretti wondered if Pond was happy with Spartan. This caused Toretti to start over complimenting Pond at any chance he got, and to ask people if Pond was still married to Spartan. This information eventually reached Pond, but she defended Toretti by saying that he didn't have a crush on her, and that he was just being supportive. When Spartan told Pond that Toretti was, in fact, trying to break up their marriage, Pond told him he would never do that and that she didn't even believe Toretti had a crush on her, but that if he was, she was totally fine with it and told Spartan to not worry about Toretti.
For weeks, Toretti continued to compliment Pond every chance he had. Pond eventually realized that Toretti did had a crush on her, but still didn't cared about it, saying that it was just innocent. Spartan mad at Toretti, would often confront him, but after a meeting between the three of them, he told Spartan and Pond that he didn't had a crush. Both Spartan and Pond didn't believed it, but decided to move on.
Pond would often try to stir the pot, by being nice towards Toretti and riding with him, but she often reassurred Spartan nothing was going on. When Toretti found out that they were renewing their vows, he was visibly shocked and upset. The wedding never came to fruition after Pond and Spartan separated. When Toretti found out he was surprised and happy, and began trying to get with Pond, but Pond didn't seemed receptive towards Toretti.
After some weeks of flirting between the two of them, Toretti's luck seemed to change. On July 21st, Toretti had spent most of his day with the Hopper Sisters, during his day a Hopper threw him off a helicopter. Pond checking up on Toretti asked him if he was fine and started a conversation with him. During the conversation Toretti brough up, he still carried the pair of fluffy handcuffs that Pond had gifted him. Pond asked Toretti if he had a chance to use them already, to which Toretti answered he hadn't and was waiting to use them on someone special for him. Ending the conversation, Pond told Toretti if he needed someone special to let her know. Toretti, shocked that Pond had apparently expressed interest for him, screamed inside the locker room.
The next day, during their ride-along, Toretti was close to finally say to Pond that he had feelings for her. When Bryce Miller started to hit on Pond, Toretti took him to the side and admitted it he was interested in Pond. Regardless, Bryce invited Pond for dinner, and also hid inside their police car, where he pretended to be the GPS. A couple of minutes later at the VU parking lot, Bryce acted as if the car had a self-destruct mode and it wouldn't turn off unless Toretti repeated what he had told him. Almost without notice, Toretti told Pond that he liked her, but it was so quick that there was no time for reaction. A couple of seconds later, he also asked Pond to not go with Bryce for dinner. When asked why he started to be shy and just said "for me". Shy and unsecure about himself, he went back on his word, which prompted to clarify that he meant he liked riding with her when Pond asked what he had said earlier at the VU parking lot. As Pond was leaving for the weekend for a vacation, Toretti promised her to see her before she left.
Toretti wasn't able to visit Lily before she left, during her absence Toretti was promoted to Assistant Chief. When Pond returned to the city she met up with Toretti, where she congratulated him. During their conversation Toretti expressed he had been stressed the last days, which Pond told him she could help with that. When Pond was leaving for her apartment, Toretti asked her if she was leaving alone, to which Pond said she could be with someone. After his ceremony where he was sworn in as Assistant Chief, he spent the night with Pond.
The following morning, Pond told Spartan about her and Toretti spending the night together. This led to Spartan confront Toretti and to have a fight with him at the parking lot. Pond, annoyed with Spartan, asked him if he was going to fight with everyone she had sex with. This led to an argument in the parking lot between Pond and Spartan, where it ended by Pond saying she was glad she had divorced him, after he suggested she was just doing it to get a higher position in the LSPD. Everyone was suprised by the event.
Throughout the week, Toretti and Pond kept spending the night together, this led to Pond to offer Toretti to keep the key to her house and to bring clean clothes to her place. Pond has expressed to several people that she's just "having fun" with Toretti indicating that she sees nothing serious in the relationship, but Toretti's comments seems to indicate that he hopes for more from their relationship. This fact led to Toretti invite Pond on a double date with Dean Watson and Olivia Copper.
Although Pond kept saying that it was nothing serious, Toretti and Pond kept showing feelings for each other. On August 3, Bryce Miller, hiding on Toretti's car, acted as a GPS and made Toretti to finally confess to Pond that he wanted to "be the only one in her DMs". Bryce also helped Pond, by asking her to dinner which made her realize that she couldn't do that since she was seeing someone and instead planned a date with Toretti. Although they never labeled themselves as dating they continued to be together and be defensive towards each other. When Pond was trying to arrest Sai Carter, he started to insult Toretti to which Pond didn't take lightly and warned him to stop. On August 8, 2021 the double date with Copper and Dean took place at the Clean Manor where Tony Corleone prepared them some steak. Originally Tony and Tori Bologna where supposed to join them on a Triple Date, but this changed when Kyle Pred and Brittany Angel showed up uninvated to the Manor. During the date, Pond and Toretti struggled when they were called a couple, since they never had labeled themselves as dating. As Pond was on a wheelchair, Toretti had to carry her around during the tour around the manor.
The date eventually moved from the Clean Manor to a private jet. The flight was supposed to showcase Los Santos, but after Dean and Yeager jumped from the airplane they had to make an emergency landing on Great Ocean Highway. During this moment Toretti finally told Pond that they needed to have a talk. After several interrumptions, Toretti finally was able to ask her if she would want to continously keep dating. Pond agreed and told him that she was fine by making the relationship official, finally labeling themselves as dating. When members of PD found out that they were dating they were suprised, among them Claire Everly who started saying that she had predicted the relationship. This lead to Toretti start to look for a nickname for Pond now that she was his girlfriend, asking everyone he could. Pond has told Toretti that he will figure a nickname some day and that she believes in him.
Toretti and Pond continued their relationship, evolving over time from something new to caring for each other. Although Pond knows Toretti isn't the best to talk about serious situations, she also knows that she can trust him. Like when Marcus Jackson died, Pond told Toretti she was going to hang out with Spartan since he meant a lot to both of them, and although Toretti was visibly shocked, he understood her. There's trust between them, but Toretti is also insecure about himself.
Toretti and Pond also continued to get invitations for double dates from couples like Andi Jones & Denzel Williams to Dante Wolf & Nancy Drew. Their relationship also matured with time, with Toretti finally had enough confidence and started calling her honey and babe, moving on from the awkward pet name phase. Time later, Pond bought an office near MRPD that she planned to convert into an apartment, and gave a key to Toretti inviting him to move in and live with her, which Toretti did.
Toretti initially said to Andi Jones that he didn't know if he loved her, and that a relationship would help him know that. When Pond was shot and dumped at Grandmas by Irwin Dundee, Pond was in critical condition and Toretti was one of the first officers to arrive alongside Lydia Vale. When the doctor told Toretti that Pond was in a temporary coma, Toretti was shocked, while visiting her in the ICU room Toretti finally told Pond that he loved her, thinking she couldn't hear him. Toretti also spent the night at the hospital accompanying Pond.
Unknown to Toretti, Pond actually heard him say that he loved her, but she wasn't sure if it had been real. This made her nervous to ask him if it was true. On September 24th, Pond asked Toretti if he had said anything important during her stay at the hospital. Toretti, scared to say anything, didn't tell her he had said the words "I Love You". When Pond realized Toretti wasn't saying anything, she was visibly sad and disappointed, and just said her good nights and left the room. While Pond was leaving the room, Toretti once again told her he loved her, but she wasn't able to hear him.
The next day they continued to be around each other, avoiding the topic from the last night. They patrolled together and attended the Pet Event at the Casino. When they arrived together at the Casino, they found Balto Connelly who started asking Pond if she had gotten an answer (as he knew Pond wanted to ask Toretti if he had said "I love you"), but she hurried the topic. Once Toretti needed to leave, he said his goodbye, they hugged and Pond attempted to say "I love you" as well, but she couldn't, being as akward as Toretti. Everything was fine during that day until Dundee kidnapped Pond again.
After torturing her in the Grapeseed torture room, Pond was found without tongue, without a couple of fingers, with an eye stabbed, and a knife in the knee by Jeffrey Bundy and Michael Rodgers. Taken to the hospital as soon as possible, the doctor stabilised her, but she still lost her eye, but her tongue got reattached. Pond was taken to an ICU room and Toretti was informed of her status.
When Bundy visited Pond in her room, she woke up for a couple of minutes. She pointed her finger to Bundy's notepad and with difficulty and using all her strength wrote "Want Toretti". When Bundy asked who wanted Toretti, she wrote "Me". Leaving Bundy thinking that she just wanted him to visit, but others thinking that it actually meant that she wants to be with Toretti.
The next day, Toretti claimed she spent the night in her hospital room as soon as Bundy emailed him. Toretti again arrived to Pillbox after Pond had to shoot down Mike Smoore and took her to their apartment. In there, they had a conversation (Pond writing and Toretti talking) that went from the torture to their future. The conversation led them to the outside of the apartment, since Pond was still going to stay awake and needed the keys to Theodore Tinker's mini-van that they were using as transpor. Before going inside their apartment Toretti told Pond "I love you", thinking that she might not hear it since he was from a far distance, but Pond actually heard him and ran inside the apartment and found Toretti asleep. Pond immediately texted Balto about it and told him he heard him this time say it.
