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Dodo Logistics is a logistics company owned by Randy Bullet. The company specializes in providing transportation of goods to businesses and can help move other items straight to a desired spot.


On June 25, 2021 Randy Bullet had the idea of a logistics company. Randy got help from Vinny Pistone to go out and find a building to run his company out of. After some searching, he finds an old postal warehouse that both Randy and Vinny think would be perfect for the company. After a swift meeting with Dean Watson to make sure the building would be available, they venture on to getting approval from the mayor.

Randy talks to Denzel Williams about getting his business approved, but Randy needs a business model before he can continue with the approval process. Randy contacts Robert Locksley and John "Turbo" Miller as Dodo Logistics' lawyers and they begin writing the business model. (To be written)


Turbo quits

-Waking up to Bad News: Randy wakes up and gets a call from Turbo, he calls him down to Dodo Logistics to talk. Rated says that Turbo is not happy with certain things going on in the company, he has lost interest in being the CEO and wants to quit. Mario and Chloe greets Randy at Dodo, Wayne calls and Randy asks him if what he’s been hearing is true, that Wayne doesn’t want to work under anyone at Dodo and wants to be in his own division. Wayne clarifies that it was only a request, but Randy tells him he was meant to start work on Monday and be trained under Karina for now. Randy says Turbo has quit and that what Wayne did was his last straw, Wayne is set off by that and thinks Turbo should have spoken to him when they had their meeting. Wayne is insistent on doing the job as a CEO to fill Turbo’s spot, but Randy already has Karina lined up for that job. Randy meets with Turbo to receive ownership of the Dodo Boxvilles back, they talk about what happened with Wayne, as well as their differences, Randy respects Turbo’s wishes. Turbo is preparing Randy for what people are gonna say and do when the news of Turbo quitting gets spread, saying that people will suck up to him for the position, and possibly talk shit about Turbo. Randy tries to assure Turbo that his reasons could be solved easily, but Turbo has made his decision. Randy feels it is a big loss that could have been prevented. Miguel pulls up, Randy tells him about what just happened. Violet calls and gets the same update. - January 25th, 2022 Written by Anya ☁#1281

Karina made new CEO

-Appointing a New CEO: Randy calls Kevin Ram and Karina down to Dodo to have a talk. Karina comes down and has a bone to pick with Randy. Randy sees Kevin and quickly deals with the situation surrounding him not paying the fee for using the Cargobob, he fines him $5000. Randy explains the rules and guidelines for using the Cargobob. Randy sorts out Kevin's position at Dodo as it seems his role was changed. Kevin says he’s running for Mayor and needs Randy’s support, but Randy says he should wait until Emma Gaine has ended her second term, as he thinks there is no point running against Emma who would most likely win it. He also suggests for him to become Emma’s Deputy Mayor as that could help his chances to win an election. Randy and Karina step inside the Dodo warehouse, they talk about Turbo quitting. Randy needs a new CEO and wants Karina to fill that role. Karina loves Dodo Logistics and wants to help it be the best company it can be, so she is more than happy to be the CEO. Randy needs to talk to Leah and Locksley first, to make sure they are okay with that decision as well. Karina talks about Turbo not delegating work to managers, which could have eased the pressure that Turbo was facing with all the work he was doing at Dodo. -Appointing a New CEO PT2: Flippy calls just as the CEO position happens to be opened up at Dodo, he wants to apply but Randy is not buying his enthusiasm for the role. Randy tells Karina that if she can put Flippy in his place she will get the position as CEO. Flippy comes down so Karina pulls him outside to talk. She appreciates his interest in the company but tells him to jump in the dumpster. Randy announces that the leader of Hydra Gang was dumped in the trash by the CEO of Dodo Logistics. Randy promotes her officially in the books, Karina seems to have figured out most of the training on her own. Karina says she likes to delegate work whenever possible, in order to increase teamwork and inclusivity in the workflow of the company. Randy talks about what they should do moving forward, have Turbo possibly run Karina through how he did things, and let her do it how she wants to, taking reference from how Turbo did it. They talk about which positions should get what kind of jobs. Karina wants to allow new people at the company to do more and make more money to award initiative. Alex Ron The Investor calls, Randy runs him through the news of Turbo quitting, he thinks he should meet Karina and invites him down to Dodo whenever he is free. Karina and Randy talk about the Day Delivery Drivers and how much work they are given. Randy tells her about personal deliveries that other companies can commission, he shows her the Dodo trucks for that and transfers her 3 vans and a cargo truck. - January 25th, 2022 Written by Anya ☁#1281

Dodo Scavenger Hunt

On March 19, 2022, Dodo Logistics CEO Karina Dawn led a Dodo Scavenger Hunt where the competitors had to find where each Dodo worker was hiding by solving riddles and photo clues; then utter the correct password and take a selfie at a specified location. The team of Sabith "Bunny" Cohen, Jeffy Coldiron, Vincent Tracoli, Kirk Jerkems, Xavier Valentine, and Nancy Drew raced around the city for two and a half hours and finally won the first place $100,000 prize. The second place winner got $35,000, and the third place winners got $15,000.

Vikings Logistics

In the midst of Randy sorting out his business, Mayor Denzel comes to him and tells him that the building that he was looking at was already owned by another logistics company: Viking Logistics. Randy then proceeds to meet up with with Leah Winthers, the owner of Viking Logistics. During the meeting, Randy suggested that their companies should merge as Leah doesn't have the funds to complete the construction. Leah is down with the idea but she wants to have a contact to ensure that she couldn't get fucked over later down the line. After sorting the contract out and talking with Leah, Viking Logistics now works under Dodo Logistics.

On the 3rd of February, 2022, Randy fired Leah due to her lending the cargo bob to Raymond Romanov to aid him in completing a large methamphetamine run, even though Randy has stated to only take it out when necessary. On the 7th of February, Randy rehired and demoted Leah to a Senior Express Delivery Driver, after meeting with her alongside Mr. Kebun and Pablo Wealth at the CG compound in Little Seoul.

Dodo Wings

Dodo Wings is Dodo Logistics' airborne division, where air-certified employees can pilot a cargobob on orders ranging from heavy duty airlifts of vehicles to expedited travel.

On April 9, 2022, Dodo Logistics owner Randy Bullet held cargobob trials, in which he hired five new pilots on a week-long trial period: Kalliope Grey, Ryan Crawford, Arthuro LeBlank, Henry Goodman, and Wayne Biggz.


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