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Dodo Logistics is a logistics company owned by Randy Bullet. The company specializes in providing transportation of goods to businesses and can help move other items straight to a desired spot.


On June 25, 2021 Randy Bullet had the idea of a logistics company. Randy got help from Vinny Pistone to go out and find a building to run his company out of. After some searching, he finds an old postal warehouse that both Randy and Vinny think would be perfect for the company. After a swift meeting with Dean Watson to make sure the building would be available, they venture on to getting approval from the mayor.

Randy talks to Denzel Williams about getting his business approved, but Randy needs a business model before he can continue with the approval process. Randy contacts Robert Locksley and John "Turbo" Miller as Dodo Logistics' lawyers and they begin writing the business model. (To be written)

Vikings Logistics

In the midst of Randy sorting out his business, Mayor Denzel comes to him and tells him that the building that he was looking at was already owned by another logistics company: Viking Logistics. Randy then proceeds to meet up with with Leah Winthers, the owner of Viking Logistics. During the meeting, Randy suggested that their companies should merge as Leah doesn't have the funds to complete the construction. Leah is down with the idea but she wants to have a contact to ensure that she couldn't get fucked over later down the line. After sorting the contract out and talking with Leah, Viking Logistics now works under Dodo Logistics.