Balto and Pond had a small conversation at the Observatory where Pond told him that this time she had heard Toretti said that he loves her and also told Balto that she loves him as well. She expressed she wanted to say it back, but also wanted to say it instead of writing it on a whiteboard, as she was communicating at that moment.
After another visit to the ICU and several revelations, on October 3rd, Pond had recently discovered that Baas had ocean dumped Dundee, with the help of Tony Andrews. Trying to find out if it was true, she asked Baas for the truth, but he denied the claims. Seeing that he might be lying, she texted Toretti with the message that she was thinking of quitting the police department. Toretti picked up Pond and drove around the city, while Pond explained Baas had apparently attacked Dundee and that's was the reason as to why she had been tortured. Toretti, not believing in Dundee's word, tried to say that Dundee was most likely lying, but while explaining his rage against Dundee and mixing some events, he made himself look like he knew about it and had helped covered it up. Pond, who for days had wanted to tell Toretti that she loved him, no longer wanted until she could figure out if he was an accomplice or not. She also thought that if Toretti was an accomplice, she would hand out her badge and end her relationship with him. Regardless, later that night Pond applied the same technique that Toretti did, since she told him "Love you" and ran into the apartment when he dropped her off at their apartment.
Pond and Toretti's relationship began to have problems as soon as their relationship had stabilized and had the trust to say "I love you" to each other. Toretti's position in High Command usually kept him busy all day, neglecting Pond and her desire of spending time with him. Pond understood that Toretti's position demanded a lot of time, and understood that it meant that he would not always be around her, but still wished for a day for themselves at least once a month. Regardless of Pond's issues with Toretti, they proceeded as if nothing was happening. They continued to share a house and make plans together.
As time passed, people still said to Pond that she could do better, and she believed it as people around her easily influenced her. She was also still scared of Toretti saying that she wanted to marry her. Pond, trying to spend time with Toretti, would often hide in his car or invite him to hang out off-duty, but Toretti never had the chance to do so. This lead to Sexton Hardcastle, Pond's partner in the Street Crimes Unit, to hang out with her more, which made Toretti jealous. As Pond started to hang out with Hardcastle, people often tell Toretti that Pond was cheating on him and that he would feel what Spartan had felt when he intervened in their relationship.
Hardcastle and Pond continue to grow closer, being good friends and the only other person besides Toretti, that Pond fully trusted within PD. At that same time, rumors of a relationship between Pond and Hardcastle circulated. While at the beginning Toretti didn't believe in them, once multiple officers and civilians said it, Toretti started to believe the rumors, but Pond reassure him that nothing was happening.
Pond continue to feel depressed and disappointed in Toretti, not spending time with her, but still loved him and wanted to make their relationship work. Around mid-November, Pond got drunk and texted Toretti that they were done, and she also told Hardcastle that she was mad at him, as he had been sleeping with Manuela Santos. Pond explained the situation with Toretti, saying that she was jealous of her friends having the relationship that she wished had with Toretti.
Once Toretti started his run for Sheriff, his attitude changed. Toretti didn't allow people to disrespect him or mouth to him, and began to stand up for himself. This new attitude change was a welcome one to Pond, as she believed it was kind of hot. Toretti also began planning a date with Pond, but Pond believed nothing would happen as she knew Toretti would probably forget or keep postponing it.
When Toretti was promoted to Sheriff of Sandy Shores, he immediately got into a fistfight with Kyle Pred and got into the ICU. While there, Pond told an unconscious Toretti that she would look for a place in Sandy. She also received the blessing from the Lost MC, as a gesture of good will, to move alongside Toretti to Sandy Shore. This given that the Lost MC wanted people living in Sandy Shore and Pond being Reed's old lady.
While Toretti was in the ICU, the relationship began to crumble even faster. Since Toretti had insinuated that he wanted to marry Pond, multiple people had asked Pond what would she do if Toretti proposed to her. She would answer that either she would say no or be engaged forever, as she didn't believe in marriage anymore. Also, Pond had multiple grievances with Toretti because of his lack of attention to her.
That weekend, Elizabeth Byrne kidnapped Pond from Windsong's festival and kept her captive at Grandma's. Pond's wishes were for Lizzy to focus on her and not on Hardcastle or Toretti, as they were the only people she cared for. When PD learned about Pond's disappearance, Jeffrey Bundy received a phone call where Pond revealed she had been kidnapped and also texted him to let Toretti know she loved him. The next day, Pond was rescued after a manhunt and Lizzy and her accomplices were sent to jail. Pond, scared that Lizzy would send someone for her, asked Hardcastle to stay at his place, as Toretti was still in the ICU. For two days, Pond stayed at Hardcastle's place. On the second night, Pond accidentally joined Hardcastle in his bed and hugged him, as she was having nightmares and she was used to having Toretti at her side in bed.
On December 6, Toretti finally woke up from the ICU. As it was his first day as the Sheriff of Sandy Shores, he had been busy almost the entire day with meeting and talking with officers wanting to join his department. While talking with Silas Grimmer, Pond tried to talk with Toretti, but as Toretti didn't know what had happened to Pond, asked her to wait. Once Toretti found out that Pond had been kidnapped and tortured, he tried to call her, but it was too late. Pond began thinking that Toretti considered his job more important than her. Once they had a talk about both Pond's weekend and Toretti's day, Toretti found out that Pond had been staying at Hardcastle's house, annoyed, but accepting that she wasn't cheating on him, told Pond that it was okay. Everything appeared to be okay, but not in the greatest terms. While talking, Pond and Toretti set up a date for December 10, once the date was set, Toretti asked for a private moment with Serge Cross, Jenny Hall and Lance Malton, Toretti revealed them he was considering asking Pond to marry him during the date. On the other hand, Pond didn't get excited for the date because she knew Toretti would most likely forget about it.
As the day passed, Toretti and Owen had a minor altercation that ended with Toretti running to the LSIA and saying an apology to Owen, in front of the entire PD, that squashed any grievances they had. Pond was mad when she saw that, as she considered Toretti had done nothing close to that romantic moment between Bros with her. While driving with Hardcastle, Pond said that she didn't have any hopes for the date as it would most likely not happen, also told Hardcastle that they had never had a date alone, and that she was worried that Toretti's new position would leave no time for her. Hardcastle continue to press the scenario of what would happen if Toretti proposes and Pond reaffirmed she would say No, and that the rejection would most likely mean the end of their relationship as she couldn't see Toretti, who had called her the love of his life, continue to be with her after that. She also told Hardcastle that maybe she would spend once again the night at his place, as she was upset with Toretti. Despite this, Pond went home to find that Toretti had cooked dinner and lit the apartment with candles. They both ate dinner and then made up the time they lost when Toretti was in the ICU.
After Toretti got sent to the ICU again, Pond wasn't informed at all about it and when she got home she didn't find Toretti, which made her go out and hang out with Hardcastle and Ruger Daniels. Once they were all drunk, they went together to Hardcastle's place. In there, each of them ended up passing out, and Pond passed out next to Hardcastle in his bed and almost made out with him. The next morning Pond found out that Toretti was in the ICU and felt guilt for almost cheating on him with Hardcastle. For that reason, she sought Jenny's advice on the topic. Jenny recommended her to end the relationship with Toretti if she's no longer interested in him or if they both are looking for different things. Pond confesses that she almost kissed Hardcastle, and that she had thought of breaking up with Toretti a few weeks before. Pond says that if she breaks up with Toretti, she's just going to have fun without committing to a serious relationship. She also knows that Toretti wants to propose, and she feels it would just be a bandaid in the problem, as she sees it as something Toretti wants to do to anchor her to him and to show that he wants to spend time with her. She tells Jenny that she will talk with Toretti first, before doing anything with Hardcastle. Once their conversation was finished, Pond left with two choices, either break up with Toretti or try to fix the relationship and move it to another direction that both would want.
Pond also confessed to Hardcastle what had happened last night, as he didn't remember it. She also told him she would talk with Toretti first and wouldn't mention what had happened with him. Hardcastle also invited her to keep crashing at his place if she didn't feel safe at home, to which Pond said she would if Toretti didn't wake up from ICU.
On December 9, everything ended. When Pond informed Toretti that she had spent the night at Hardcastle's because she didn't know he had been released from the hospital, Toretti walked away from her. When Emma Dupont learnt all this, she took Pond to Sandy Shores Office to finally talk with Toretti. In a mediation that included Jenny Hall, Reed Dankleaf, Rocko Columbo, Emma Dupont, Tracy Martell, William Gunner, and Serge Cross, Toretti and Pond started airing their grievances. Explaining to each other what they wanted and the issues they had. Toretti tried to fix the relationship, but he didn't seem committed to do it and instead he was saying he would try to be better. When Pond expressed she didn't know if his new position as Sheriff would leave time for her, Toretti told her he would leave the position for her. Pond, already knowing that Toretti would not change or things would eventually return to the same position as she was at that moment, decided that it was better to break up at that moment, instead of hurting themselves more in the future. When Toretti heard that, he just walked away and left, saddened he cleaned out his stuff from the apartment and left the engagement ring he had to Pond.
Some time after Pond broke up with Hardcastle, Pond and Toretti started seeing each other again, but this time they both agreed that it would just be about sex and no relationship would ensue. Originally, Toretti wanted to hide the fact they were seeing each other again, but eventually everyone found out.

Kyle Pred - Best Friend

Toretti and Kyle Pred often argue with each other. Before Pred became Sheriff he would often bully Toretti and ignored his rank believing he was better than him. When Pred became Sheriff, Pred started to give strike points to Toretti often for insubordination, they would also often engage in physical violence, that ends with Toretti often in the ground as Pred often uses brass knuckles. Toretti does not tolerate Pred's reign over the BCSO, as he knows that Pred is power-hungry. Although they often clash with each other, they sometimes referred to each other as "best friends", but they quickly return to fight each other.
On July 16th, Toretti and Pred had a fight scheduled for to the VLC 2. Before the fight, Svensen injected Toretti with two adrenaline shots under the disguise it was B12. Pred and Toretti fought for two rounds, but after the second round Pred was going to be disqualified for using an IFAK between rounds. Pred remembering that Svensen had injected Toretti with something told the judge Vinny Pistone that Toretti was doping. Trying to verify these claims, Vinny had EMS Flop Dugong drug test them both to which he took them to Pillbox. At Pillbox, Toretti discovered he had high levels of adrenaline inside him, sending him to the ICU after a heart attack as a result to the shots. Pred's blood test also showed positive results, as he had cocaine and horse tranquilizers inside his system, causing a double disqualification.
Pred has tried to sabotage Toretti's efforts with Lily Pond, but after finding out that the two of them were having fun together he backed up John Spartan and allowed him to beat him down in a fight at MRPD's parking lot.
Pred attended the triple date at the Clean Manor, where he brough Angel with him. During the date, Pred often teased Toretti and Pond, but his efforts where in vain after they officially started dating after it. Once Toretti became Assistant Chief of Police, Pred initially made fun of Toretti, but after Sam Baas, started working without really communicating with BCSO, Pred referred to Toretti as the only person within LSPD High Command who he can really work with.

Pilbis Shonley - Adoptive Son

Originally, Pilbis Shonley was just Toretti's friend, he used to call him asking for a ride-along and also chasing after him so he could hang out with him. Toretti, for his part, is fond of NBC, the gang to which Pilbis belongs. The friendship with Pilbis grew over time, although Toretti frequently says that Pilbis is very needy and that he does not want to be near him. His friendship even led Pilbis to ask Toretti to be his best man at his wedding with Mercury Frost. After a while, Pilbis began to say that Toretti was his father, which Toretti initially denied, but eventually Toretti accepted and adopted Pilbis. He frequently refers to him as his son, and that he can't be involved in serious situations with him since he could be considered bias.
Pilbis is somewhat protective, especially when Toretti is attacked by other people. When he found out that a woman had stabbed Toretti, he threw a Molotov cocktail at her, killing her. Although Toretti did not ask Pilbis to kill or harm her, he did gave Pilbis the address of where the woman was. During the hearing, Toretti defended Pilbis saying that he was a good son who had only acted in defense of his father.

Shelby Lane - Girlfriend

Shelby Lane and Toretti were not close or frequently talked to each other until he took part as a test subject during Shelby's K9 evaluations, where Toretti was injured after a K9 bit him through the bite suit. At some point, this relationship lead to them both agreeing to spend nights together, but not getting involved in any kind of relationship. After this, they started going out at night for "waffles", which meant sex. Initially Toretti thought no one would notice or find out, but after Gable revealed that he knew, everyone found out.
Shelby and Toretti just spend the nights together, but it is unknown if Toretti wants more. Regardless, their casual relationship has led to Peach Chee nearly kill Shelby, after she got jealous and poured hot water on Shelby and the machines that kept her alive during her ICU stay.
On May 15th, 2022, Kyle Pred found out from Chad Gable that Shelby and Toretti were sleeping together. Trying to confirm the information, Pred asked Shelby if the rumors were true, which she confirmed. This caused Pred to scream at Shelby and say he couldn't look at her the same way anymore.
The revelation prompted Gunner, Pred and Peach to confront Toretti about his advances on Peach. Toretti mentioned that he had never flirted with Peach and never tried to move forward with her. Peach then gave him an ultimatum that was supposed to make Toretti choose Shelby or her. The ultimatum went nowhere, and eventually, everything calmed down. Afraid that she would lose her job in the PBSO, Shelby revealed that she was sleeping with Toretti to Sam Baas, and told him she was happy with Toretti, but that she didn't really have a relationship with him. Despite both saying that they didn't had a relationship or were a couple, they were really pretty much a couple without a label as they started being exclusive for almost a week and half before everyone find out, and Toretti had already moved in with her. Eventually they accepted that they had a relationship and started being more public about it.
Senora Desert Sheriff's Office

Rocko Colombo

Rocko Colombo and Toretti often patrol together. During their ride-alongs they often joke around and discuss the politics of PD. Toretti often joins Colombo, also known as the "Highwayman", on patrol up north where Colombo uses a slicktop CVPI to catch speeders on the highway. After Kyle Pred's promotion to Sheriff, he planned to demote Colombo to Senior Deputy which would remove his slicktop priviledges. Before Pred could demote him, Toretti alongside Malton and Divine convinced Colombo to switch to LSPD so he could keep his Command status.
When Toretti became the Sheriff of the SDSO, he chose Colombo as his Undersheriff, believing that he would be a good fit into the department beside that he had promised him before.

John Copperton

Toretti's biggest supporter, John Copperton, is a cadet within the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office that admires Toretti. He often defends Toretti against everyone, including criminals, civilians and officers alike. John hates racers, so he often escalates and gets aggressive against civilians and criminals in race cars, which leads to Toretti to often de-escalate the traffic stops they found themselves in. Some members of the PD refer to John as Toretti's son.
John Cop would do anything for Toretti. He even tried to kill Cleo Shaw after she stabbed Toretti.

Cody Sharp

One of Toretti's most loyal officers. Cody Sharp will often try to protect Toretti from any attacks, be it from criminals or fellow officers. During Toretti's campaign for Chief of Police, Sharp was his Secret Service bodyguard and would often stop anyone from interacting with him, being overprotective. When the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office was created, Cody was one of the first to join the department and since then has continued to support him even to the distaste of his adoptive father, Matt Rhodes.

Ensley Alton

Ensley Alton is one of Toretti's biggest supporters. When Toretti started his campaign for Chief of Police, Ensley decided to become his campaign manager and create posters for him. Despite losing the election, Toretti still thanked Ensley's help and was very grateful to have counted with her help. Ensley once again took the role when Toretti decided to run for Sheriff and supported him despite the odds of him winning being slim. When Toretti was appointed as the Sheriff of the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, Ensley was one of the officers that changed departments, especially since she could help Toretti to create a department from the ground. This change would be beneficial for Ensley, as she started to enjoy more of her time in the SDSO.
Ensley is one of the few officers that respects Toretti, something that led her to join his department when it was created. Toretti considers Ensley as one of his most reliable deputies and is always praising her work to others.

Peach Chee

Peach Chee is a cadet within the SDSO who was frequently trained by Toretti and taught her how to gaslight someone. Peach has a big crush on Toretti, but Toretti shown no feelings towards her, often saying that Peach is disgusting and that he would never be with her. When Toretti flirts with other women, Peach often shows that she is angry and tells Toretti that they are not good enough for him, but he ignores her and continues to pursue other people.
Peach has tried to sabotage Toretti's relationships, going as far as attempting to kill Shelby Lane when she was in the ICU by throwing hot water on her and the machines she was connected to.
Los Santos Police Department

Dante Wolf

Toretti has a soft spot for Dante Wolf. When Dante started to be around the city more Toretti was excited to see him around. They don't patrol together often, but they always catch up when they have a chance. Toretti helped Dante buy his own CVPI and supported him after he was found guilty of Felony Obstruction of Justice, accomplice to Assault and Battery, and accomplice to Kidnapping for the Meowfurryon situation. During the process, Dante realized he wanted to change departments and told Toretti about it. Toretti, happy to hear it, told Dante to get an expungement as soon as he could and then he could transfer to LSPD. When Dante got his expungement and told Pred he wanted to switch, he was initially denied since Pred considered "wanting a change" wasn't a real motive to switch departments. Toretti called Divine so he could deal with Pred. Divine convinced Pred to let Dante switch and he payed Dante's debt to the BCSO.

Tracy Martell

Tracy Martell regardless of her rank often gives Toretti HR points. They don't patrol together often, but when they do, they have a good dynamic between themselves, which some considered a crazy and chaotic dynamic. When Martell felt overlooked and unappreciated by BCSO High Command, Toretti told her to switch departments. When Kyle Pred took the HR department from her, she decided to switch to LSPD.
During a conversation between Bob Smith and Toretti, Bob told him he was going to step down as Chief of Police and that Toretti was his pick to be the next one. Hoping that Toretti would win the election, Bob told him he should start to look out for a replacement for his position in the Personnel and Training Division. When Toretti went to Chumash Pier to reflect on the information given by Bob, Martell appeared and told him if something was wrong. Toretti followed Bob's advice and talked to Martell to see if she was interested in hiring and training.

Lauren Forcer

Toretti and Lauren Forcer knew each other after having worked together within the PD for almost a year. (2.0) After Divine and Forcer left Los Santos for two years, they sent Toretti a postcard from Vice City. When Divine and Forcer returned to Los Santos, they greeted Toretti. During the PD's first meeting they learned about the budget problems the PD was going through, Divine and Forcer asked each other why they had returned to the city, when Toretti overheard he told them to not leave him alone.
On February 24th, 2020 Owen Svensen told Toretti that Forcer was trying to usurp him from the Tripod, annoyed and betrayed by the idea he started calling Forcer "Yoko". The argument would eventually reach Divine, who became mad at his fellow Tripod friend. Eventually everyone apologized for being rude towards each other and Divine calmed Toretti's insecurities, but the tension was still high between them. Toretti promised Malton that he would invite Lauren for a meal or do a ride-along to apologize to her. The next day, Toretti tried to speak with Lauren so he could apologize with her, but she immediately rejected him and told him that unless it is work related she wouldn't talk to him. Their animosity lessened over time, but they often clash with each other. To the date, Forcer still makes fun of him and Toretti occasionally calls her Yoko.
After Sam Baas was appointed Chief of Police and Toretti his Assistant Chief, Forcer transferred to the LSPD. When Toretti found out he was annoyed by the idea of having her in the department, but he kept the comments to himself. When a trade for both Mina Price and Claire Everly was being formed, Toretti suggested trading Forcer back to BCSO, but Kyle Pred shut down the idea. Despite this, Toretti has approached Forcer to help him with teaching cadets report writing and evidence.

Sam Baas

Toretti and Sam Baas have different styles of policing, but they have a respect for each other. When Baas was being sent to court over the waterboarding incident with Meowfurryon, Toretti privately supported Baas through the process. Despite being found guilty, Toretti still had respect for him.
When the Chief of Police elections started, Baas was one of the main opponents Toretti had. Both Toretti and Baas spoke to each other during the elections and both of them told each other they had positions for the other in their planned restructure. When Baas was appointed the next Chief of Police, he chose Toretti as his Assistant Chief. This started their new working relationship as part of the new LSPD High Command. During their swearing ceremony, Baas helped Toretti when he was about to pass out from a heart attack after Owen Svensen had drugged him with several adrenaline shots.
Although Baas and Toretti don't agree with everything, they support each other. When Kyle Pred confronted Toretti about their recent promotions, he told Pred that although he didn't a 100% agreed with Baas' decisions, he was going to support him and allow him to test the changes he wants to do. He has said that he will give his advice and opinion, but at the end Baas is the Chief and he will follow him.
Also Baas has defended Toretti after people have questioned his decision to appoint him as his Assistant Chief. Baas says that Toretti complements him as he has better skills in certain areas where he's not the best. Alongside Lance Malton, they created a dynamic where Toretti and Baas often depend on Malton to correct their mistakes in public.
Although Toretti preaches that the BCSO doesn't know what they're doing, he's often caught off guard when LSPD makes decisions and often agrees more with Pred than with Baas. When Baas started promoting more people, Toretti didn't looked to be a 100% on board with the plan.

Aaron Byson

Aaron Byson thinks that he and Toretti share a brotherly bond, but Toretti not always reciprocate that feeling. Regardless Toretti and Byson work well together, but they don't ride together often. When Byson transferred to the BCSO, Toretti felt betrayed after he heard that Byson did nothing when Bob Smith was being beaten down by deputies and that he requested his transfer while Bob was on the ground. Although Toretti wants Byson back in the LSPD, he follows Bob's orders of gatekeeping Byson. When Toretti found out that Bob was stepping down from his position as Chief of Police, Byson was one of the first people Toretti approached to hear his opinion of him being the future Chief of Police, confused Byson answered he would be a good Chief, and asked Toretti if there was something wrong with Bob to which Toretti replied everything was fine.
Toretti also helped Byson to get in a relationship with dispatch Jessica Easton, although both Byson and Jessica consider Toretti did little for them.
Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office

Randy Wrangler

Toretti and Randy Wrangler have known each other after having worked together within the PD. (2.0) The first day Wrangler got on duty, Toretti explained to him about the changes within PD and helped him get his proper uniform and equipment. Also, he explained to him the budget crisis the PD was going through. After Kyle Pred became the Sheriff, Wrangler became quickly disappointed on how he was handling the department, often clashing and arguing with one another. When Toretti found out about their problems, he proposed Wrangler to take down Pred and became the Sheriff.
Since Toretti's promotion to High Command he has been more careful with Wrangler. Knowing how Wrangler operates and his behavior, he often tries make Wrangler think that he's supporting him, but he's just there to protect the person Wrangler is targeting. When Aaron Byson was being reprimanded, Toretti told Byson that he didn't agree with Wrangler, but after hearing insubordination from him he had to side with Wrangler.

Brittany Angel

Toretti and Brittany Angel work together under the Personnel and Training Division, both being the leads of it. Together they oversee the Los Santos Police Dispatch and Civilian wing of the PD, as well as cadets and FTOs in the department. Toretti rarely questions Angel's decisions which make him easy to work with. Although people like Kyle Pred think Angel needs someone better than Toretti in the division or that she could run it by herself, she has stated that she's lucky to have Toretti with her and that he's very important within the division. Despite having a good work relationship, when Denzel Williams became the mayor and cut PDs salary, she blamed Toretti since he had brought Denzel's campaign team to MRPD.
Angel was invited by Kyle Pred to a triple date at the Clean Manor, originally looking to punish Lily Pond and Domenic Toretti for leaving Nino Chavez inside MRPD, they ended up having some steak and driking wine.
Angel and Toretti have also started to clash in the Personnel and Training Division, Angel has expressed that she wants Toretti out after he started hiring people without consulting her. Although Angel has said that she will try to keep working together, the idea of splitting the Recruitment division has come up.

John Spartan

Toretti and John Spartan initially were on good terms, but after Spartan tried to cut the line for the NoPixel Trading Cards at MRPD and was disrespectful towards Toretti, he began a grudge against him. Toretti started to ask people if Spartan was still married to Lily Pond, implying that he was interested in her. When Spartan learned from Amber Gold that Toretti was trying to destroy their marriage, he tried to confront him, but Toretti ignored him and continued with his day. Toretti's actions and comments led to Spartan made comments about Toretti being found buried in the ground, implying that he could kill him for trying to break their marriage.
The two of them would eventually have a confrontation with Pond present, during the conversation Toretti tried to gaslight Spartan, saying that everything was fine and that he wasn't interested in Pond. The rivalry became physical when Toretti tried to visit Pond in the ICU, Spartan annoyed that Toretti was in the room asked him to leave, Toretti acting as the LSPD command member tried to obtain information of her status, but Spartan still wanted him out of the room. Toretti ignored him to which Spartan threw him out of the room and called Matt Rhodes so he could reprimand Toretti for being there. Unbeknownst to both Toretti and Spartan, Lily Pond's emergency contacts included Toretti to which he returned to the hospital and visited her. After making sure she was okay, Spartan and Toretti had a conversation where Toretti once again gaslighted him and told him he hoped she was okay. He also recommended some days off so he could spend them with her. Spartan still mad for the prior situation told him to never pull rank on him when it came to personal business, but Toretti didn't hear it since a shootout had broken out outside the hospital.
Some weeks after, Spartan and Pond broke up, but this didn't ended their animosity towards each other, with Spartan thinking that Toretti is not a competent officer. On July 21st, Spartan saved Toretti's life after he had being kidnapped and was about to be experimented on. During a shootout with the kidnappers, Spartan got shot, which caused Toretti to run towards him and start to hold pressure on his neck wound. He continued to hold him until EMS arrived. At the hospital, Toretti was relieved to see Spartan again on his feet after almost seeing him die.
When Spartan found out from Pond that she was sleeping with Toretti, he was shocked and annoyed with both of them. With Pond because she had told him during their marriage that nothing would ever happen with Toretti, and with Toretti because he had split up their marriage. After confronting Toretti, Spartan then beated down Toretti with Kyle Pred's permission. When Pond found out, she became upset with Spartan and had an argument outside of MRPD with him, where she told him she was glad she had divorced him after he had suggested that she was only doing it for a promotion.
Spartan also started questioning Sam Baas, asking him why he had chosen Toretti as his Assistant Chief. Baas told him that Toretti excelled at other areas in which he lacked skill. Spartan still told Baas to be careful with him and to not trust him or the Tripod. Although Spartan tried really hard to create a rift between the Chief and the Ass. Chief, Baas didn't seem to be concerned about it.
Toretti is often blamed when his personal life becomes public, but this time Spartan has been the one telling everyone what's happening between Pond and him.

Jenny Hall

Jenny Hall was one of the first officers that trained Toretti during his cadet phase. They always have had a respectful relationship, although sometimes they clash with each other, especially when it involves Jenny defending Kyle Pred. When Toretti won the Sheriff's election and managed to split the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Jenny expressed her disappointment to Toretti, after he gave out a speech where he threatened the BCSO deputies. Their relationship eventually improved, and they finally reestablished mutual resepect. After Lily Pond broke up with Toretti, he started to flirt with several of his coworkers, including Jenny.

Mackenzie Hayes

Toretti was one of the first FTOs of Mackenzie Hayes. He considered her a fantastic cadet with which he had a good dynamic with and that she just needed to come out of her shell. When Toretti found out that Hayes failed her final eval, he told Brittany Angel that he would be performing a silent final eval, by just riding with her for a couple of days to see her progress. During the evaluation, Toretti and Hayes would often end up in situations that took almost their entire shift, from bench trials to shootouts, which made her final eval take several days. After assessing her progress, Toretti took her to the dam near Mirror Park to have a conversation with her. Hayes, thinking that Toretti was going to fire her, was surprised when Toretti promoted her to full officer citing that she was a really good officer, but he told Hayes that the promotion would have the condition of getting strike points from Pred or it would be reverted.
Hayes would eventually switch to the PBSO and began to dislike Toretti's personality and the way he flirts with everyone.
San Andreas State Police

Olivia Copper

Toretti and Olivia Copper already knew each other, (2.0). Together they clean the city of Los Santos from the criminal scum, go on Best Friends dates at the Rooster's Rest and Burger Shot, watch movies, and talk about guys while painting their nails. Copper often says that she wishes to find one day a nice guy like Toretti, who she can talk to about anything.
On February 14th, 2021 Copper and Toretti flirted and joked with each other several times throughout the day, but Copper eventually told Toretti that he was one of her "Besties" and that they could go watch a movie together and paint their nails. Toretti while making a disappointed noises accepted the offer, but he would eventually ruin the night after he drove away while Claire Seducer was flirting with Copper and she decided to cancel their plans.
On March 8th, 2021, Sheriff Tribble accused Toretti in front of Copper, Angel, and Malton of paying Dupont 250$ to wear booty shorts. Toretti better explained what happened, with Dupont asking for money from the PD budget for a bike outfit and then Toretti telling her to change after seeing her wear booty shorts as her uniform. Copper flabbergasted that Toretti would do such a thing on WOMEN'S DAY, let Toretti know that she thought he was his best friend, and best friends tell each other everything. Angel and Malton audibly gasped at that statement, both thinking THEY were Toretti's best friend. Copper, still shook that Toretti would keep something like that from her, was still going on on a rant about this incident regarding Toretti and Dupont while all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Toretti drops the "L" Bomb: saying "You ARE my Best Friend Copper, I LOVE you." Copper doesn't even flinch and breaks down crying about how she thought he was his best friend and they were going to go underwear shopping together and try on leggings. Not even 10 minutes after this happened, during a PD interview, Toretti said "You don't think I'm sending this very important text to the love of my life?", referring to Copper. Of course no one in that room knew who he was talking about. Later on Copper asked Toretti to patrol together but Toretti once again ditched her and Copper texted him asking to stop giving her "gifts" and to pick up his trash from the bullpen.(Probably referring to the doughnut that Toretti gave her a couple of hours earlier)
When Copper found out that Toretti was going after Lily Pond, she offered herself as wingman for Toretti, stating that she knew what was like to have Toretti going after you. Copper then revealed how Toretti had a shot at her after all those months, but Toretti had ruined it after he didn't took advantage of it and ditched her. Shocked by the revelation Toretti left the room and blamed himself for being an awful human being. Weeks after, Copper talked with Pond, telling her to be careful with Toretti.
Once Copper, along with the rest of the Police Department, found out that Toretti and Pond were sleeping together, Copper was one of the few to not actively try to disrupt their relationship. Copper told TJ Mack that Pond seemed happy with it and that Toretti was like a plane waiting to crash. She also warned Toretti about people trying to ruin his relationship with Pond, but he clarified it wasn't really a relationship and that he knew that people didn't want to see him succeed.
When Copper shared the plans she had with Dean Watson, Toretti suggested a double date. Copper agreed to have a double date with Pond and Toretti.
On August 8, 2021 a triple date between Copper & Dean, Pond & Toretti and Pred & Angel took place at the Clean Manor. During the date, Copper mostly had to babysit Dean after he got drunk.
San Andreas State Park Rangers

Tessa Lamb

Tessa Lamb and Toretti work well together and support each other when in need. When Mike Block is around and both of them are on duty, Toretti will always tell Tessa to put her helmet on as a precaution. Toretti originally approached her to be an FTO after she was promoted to Senior Ranger, but she was having doubts thinking she wasn't that good at teaching. Toretti told her she was an outstanding officer, and that she was already a teacher at the Right of Way Driving School. Tessa would eventually contact him about FTO, to which he agreed on and gave her probationary FTO.
When Cleo Shaw told Tessa that Toretti and his deputies had tortured her, Tessa decided to investigate to see if her accusations were true. This led Tessa to claim that Owen Svensen was corrupt and took away Cleo from SDSO custody after she stabbed Toretti. When Toretti found out that Tessa was believing Cleo, he lost all respect for her and often makes snide remarks at her. Regardless, Tessa still respects Toretti in his police work, as he was her first FTO.

Andi Jones

Andi Jones and Toretti have been good friends for a while. When Andi told Toretti she was engaged to Kaleb Rush, Toretti was shocked about it. Andi often teases Toretti that he lost his chance by saying nothing about his feelings for her, but when it's brought up Toretti denies them. Although he denies any feelings, he often says that she could be with someone better and that Kaleb has tried to kill him. During Andi's mayorship, she contacted Toretti several times to organize events, hear PD opinion on certain subjects, and to have ride-alongs.

Denzel Williams

Denzel Williams met Toretti after he crashed his car near Power street. There they had a talk where they bonded on their rivalry with Lauren Forcer. Unknown to Toretti, Denzel's "rivalry" with Forcer was more than that, with him actually attempted to murder her some years before. During Denzel's campaign for mayor, Toretti was one of his supporters. When asked if he could convince LSPD officers to vote for him, he told Denzel that he could do that, but he never did. Instead of convincing them, he publicly supported him during PD meeting where Kyle Pred often invited Abdul AlRahim to campaign. During a situation with T.J. Mack, Denzel called Toretti, asking him to stop Mack from harassing him. When Toretti arrived, he made himself clear that if he was in the situation, he wouldn't charge him with anything serious or not able to be proved, but left Mack to make his own decision.
This situation made people believe that Toretti was in Denzel's pocket. Many thought that the LSPD closeness to Denzel was a sign that a department was corrupt. Denzel eventually won the mayorship, and he constantly contacted Toretti to hear opinions about PD related situations. When Denzel decreased the PD salary, Toretti got blamed for it and was forced to do EMS duty, after PD learned EMS had a pay increase.
Mayor Denzel was the one that conducted the swearing-in ceremony for both Sam Baas and Toretti. During the ceremony Denzel swore in Baas as the Chief of Police and Toretti as the Assistant Chief. Although Toretti doesn't know, Denzel assisted in the murder of the Deputy Mayor Basem Shahin, when Kyle Pred learned that both Denzel and Andi Jones may had something to do with his death he ordered to not involve the LSPD given their relationship with both of them.

Cleo Shaw

Since her beginning in the PD, Cleo Shaw has been compared to Toretti, especially since both of them went thru a phase of constantly getting kidnapped during their cadet phase. Because of this, Toretti always understood Cleo and tried to help her when she had any concerns about PD. Their relationship got stronger once Lily Pond broke up with Toretti, who started to flirt with Cleo, who at the time was in a relationship with Bryce Miller. Unknown to Toretti was the amount of issues and problems Cleo was involved. This led to Cleo to doubt herself as a cop. As she saw a lack of camaraderie between deputies, trying to help with her insecurities, Toretti allowed her to transfer to the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office.
The two of them grew closer, with Cleo saying Toretti was one of the few people in the city to actually listen to her and that she could trust him. People within the Police Department, started to notice their closeness, which lead to several officers warn Toretti to stay away from her. When Nicholas Simone and Michael Simone started to hunt Cleo and her close ones, she snapped and stabbed Nick. Cleo would eventually confess to Jeffrey Bundy and Jenny Hall about stabbing Nick and was fired from the PD against Toretti's order. When Toretti found out that Cleo had been fired despite his wish to speak with her first, he was upset. Reuniting with Cleo, he asked her if she really wanted to quit, which she didn't know. During their conversation Toretti told her he would support whatever decision she takes and that he only was concerned for her safety and happiness. Cleo told Toretti that she was glad to have him as a friend and that maybe in another universe they could've been together.
Their friendship was eventually forgotten and after Toretti tried to re-educate Cleo, she decided to get revenge and stabbed Toretti. Now Cleo claims Toretti tortured her and got Matt Rhodes and Tessa Lamb to investigate her allegations, which Toretti didn't took lightly.

Ellis Pinzon

Toretti supported Ellis Pinzon since he was a cadet often trying to help him when he got into trouble, like when they found out that he didn't knew the SOPs or he wasn't writing reports. Toretti has stated that Pizon has been one of his favorites alongside Lily Pond, so that's the reason as to why he often pushes him to be better. Toretti continually supported Pinzon to get into the Park Rangers, often recommending him to his superiors. When Pinzon changed, he impressed several members within PD which helped him to be finally accepted into the Park Rangers. This prompted Toretti to tell Pinzon that he had always believed in him and that he was happy for him. After the transfer to the Rangers, Pinzon continued to impress various officers, which helped Toretti recommend Pinzon for both FTO and eventually Senior Park Ranger. Toretti always tells Pinzon that he has his back, and Pinzon considers Toretti one of his "boys", having each other back.
When Baas offered Pinzon a Sgt. position in LSPD, Toretti wasn't a 100% convinced on it. Although he thinks Pinzon is capable and a good leader, he doesn't think that everyone should be getting a Command position.

Serge Cross

Serge Cross is one of Toretti's right-hand man within his department. Toretti always speaks highly of him and tries to involve him in any important discussions such as appointing him as the political officer of the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, who is in charge of the budget. When the SDSO was created, Cross wanted to help Toretti's department grow, so he decided to be one of the first members of the newly created department.
When a judge election opened up a spot for Serge, he decided to resign as deputy and decided to campaign for judge. Toretti wished him luck and reminded him that he would always have a position in the SDSO for him.

Major Events

A New Beginning

When Toretti returned to the city, he held the rank of officer. The first few days back, Toretti, alongside Johnny Divine and Lance Malton, held a Tripod meeting. During the meeting the three of them promised to support each other towards their goals, and made the plan to hold top positions of power within PD. When Thomas Metzger asked what type of police work Toretti was interested in he went for an administrative type work. On February 25th, they promoted Toretti to senior officer and appointed as the co-lead of the Personnel and Training Division alongside Sgt. Brittany Angel.

Co-leading a Division

Toretti and Angel had to set up the Personnel and Training Division, this comprised creating SOPs and doing a complete restructure of the FTO program. The Personnel and Training Division is in charge of the recruitment process, of the FTO certification, officer training, leading the academies, and overseeing the civilian wing of the PD such as the Los Santos Police Dispatch. After they settled in their roles, they began interviewing people to seek candidates for upcoming academies.

Toretti and Angel have both found this job stressful, but rewarding. In public, Toretti prefers to be the background guy for P&T, giving Angel both the praise and backlash from their decisions. This goes back to the conversation Angel and Toretti had the day HC appointed them as co-leads of P&T, where Angel established she had a 51% share and Toretti a 49% share.

Toretti seems to be active with dispatch, often promoting them to Dispatch FTOs and engaging in conversation with them about how they can improve their job.

The Tripod

On February 24th, 2020, Owen Svensen told Toretti that Lauren Forcer, who was dating Johnny Divine, was trying to usurp him from his group of friends known as the Tripod. He started calling Forcer "Yoko" whenever he could. When Divine heard about this, their friendship went through some bumps. Divine asked Toretti to apologize and calmed his insecurities, promising that no one was trying to remove him. Toretti apologized, but the tension between Divine and Toretti was still high. Still, Divine held animosity towards Toretti, calling him selfish.

When Divine and Toretti were promoted to Sergeant and Senior Officer. Divine yelled at Toretti during a Tripod meeting. During the conversation, Divine told him he was an incompetent officer and that he no longer cared about him. Toretti tried to call him "brother", but he was shut down by Divine. Malton tried to mediate between them and made everything possible to end the conflict, but he failed. Divine bossed Toretti around, ordering him to buy him cigarettes from a 24/7, pulling rank on him. When Toretti came back, he made the argument that it was never about Divine and Forcer's relationship, instead it was their friendship. Once again Toretti was reassured that he would never be replaced, but Divine still was mad at him.

Despite the meeting, the next day Divine was still upset with Toretti and continued to boss him around. A turn occurred later in the day. When Divine asked to speak with Toretti on the second floor of MRPD, there he asked Toretti for a hug and vented about Forcer not talking to him after his promotion. They both had a conversation and Divine apologized to Toretti about lashing out at him. Their relationship improved over time, but the rift was still there. Eventually the LSPD vs. BCSO started and everything seemed to go back to normal. The only thing that remained weird between them was that Toretti was still friends with Owen.

Malton also continued to improve their relationship with both of them. When Bob announced he was stepping down, both Malton and Divine supported Bobby's decision to have Toretti run for Chief of Police, indicating that it was Bob's wish. Calling a Tripod meeting, Divine told Toretti if there was still any differences between them they were gone and he would do anything to make Chief Toretti happen.

Toretti also asked both Malton and Divine to investigate John Spartan, asking for any evidence of him cheating on Lily Pond (who Toretti had a crush on), Divine agreed looking into it because he hoped that finding love for Toretti would make him accept his relationship with Forcer. Divine ended up in the ICU, and for a month he stayed there. On July 1st, 2021 Divine called Toretti and informed him he was fine, but he had no sensation on his arms or legs. Toretti, alongside now a single Pond, visited Divine in his room at Pillbox. There he discovered he was still Interim Chief of Police. Divine called Malton to join them and both promoted Toretti to Lieutenant. As Toretti was leaving Divine told him that he deserved the promotion, wished him good luck, called him his brother, and that he loved him. All this seemed to have healed the rift between them.

Sheriff Kyle Pred and BCSO

When Kyle Pred became the Sheriff, Toretti was one of the few that loudly complained about it. He started to call Pred his enemy after finding out that BCSO had beaten up Bob Smith. As time passed on, Pred made a tradition to have post-Tsunami meeting. During these meetings Pred and Toretti would often argue with each other. Toretti often ends up either beaten up or with strike points after those meeting. Toretti claims that someone has to keep Pred in line and to see that he doesn't become a dictator of the PD. As a BCSO vs. LSPD mentality was developed after Pred's promotion, Toretti was one of the most vocal people about this rivalry with him often trying to have people switch departments.

Pred and Toretti's rivalry has gone as far as fighting in VLC 2, where both of them where disqualified from the competition for doping. As the BCSO vs. LSPD mentality decreased, Toretti focused just in Pred by saying that he would keep him in-check. Their rivalry goes from the professional side to the personal side, with Pred often trying to ruin his life by either saying lies or by having people go after the people Toretti is interested, such as Lily Pond. Despite all this, both Toretti and Pred would claim that they're each other best friends and both of them have each other in their emergency contact list.

To the day Pred continues the rivalry with Toretti even after he was promoted to Assistant Chief. Although they seem to not get along, they share many opinions and they back each other with official business. Pred has also warned the new Chief of Police Sam Baas to be aware that Toretti is a snake, but he has also talked to Toretti and offered him a position in BCSO. Although Toretti doesn't agree with everything Baas is deciding, he told Pred that he will support him if he decides to ignore his opinions.

The Chief of Police election

Toretti has always held Bob Smith to a high standard, being his role model for his police work. When people said that Bob was never around, he always defended him by saying that Bob was always watching. Despite defending Bob, people kept making those comments and also wondering when Toretti would become the next Chief of Police (especially since Bob and Toretti look almost identical). Toretti as the next Chief became a constant joke, with Toretti saying either "never" or "Bob will always be our Chief". When Bob told Toretti that he was going to step down from his position, Toretti was shocked, but he became ever more shocked when he heard he wanted Toretti to be his successor.

After their conversation, Toretti became depressed and cried every single time someone mentioned Bob. He also began carrying a NoPixel Trading Card of Bob. He began to often display it around saying "He's my Chief, Praise Bob". Some people were concerned about Toretti's wellbeing, but everything became clear on May 30th, 2021 when Bob announced his departure from the Chief of Police in a public news conference.

Once it became public and elections for CoP announced, Toretti submitted an interest form for his position and began his campaign for it. He enlisted help from several people like his close friends Johnny Divine and Lance Malton, alongside Cadet and then Officer Ensley Alton. Toretti counted with a lot of support, from former Chiefs (Like Jackie Snow, Vladimir Raven and Jack Ripley) to officers and deputies. When the elections started Toretti was one of the favorites, although his reputation took a hit when he publicly supported Denzel Williams for mayor. Regardless, Toretti was still considered one of the favorites to become Chief alongside Lenny Hawk, Lance Malton and Sam Baas.

Despite that, the elections have taken too long, Toretti still hopes to become the next Chief to honor Bob's legacy. On July 25th, 2021 Toretti was announced as the next Assistant Chief of Police.


No one knows how it started. The rumor is that John Spartan tried to cut the line for the NoPixel Trading Cards at MRPD, but Toretti developed a crush on Lily Pond who at the time was married to Spartan. Toretti would often make remarks about if Pond was happy with Spartan. He also started to over compliment Pond at any chance he could, which caused people (including Pond) to see that Toretti was interested in her. When confronted about it Toretti often denies having a crush on Pond and that he is just being supportive of a fellow officer, but when Spartan heard from Amber Gold that Toretti was trying to break their marriage, he told Pond about it. Pond defended Toretti by saying that it was probably a lie, since people often make fun of Toretti, but when Spartan assured her it was true, she just said that she was fine with Toretti having a crush on her and to not worry about him. In secret, Toretti had tasked both Lance Malton and Johnny Divine to look into Spartan and see if he was cheating on Pond, being one of the few to actually know that Toretti had feelings for her.

For weeks, Toretti continued to be obvious about his crush on Pond. People like Mina Price, Claire Everly and Emma Dupont confronted Toretti about it, but he would still deny anything. Spartan even confronted Toretti, but after having a meeting with Pond included Toretti stated he didn't have any crush on her. Despite both Pond and Spartan not believing it, they moved on, but Pond would often try to stir the pot by flirting with Toretti. Everything took a turn after Pond and Spartan separated, shocked by the event Toretti was surprised and flirted more with Pond. As more people noticed about Toretti's interest in Pond, more people tried to derail Toretti such as Dwayne Carter who also flirted with her, and Kyle Pred who formulated a plan where Pond would become interested in Lea Nova.

As weeks went by, both of them flirted with each other, but Toretti's luck seemed to change. On July 21st Pond was checking up on Toretti, who had been thrown off from a helicopter, and asked him if he was fine. During the conversation Toretti brough up, he still carried the pair of fluffy handcuffs that Pond had gifted him. Pond asked Toretti if he had used them already, to which Toretti answered he hadn't and was waiting to use them on someone special for him. Ending the conversation, Pond told Toretti if he needed someone special to let her know. Toretti, shocked that Pond had apparently expressed interest for him, screamed inside the locker room. The next day, Pond, who was leaving for a small vacation, partnered up with Toretti. During their ride-along, Toretti was close to finally say to Pond that he was interested. When Bryce Miller started to hit on Pond, Toretti took him to the side and finally admitted that he had feelings for Pond. Regardless, Bryce invited Pond for dinner, and also hid inside their patrol cruiser, where he pretended to be the navigation system. A couple of minutes later, Bryce acted as if the car had a self-destruct mode and it wouldn't turn off unless Toretti repeated what he had told Bryce. He told Pond that he liked her, but it was so quick that there was no time for reaction. Seconds later, he also asked Pond to not go with Bryce for dinner because of him. Close to finally express his feeling, he went back on his word which prompted to clarify that he meant he liked riding with her. As Pond was leaving for the weekend, Toretti promised to see her before she left.

Toretti wasn't able to visit Pond before she left and during her absence they promoted him to Assistant Chief. When Pond returned, she congratulated him and offered to take care of his stress so he could be more relaxed. Later that day, Pond was leaving MRPD when Toretti asked her if she was leaving alone, Pond answered him with "Doesn't have to be", which Toretti answered with "I'll see you later". That night, Toretti and Pond slept together.

The next day while riding with TJ Mack, Pond revealed to him she had moved on from Spartan and was having fun with someone. Mack, curious to find out who it was, kept asking for reassurance that it wasn't Toretti. Hours later Pond finally told Mack that it was indeed Toretti and that she was having fun with him and not planning to date him. When Spartan got on duty, Pond called him to inform him about her situation with Toretti (Since they had an agreement to inform each other once they started to move on). Over the phone, Pond told Spartan that she wasn't dating someone, but was having fun with that person. Spartan initially seemed okay with it, but then mentioned that he was fine as long as it wasn't Toretti. This was because of the fact that Pond had told him during their marriage that nothing would ever happen with Toretti after she started to flirt with him. Despite this, Pond continued and informed him that Toretti had spent the night with her.

This led to Spartan to confront Toretti and to beat him down after Kyle Pred gave him permission to do so. When Pond found Toretti beaten down in the parking lot of MRPD, she confronted Spartan. She asked him if he was going to fight with everyone she had sex with. This led to a whole argument witnessed by Matthew Espinoz, Lea Nova, TJ Mack, and Emma Dupont. After a heated exchange of words, Pond told Spartan that she was glad to have divorced him after he suggested she was only sleeping with Toretti to get a promotion.

Almost everyone was in disbelief that Toretti and Pond were spending the nights together, and some people planned to intervene on it. Not everyone was supportive, but others were just surprised and understood both sides of the conflict. Throughout the week, people still brought their relationship up during the PD meetings. Also, Spartan was telling everyone he was close to like Anita May and Daisy Dukakis. To Toretti's surprise Olivia Copper was one of the few people not trying to mess in his life, she simply informed Toretti that everyone was trying to ruin what he had with Pond. Secretly Copper just wanted to let Toretti be happy, as she knew sooner or later he would ruin it.

Despite some bumps in their professional life, they still spend most of the nights together. This led to Pond to offer Toretti to keep the key to her apartment and to keep clean clothes in her place. Pond still tells people she's just "having fun" with Toretti and that nothing serious will happen, but Toretti has a different perception of things thinking that all this could lead to something more. When Mina Price asked Pond if she was happy she replied that she was and she was just having fun with him. Toretti, on the other side, invited Pond to a double date with Dean Watson and Olivia Copper, after Copper suggested it to Toretti.

Even though Pond kept saying it was nothing serious both seemed to have developed some kind of feelings for each other. When Bryce Miller tried to invite Pond to dinner, she declined the offer by saying that she was already seeing someone. Pond also started to get defensive when Sai Carter started to insult Toretti and often defends him from people taling bad about him. Without clarifying if they were dating, Pond and Toretti assisted to the double date at Clean Manor, which turned into a triple date when Pred and Angel showed up. After the dinner, Tony Corleone took all of them on a flight around Los Santos, but the plane had to make an emergency landing near Chumash after Dean Watson and Yeager jumped from the plane. Taking advantage of the moment, Toretti and Pond finally had a conversation to clarify their situation. After some interruptions, Pond told Toretti that she was fine by making their relationship official, finally labeling themselves as dating.

Assistant Chief of Police

On July 25th, 2021 Toretti was announced as the next Assistant Chief of Police. Initially Toretti seemed disappointed with his position, citing that he wasn't doing anything he wasn't doing already. People were surprised he wasn't the next Chief of Police and Malton even started calling him a complete disappointment. During the swearing-in ceremony Toretti was once again high on adrenaline after Owen Svensen gave him a shot. Mayor Denzel Williams was the one who swore them in and after the ceremony they held a small press conference.

Their first actions as Chief and Ass. Chief was to promote Dante Wolf and Tracy Martell to probationary shift supervisors. If they were succesful, they would be bringing them up to High Command for a promotion to Sergeants. That same day they had to demote Lily Pond after some incidents in which she was involved, neither of them seemed happy or comfortable doing it. They also promoted Mackenzie Hayes, Sexton Hardcastle and Dwayne Carter to senior officers. Following that day, Baas left the city for a couple of days, and appointed Toretti as the Acting Chief of Police and Lance Malton as the acting Ass. Chief.

Toretti and Baas disagree with some ideas, such as the way to see promotions. When Kyle Pred confronted Toretti about their recent promotions, he said that he would back Baas in his decisions even if he's not a 100% onboard with it. He told Pred he tells Baas his concerns and if Baas goes ahead and ignore them, he would still back him up on it.

Ever since Baas chose Toretti as his Assistant Chief, people have questioned his decision. People like Olivia Copper, Kyle Pred, and John Spartan have warned Baas about Toretti and the Tripod on taking over his position, saying that they are just waiting for an opportunity to take over. Others have questioned his choice in Toretti with people saying that he isn't a good leader or very commanding. While Baas does see the concerns from Toretti being commanding or a field leader, he told Spartan that Toretti complements him, since he's more skilled in areas where he's not such as paperwork, personnel relations, and backend work. He ignored the warnings from everyone and said that he's putting his trust in Toretti. Personally Toretti is happy with his position and doesn't plan to do anything to Baas, he has said that Baas is a good pick and that he will help him as much as he can.

Baas and Toretti have continued to clash in their perspectives in promotions, with Toretti not completely agreeing on promoting a large number of officers to Senior and Saergent.

According to Kyle Pred, Toretti seems to be the only reasonable and the only person he can work with within LSPD High Command.


Toretti had been the end of the joke for a long time, having cadets to fellow High Command members constantly disrespect him. For this, and to have some revenge on his best friend and rival Kyle Pred, he ran for the position of Sheriff. However, when the Senate was insulted by Kyle Pred, he was removed from his position and demoted to captain. Pred's actions were blamed on Toretti, who only had just suggested sending Kyle to prison for contempt and not removing him from office. For the next few days, Toretti was considered the most hated officer within the Unified Police Department, causing a huge change in Toretti's attitude. He was more aggressive and stopped being the punching bag for most people.

As the elections campaign progressed, Toretti did not garner much support. Most of the deputies wanted Pred to remain in office and saw Toretti as an enemy. The night of the Sheriff's election results, Toretti gave a a speech in which he stated he would destroy the BCSO and that everyone that disrespected him would need to listen to him if he was elected. Unsurprisingly, no one believed Toretti could win, not even himself, but in a shocking move, the Senate decided to split the BCSO. Toretti became the new Sheriff of Sandy Shores, while Kyle Pred was the new Sheriff of Paleto Bay. Before he could even celebrate, Toretti was sent to the ICU after he lost in a fistfight with Kyle Pred that would decide who would keep the black and gold uniforms.Since he was in the ICU, most of the former BCSO deputies joined Pred's department. Leaving him alone up in the Shore.

When Toretti woke up from the ICU, he found himself in a department with two members, himself, and former DOC Warden and newly hired cadet Jack Frent. On the first day of Toretti's department, the number of deputies increased as the day progressed. Some deputies who joined on the first day were: Manuela Santos, Silas Grimmer, Serge Cross, Jaden Bane, Michael Pike, and Robert Anderson. As it was expected, the day was chaotic, with PBSO deputies often interrupting his meetings and Pred trying to impose patrol boundaries.

His first day also included a meeting with the criminal organization known as the Lost MC. At the meeting, Toretti promised President Rudi Rinsen that there would be mutual respect between them, and that they would not bother the Lost unless obvious crime was being committed within Sandy Shores. Toretti also agreed with Rudi that Pred was an instigator and whatever could happened to him wasn't of his concern.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Officer Officer.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #419 February 5th, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Promoted to Senior Officer February 25th, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Appointed as Head of PTD alongside Sergeant Brittany Angel February 25th, 2021
Sergeant SergeantSOLSPD.png Promoted to Sergeant April 18th, 2021
Lieutenant LieutenantLSPD.png Promoted to Lieutenant July 1st, 2021
Assistant Chief of Police ACoP.png Promoted to Assistant Chief of Police July 26th, 2021
Sheriff SheriffSDSO.png Elected as the Sheriff of the SDSO December 2nd, 2021
Sheriff SheriffSDSO.png Changed Badge Number to #941 January 11th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Senior Officer FTI Certified February 25th, 2021
Burglary Task Force BTF Cert.png Assistant Chief of Police Appointed as Supervisor in the BTF September 27th, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Sheriff K9 Cross-Certified; Handler for Ace February 5th, 2022


  • Although he doesn't know much of the criminals in the city he knows the HOA, which includes Siz Fulker, Kaleb Rush, Julio Thomas, and Andi Jones. (He remembers the HOA and most its members from 2.0)
  • The HOA has a kutte with the legend "Torreti sucks"
  • Is one-third of "the Tripod", which includes Deputy Johnny Divine and Ass. CoP Lance Malton.
  • Before arriving to Los Santos he had previously worked as an animal control officer and an animal bounty hunter. Its rumored that Toretti may had ties to the mafia.
  • Jams people up from morning until night, sometimes until the middle of next week. He will jam, and jam, AND jam until there's nothing left to jam.
  • Is the heiress of the Toretti's Diaper Company fortune.
  • Would never solicit a prostitute for a blowie.
  • Can be easily charmed according to the DND nerds.
  • His nickname given by the Larpers is tortellini.



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